Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 20 Picks for American Idol 7

Since I started this off a dew days ago, I'm gonna be posting another one in here. It should really be a one boy and one girl performance every week until we reach the top 12 finalists. However, since none of the girls fared really impressively, I would be posting two guy performances here.

David Archuleta, Imagine

David Hernandez, Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Hopefully, the girls would perform better next week.

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Teofilo Yldefonso and Daniel Coakley (Grandfather and Grandson Tandem)

To all sports fanatics in the Philippines, you would have noticed that we have recently a renaissance of sorts in the sport of swimming. It proved again to be a gold mine for the Team Philippines in the recent South East Asian games despite the fact that the country has its WORST showing ever in the biennial meet.
Out of all the swimmers we have today, it is Daniel Coakley that is the most impressive. His best time is good for 8th place in the Olympics. To think he's only 17 and never had any weights training! Talk about some pure talent in there!
Long before the likes of Daniel Coakley and the rest of the Filipino swimmers, there was this one person who lorded over the Philippine swimming scene. Nicknamed as the Ilocano Shark, Teofilo Yldefonso is considered as the greatest Filipino swimmer in history. You read it right amigo, greatest in history.
He is best remembered for accomplishing two feats: being the first Filipino to win an Olympic medal and the only Filipino who won two Olympic medals. He won his first bronze medal at the 200m breaststroke event at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, and his second bronze at the same event at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.
FYI, when I was making this post a while ago, I was really gonna be writing about Yldefonso and have Coakley as like a part of the intro. Never have i thought that Coakley is Yldefonso's grandson! Just amazing! Sweeeeet!

Daniel, show everyone what you're made of!

*Credits should be given to TanMan who originally owns the first photograph.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Province of Batanes is the northernmost and the smallest province of the Philippine Republic, both in terms of population and land area. It is about 190 kilometers south of Taiwan. If there is one area in the Philippines has largely been not explored, this has got to be the place.

The islands are situated between the vast expanse of the waters of Bashi Channel and Balintang Channel, where the Pacific Ocean, merges with the China Sea. The area is a sealane between the Philippines and Japan, China, Hongkong and Taiwan. It is rich with marine resources, including the rarest sea corals in the world.

During the past few years has Batanes been able to attract tourists, thanks to its widely unspoilt and commercialized natural spots. Intermittent stretches of sandy beaches and rocky shorelines surround the Batanes Islands.

Aside from the Marlboro Country-like terrain the islands boast of, the climate itself is different from the rest of the Philippines. Thanks to its proximity to Taiwan, temperatures from December to February dips to a nippy 7 degrees Centigrade.

Don't expect fancy hotels or other five-star services because none of them could be found in Batanes. If you're into adventure with a twist of time-travel, Batanes has got to be your place!


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rubik's Cube, anyone?

This wonder-of-a-puzzle was once a standard of human intellect, prompting everyone to give it a try. There is an algorithm (a formula, by the way) to solve this cube in the soonest possible time. Geeks across the globe became so engrossed that they begun to challenge each other on who could solve it in the least number of seconds (or even nanoseconds!).

The fastest OFFICIAL time was made by Edouard Chambon just a few days ago in Murcia, Spain on February 23. The time was 9.18 seconds (even faster than the record 100m dash!).

If you happen to visit Manila the past few months, this has become a widespread craze that virtually everyone knows the algorithm already! Alright! So does that give the puzzle solvers the right to be called geniuses? Nah, not for me though. Because of this recent brouhaha, Rubik's Cube has lost its prominence as an effective genius spotter. It's a great puzzle, but it does not anymore spot the smart from the slack.

Anyhoo, have a nice day ahead of you!

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American Idol Picks for Top 24

I told you my blog would be random! To get away from all the political brouhaha my blog has been listing the past several days, I'll be posting here the American Idol performances that I thought were the best week after week.

For last week's top 24 performances, here are my top 2 picks, one for the guys and one for the girls.

