Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last Song Syndrome

I've been sooooo wanting to make this post. However, I'm having qualms because people might not like it, or it might be boring. What the heck! This is a PERSONAL blog and I'd be writing whatever is there to write about. Since my blog is about randomness, allow me to post the five songs that has been plaguing my eardrums and my brains for the past couple of months.

Santeria by Sublime. It is just plain infectious.

Rehab by Amy Winehouse. The song I love to listen to upon waking up. Funny lyrics as well!

Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill. Just a 30 sec version just for the sake of the album cover. Its a depressing heartbreak song (sniff, sniff).

and last but not the least...

Grace Kelly by Mika. I always feel happy while listening to this song.

Wow, I feel extra happy right now! Hope you enjoyed the songs as well! Thanks!

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