Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bring in the 90's, TV!!!!!

I'm such a 90's kid. After school (I was a Montessori kid), I'd also head for the TV together with my sisters while munching over our favorite flavors of Chips Ahoy (mine was the original one, my elder sister has the striped variant, and my younger sister would get the chewy version). We won't be fighting over what should be watched because we all agree on what should be watched.

I'm gonna show here what TV shows we loved to watch as kids (and this was the 90's):

Figure It Out. This was a Nickelodeon show wherein kids with special skills or unique achievements compete as contestants on the show while a panel of four Nickelodeon celebrities compete against the clock as they try to guess the predetermined phrase that describes the contestant's talent. If you wanna see how cute Amanda Byrnes was as a child, you gotta see this show for yourself!

All That. Another Nickelodeon show. This is like a younger version to MadTV and Saturday Night Live (shows which I love now as a grown-up). My favorite segments to this show would be Kenan Thompson's French lessons, Amanda Byrnes' Dear Ashley, Kenan and Kel's Good Burger, and of course, the musical guest at the end of the show!

Dexter's Laboratory. Who wouldn't fall in love with Dexter and DeeDee?! There was never an episode that I didn't fail to laugh and snort at the same time!

Writing this post sure made me make that trip down memory lane. I was never really fond of animes, well, except for Slam Dunk at AXN. I hope you were also able to remember these shows and have made you happy remembering them as well!

Enjoy the weekend!

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