David Cook, So Happy Together

Syesha Mercado, Tobacco Road

Any violent reactions? Enjoy!!!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

My Newest Wishlist

It's a nonworking holiday here in good ol' sunny Manila. And you know what that means? It means no work, no school, and all loungin' and chillin'! Being a laidback person, this is what life is all about. On your day bed, watching dvd's the whole day, play computer, sip frappucino, listening to music, finishing of a very tempting choco fudge cake, and whatever the heck it is i might get to think of doing. Too bad, 24 hours is not enough for me to finish all that i wanna get accomplished the whole day.
For sure, all of Manila's militants, opposition politicians, nongovernment organizations and other patriotic citizens-slash-destabilizers are now all crazy shouting for GMA's resignation. And oh, I read on the morning paper that the stock market would be dipping further, thanks to all these destabilization efforts. See what I'm trying to point in here for the past several months?!?!?!?! These protests are not doing anything to the economy! CORRUPTION DID NOT FREAKING START WITH GMA AND HER STEPPING DOWN WON'T SOLVE NOTHING!!!!!!! I hope we could all see that point. We're not actually helping our country prosper further. We were just a bunch of pricks who ain't got nothing but to murmur on everything that doesn't come our freaking way. Aargh! I'm so pissed off right now!
However, with this frustration comes a wishlist. And this wishlist will temporarily help calm me down and temporarily would put me on a state of euphoria and daydreaming. Anyway here it goes:

1.) I wish all of the mining projects in the country would be a reality very soon. I read that the country has a US$1 Trillion worth of mineral deposits hidden deep on our mountains. Great thing, we have the top mining companies who are all interested in investing! Way to go Mittal!

2.) I hope the NAIA-3 and Diosdado Macapagal International Airport would both function as premier gateways to the country. Once both airports get done, these two would have the capacity to compete with regional counterparts. With that, all rants about going through Philippine airports would (hopefully) be gone.

3.) I hope Banaue Rice Terraces would be marketed tremendously and be transformed as a first-rate tourist attraction. Can you imagine a gourmet rice called Banaue Rice being exported to different nations?

4.) I hope the country would have an impressive sports program like those being made in other countries. I hope Olympic golds would come aplenty in the future.

5.) I hope all infrastructure projects in the country would be finished soon! All of them! Pagcor E-City, Northrail and Southrail projects, all new LRT and MRT projects, all buildings being constructed and being constructed in Makati, Ortigas, and the Fort and Bay Area.

6.) I hope Manila Bay, Pasig River, and the Laguna de Bay would all be rehabilitated soon.

7.) I hope GMA's super-regions projects would be successful.

8.) I hope Manila would make a massive old buildings rehabilitation project.

9.) I hope the country would be transformed into a tourist-friendly and a tourism-driven country. (Can you imagine Palawan, Cebu and Bohol being all world-famous island paradises?!)

10.) I hope we will restore that old pride that we are the best in the region and that the Japanese, the Koreans and the Chinese are our counterparts.

There goes my wishlist. A true nationalist wishes and is longing for a unified country, not be the first to instill chaos in it by provoking destruction. Amen to that.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Poo on my Shoe!!!!!

There would be some things that you never thought would happen again. Especially now that you're grown up. I'm inside my friend's office and all of us smelled something very awful. We thought it was a poo smell and we checked our shoe soles if in case one of us stepped on a land mine. I saw nothing on both my shoe soles, so I nonchalantly forgot about the whole situation and continued on what I was doing (I was busy going through my Face Book profile).
A few minutes have passed (and a few more Face Book requests have been made), my friend again uttered that he smelled poo for the second time. This time, I was more startled. How on earth could that have possible happened? I barely made contact with the streets and his office garage was devoid of any such destruction! But anyhew, I checked on my shoe soles again. And guess what, I found the source. IT WAS ON MY FREAKING SHOE!!!!!!!!!
My mind wondered on how could I have possibly got that dog turd. No dog was in sight and they don't allow pets inside office buildings! And then I finally remembered. I did go to a bank on my way to his office! Since that bank was pretty much in a rundown area, dogs should have been dropping land mines anytime they wished.
Upon realizing the source of the smell, I hurriedly left the office, went down the parking area, used the rest room, and cleaned my shoe to get rid of that awful smell.
It was nothing short of being embarrassing. It was worse than having your crotch torn accidentally! Now I really believe that there are exceptions to every single rule. So the next time some smart alec would tell you to walk with your chin help up high, please use my experience to contradict with that statement.

Enjoy the day!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last Song Syndrome

I've been sooooo wanting to make this post. However, I'm having qualms because people might not like it, or it might be boring. What the heck! This is a PERSONAL blog and I'd be writing whatever is there to write about. Since my blog is about randomness, allow me to post the five songs that has been plaguing my eardrums and my brains for the past couple of months.

