Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Newest Laker!!!!

Let me talk about sports. I've almost always talked about tennis but almost never to other sports. I planned not to write about the SEA Games because I'm just so disappointed with Team Philippines and especially the boxing brouhaha between the Philippines and Thailand.

Yesterday morning, when I was still busy relocating and moving into the Malate district here in Manila, a wonderful news has got my way. Pau Gasol is moving to L.A.!!!!

You might find yourself asking who the hell Pau Gasol is. He is the star player from Memphis Grizlies and is definitely one of the top Spanish-speaking basketball players actively playing the sport.

The L.A. Lakers, which has been my NBA team since 8 years old, will greatly benefit with Gasol's entry. Right now, they're only a few wins away from the top spot in the Western Conference (not much wins separate the top 8-9 teams by the way). And they're entering the All-Star weekend which only means that the Regular Season is almost over!

Pau Gasol's entry would only further the Laker's campaign towards the much-awaited play-off rounds!

All Laker fans rejoice!

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