Santeria by Sublime. It is just plain infectious.

Rehab by Amy Winehouse. The song I love to listen to upon waking up. Funny lyrics as well!

Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill. Just a 30 sec version just for the sake of the album cover. Its a depressing heartbreak song (sniff, sniff).

and last but not the least...

Grace Kelly by Mika. I always feel happy while listening to this song.

Wow, I feel extra happy right now! Hope you enjoyed the songs as well! Thanks!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

World's Happiest Nation

The Little Mermaid and the rest of the Danish nation shows the world that a person doesn't have to laugh his heart out just to show that he is happy.

I was brought up believing that Filipinos are generally a happy people. We laugh over almost every circumstance. We take problems lightly. We live one day at a time and we love to please everyone.

However (this is the part wherein my conflict starts), a Yahoo article was released yesterday showing that Denmark is the happiest nation in the world. Laughter does not necessarily show happiness. It is about living an unburdensome life and contentment that makes one happy. Here are the top 10 happiest nations.


Where does the Philippines stand? Well, with all the turmoil, stress and all of the other burden that each Filipino carry within his shoulders, the country ranked at number 75. Pretty bad ranking huh?

Anyways, here's how the rest of Asia fared: Malaysia (17th), Singapore (53rd), Mongolia (59th), Hong Kong (63rd), Indonesia (64th), Taiwan (65th), Timor Leste (66th), Thailand (73rd), China (79th), Japan (87th), Vietnam (92nd), and South Korea at 100.

Don't you think its high time for us Pinoys (and for the rest of Asia) to be a more happy brood? Enjoy and oh, don't forget that smile!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Superman is REAL!!!!!!

Watch the video and you'll see Superman! Dwight Howard was flying!

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My Newest Pinoy Rant

In the light of all the hulabaloo that surrounds Philippine politics right now, allow me to speak up, though my voice may seem small. I'm gonna do it bulleted style. I'm too scattered to construct my thoughts the old fashioned, paragraphed paradigm. So here it is.

* Gut feel tells me not to COMPLETELY BELIEVE everything Jun Lozada is saying.
*It is a given fact that the Philippine bureaucracy is rotten. But that did not start during the Arroyo administration. I know all of us wanted a change, who doesn't, right?!
*Another People Power Revolution won't solve the age-old problem!!!!!!!! Unity is the answer!
*I don't think Cory Aquino is really nationalistic. If she (and the oppositionists) is really nationalistic, she would have thought of the disgust and the bad effect it would have on our economy. Political instability is a big factor in delaying the country's economic growth and we are so fetching good at that!!!!
*We need to get our act together if we all want positive difference!!!!
*But please, no more rallies again. Those things make me numb and apathetic.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Fresh From Yahoo Answers

Here's how the question went:

What if a Philippine president would appoint you to hold a government office/agency...?
Based from your profession, education, experiences, inclination, etc.,... which one would you choose?
Can you tell me why?
And what would be your first agenda or project?

now, here's how i answered!

i wanna take over the philippine olympic committee and be ded set in counter-attacking the politickers and destabilizers and move heaven and earth just to get a SINGLE GOLD AT THE BEIJING OLYMPICS!!!!!

or maybe take other the MIA sopt, and make the NAIA-3 running ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!

That's just it! Nothing too fancy! Right now, i'm trying to finish my rant post so please wait for it!


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Love is in the Air(waves)

Time check, it's exactly 11:55 in the morning here in Manila. Everyone's talking about the Valentine's. All sorts of gimickry has been made on how to celebrate the Valentine's. Some activities would go kinky, others mushy and cheesy, outdoor-sy and some, out of this world (gory and morbid? lol).

What are my plans for the whole 24 hours?! Well, it's my own business anyways so, shoo!

Right now, what I'm doing is to play some love songs, to further enhance the feeling of such a romantic day.

I'm gonna embed it right on this post. I hope you'll like it. Enjoy!!!!!!

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Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

"Love is a grave mental disease."


May we all spend the Valentine's with much mushiness one could muster the whole day. Bear in mind that tomorrow's still a week day!


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gullible Pacquiao Does It Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

He does it again! OMG!!!!

Manny Pacquiao, the ever-charitable, ever-wonderful yet uber-gullible boxing extraordinaire has lost some money amounting to 7.2 million pesos!!! I could have bought some two new spanking new Nissan 350Z's with that money!!!!

How did this thing happen? Click through this forum and you'll know why. I read it on the news (Manila Times) a few moons ago. Read it!!!! I feel sorry for him yet I feel he was so stupid at the same time!!!!!!


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jollibee or McDonald's?

Our blogger friend Pisanu for BISEAN made a similar post about this a few months ago. He featured Jollibee and his observation that no Jollibee is more than 100 meters away from a McDonald's outlet. He's absolutely right!!!

But anyways, that's not the reason why I'm gonna be making a post about the two greasy joints! I'm gonna be doing my own experiment on which fastfood chain would win my palette over.

Let the mother-of-all-wars begin!!! (all first entries would be from Jollibee, followed by McDonalds)

Premium Burgers (Champ vs. Quarter Pounder from McDonalds). Quarter Pounder for me. Big Mac and Champ just fails in comparison.

Other Burgers (Mushroom with Cheese, double patty vs. Double Cheeseburger). Mushroom with Cheese, double patty.

Chicken (ChickenJoy vs. McChicken). ChickenJoy!!!!

Spaghetti (Jolly Spaghetti vs. McSpaghetti). McSpaghetti.

Desserts (too many to mention for both!!!!). Hot Caramel Sundae from McDonald's!

I guess I'm done! So the scorecards says, McDonald's edged Jollibee via a 3-2 score!

So there, I like McDonald's better than Jollibee!

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Dreams Part 3

that is the least graphic picture of dead rats that i could find.

I had another dream that i wanna post in here. It's pretty weird though, with the potential to gross you out! But here it goes:

I knew it was night time, and I was with my sister Nina sitting on our couch. We noticed that there was something in the couch because both of us felt it. We both gasped as we found out that it was dead rats. Not one, but a couple of them! I learned also that I had three dead rats in me! One was even on one of my Chuck Taylors and the other one on the back pocket of my shorts! I think there were like 8 dead rats found! The funny thing here is that, there are ABSOLUTELY NO RATS INSIDE OUR HOME! Every single hole has been secured!

Anyhew, I checked on to see what could have been the meaning of my yet another weird dream. Here's how it went:

To see rats in your dream, signifies feelings of doubts, guilt and/or envy. You are having unworthy thoughts that you are keeping to yourself but are eating you up inside.�Alternatively, it denotes repulsion. The dream may also be a pun on someone who is a rat.

To see a black rat, represents deceit and covert activities.�

To see a white rat in your dream, denotes that in your time of distress, you will receive assistance from an unexpected source.

To dream that a rat is biting your feet, symbolizes the rat race that you are experiencing in your waking life.

But hey, I dreamt of dead rats. Would it be the exact opposite of what was written?

Have a great day!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Comfort Foods that I loved as a kid

As I made partial mention of the food that I so loved to eat as a child on a post I did some few days ago, allow me to make a post entirely about it.

Both my parents are hearty eaters. They eat not just for the sake of getting nourished, but eating has always been a part of daily routine that it has to be savored in every bits and pieces. But as my mom would always caution, eat in moderate servings.

Meals were not solely focused on the usual Filipino fare of rice and meat. From pastas to burgers (homemade), to salads, to Chinese stir-fry noodles, to Japanese Shabu-Shabu, to French fries, steaks, mashed potatoes, baked oysters, and even making some homemade pizzas! The past few years, I've been endeavoring her to go Thai and Vietnamese for a change but its her very low tolerance to spicy food that's making her not to try it out.

The best thing as a kid for me was being able to munch as much snacks I would have wished to! But hey, I was never an obese kid! Here are a sampling of the snacks that I so loved as a kid:

Planter's Cheese Balls. I can finish one up in minutes! The best way for me to eat it is to have it melt inside my mouth. So cheesy!!!

Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse. There are other restaurants that offer similarly good chocolate mousses (like Sugarhouse, etc.), but the taste of Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse fresh out of the fridge is a definite gusto!

Chips Ahoy! Original Flavor. Yeah, I already made mention of this a few blog posts ago. I'm specifically referring to the American version! Not the Chinese one! There is an obvious difference in the taste! What we did as kids was to have our cookies reheated at the microwave for 45 seconds! Sarap!

Keebler's Chips Deluxe. This is an AMAZING substitute to my Chips Ahoy. I think its cheaper as well.

Tim Tam. PLEASE GIVE ME THE AUSTRALIAN VERSION!!!! NOT THE ASIAN ONE!!!! This is best enjoyed right off the chiller!!!! Another totally yummy treat!

Gotta make my conclusion here. But my mind just keeps on remembering all of the nice food I enjoyed as a kid. Gotta go! Gotta head to McDonalds and get my Hot Caramel Sundae and complain again for the nth time as to why that branch (in Malate) doesn't have McShake available!!!!

Have a great day!!!

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy 100th Post!!!!!!

Happy 100th Post! Wow, it's been 5 months since I made this blog! I made several milestones in a few months! The most remarkable would be getting a PageRank of 3 last month.

I wanna thank all of my fellow bloggers who frequent my page! Jake, FerBert, Pisanu, Brent, Johnny Bravo, Digital Polaroid, Akhyaree, Eyron, (i'm beginning to forget a few people!!!! tsk, tsk, tsk) and a bunch of others! Sorry if I forgot to mention you guys! But I really appreciate everything!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!!!!!

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Things About Me

Hey, I haven't really shared some stuff about myself! Being a blogger, I chose to keep my anonimity. People can know my name if chance gives us to speak personally. What's a pseudonym for if you already know the name, right? Anyways, let me share a few tidbits about myself.

1. I don't usually use my real name. I only use it for official records. However, I always use and has always been comfortable when referred to by my nickname. Everybody calls me 八戒. It means "eight rules" in Mandarin.

2. I'm a devout Mormon. So when given the opportunity to meet with me, you'd find me quite odd because I'd end up killing the fun. I don't drink and smoke and am not really comfortable attending parties. Sunday's are really church days for me.

3. I was a nerd during grade school. I grew tired of watching cartoons as early as 6 years old and I ended up loving encyclopedias (we have like volumes and volumes of encyclopedias and other reference books that my room was like a mini library in itself)! My yaya (househelp in Filipino) or the driver would always find me inside the school's library while my siblings are busy playing with their friends.

4. I'm a very laidback person. I mean, I can spend the whole night you with inside Starbucks with just a frappe and some donuts. Please bring in a guitar, we can just sing the night away (such a cheesy sentence!).

5. I'm also a romantic person. I can make a poem for you if you wanted to. All I needed to do is to stare right at you and words would just pop out of my head in an instant and a romantic prose would be written in minutes.

6. I'm quite a picky eater! Don't make me eat pork! It's never an option for me! Don't give me beans or anything like it! No green and slimy vegetables! But hey, I love balut!

Let me stop in here. I don't wanna give out too much info! If given a chance, I wanna meet up with fellow bloggers!

And oh, there was this message somewhere that bloggers were like radio disc jocks. We're supposedly ugly, fat, bald and short. I almost choked on that one! I'm short (thanks dad!), fat (thanks dad again!), and bald (it was a choice to go bald, that's for sure). But no, I'm not ugly. My Dad's Filipino-Chinese ancestry (an ancestor's from China) and Mom's Filipino-Japanese-Spanish looks (her mom's got a Japanese surname and her dad is obviously Mestizo) certainly made a pan-Asian, partly-Eurasian mix in me.


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Bring in the 90's, TV!!!!!

I'm such a 90's kid. After school (I was a Montessori kid), I'd also head for the TV together with my sisters while munching over our favorite flavors of Chips Ahoy (mine was the original one, my elder sister has the striped variant, and my younger sister would get the chewy version). We won't be fighting over what should be watched because we all agree on what should be watched.

I'm gonna show here what TV shows we loved to watch as kids (and this was the 90's):

Figure It Out. This was a Nickelodeon show wherein kids with special skills or unique achievements compete as contestants on the show while a panel of four Nickelodeon celebrities compete against the clock as they try to guess the predetermined phrase that describes the contestant's talent. If you wanna see how cute Amanda Byrnes was as a child, you gotta see this show for yourself!

All That. Another Nickelodeon show. This is like a younger version to MadTV and Saturday Night Live (shows which I love now as a grown-up). My favorite segments to this show would be Kenan Thompson's French lessons, Amanda Byrnes' Dear Ashley, Kenan and Kel's Good Burger, and of course, the musical guest at the end of the show!

Dexter's Laboratory. Who wouldn't fall in love with Dexter and DeeDee?! There was never an episode that I didn't fail to laugh and snort at the same time!

Writing this post sure made me make that trip down memory lane. I was never really fond of animes, well, except for Slam Dunk at AXN. I hope you were also able to remember these shows and have made you happy remembering them as well!

Enjoy the weekend!

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One Last Hurrah for a Fallen star

Great things don't last forever. The glorious British Empire, who once claimed that the sun never set on them was officially reduced to pieces after they handed over Hong Kong to China. MTV was such a pop culture phenom for decades. However, that significance has noticeably dropped since video-sharing in the internet and iPod and other mp4's became an instant hit across the world.

Going towards basketball, all superstars don't last forever. Magic Johnson ended his career on near-oblivion. Michael Jordan was not able to give the Washington Wizards an NBA World Championship trophy. And right now, "Man of Steel" Shaquille or Shaq O'Neal is gearing towards that direction. Ever since winning three times for L.A. and winning for Miami, he slowly began hitting under the radar until we, basketball aficionados began to classify him as a has-been. That's a definite ouch to any seasoned athlete!

Fresh off the news that Lakers has acquired talented, but not fully-used Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol to its roster, the Phoenix Suns (which has been the Lakers' biggest pain in the neck the past few years) acquired Shaq in exchange of two players.

If the Gasol trade excited me, this one has left me puking. Why Shaq?!?! For sure, the Suns will make it to the playoffs. But to win the title?!

Shaq even made mention that he'll give the Suns two titles before he retire. C'mon! Maybe that'll happen if the Suns would get some fresh, young blood. Maybe they could win the championship trophy within the next 3-5 years. But I won't give Shaq the credit he's bragging about.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Can you offer your seat to the lady?

By the way, I'm not in this photograph. I just searched for a photograph illustrating how's lIfe inside the LRT (Light Rail Transit). Manila has three lines of mass rail transits around the metro. I saw on the newspaper that several others are still on the way.

Anyway, that certainly is not my topic. Since I ride the LRT four times a day (I ride twice to get to work and another twice going to school), I always find myself pissed off everytime as well. What's making me go ranting?! I hate it when men don't act as gentlemen.

Everyday, I get to see men sitting comfortably inside the coach while a lady stands nearby. Oftentimes, men would just ignore the nearest woman from him or just pretend that he's asleep.

Don't you just find that plain annoying?! What if the woman's your friend or a wife or a sister, daughter, or much worse, your grandma?!?!?! I bet you'd offer your seat in a heartbeat.

I just so hate the sight of it.

It's getting true that the gentleman is a vanishing breed.

Be a gentleman!!!!!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Greetings! 快乐新年,快乐中国新年!鼠年的五月带给你财富和健康! (Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the rat bring you wealth and good health!)

Bring in the tikoy!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Newest Laker!!!!

Let me talk about sports. I've almost always talked about tennis but almost never to other sports. I planned not to write about the SEA Games because I'm just so disappointed with Team Philippines and especially the boxing brouhaha between the Philippines and Thailand.

Yesterday morning, when I was still busy relocating and moving into the Malate district here in Manila, a wonderful news has got my way. Pau Gasol is moving to L.A.!!!!

You might find yourself asking who the hell Pau Gasol is. He is the star player from Memphis Grizlies and is definitely one of the top Spanish-speaking basketball players actively playing the sport.

The L.A. Lakers, which has been my NBA team since 8 years old, will greatly benefit with Gasol's entry. Right now, they're only a few wins away from the top spot in the Western Conference (not much wins separate the top 8-9 teams by the way). And they're entering the All-Star weekend which only means that the Regular Season is almost over!

Pau Gasol's entry would only further the Laker's campaign towards the much-awaited play-off rounds!

All Laker fans rejoice!

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Dreams Part 2

Around 6 weeks ago, I wrote a similar post to what I have experienced last night.

In my dream, I was losing some few teeth again! It was like 7-8 pieces of teeth. My four front teeth were all still intact and the molars. Everything in between them began to itch and eventually fell off my gums.

I could still almost feel the itch I experienced last night?!

What could this be?!?! I'm not afraid or anything close to that. I'm just intrigued.

I almost forgot, it's Valentine's month! Could the Valentine's be related to this new "death" I'm experiencing all over again?!

Enjoy the day!

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