Sunday, April 25, 2010

My 2010 Elections Ballot Preview

President: Gilbert Teodoro (can still be Manny Villar or Noynoy Aquino)

Vice-President: Mar Roxas (100% sure)

Senators:  (1)Bongbong Marcos
               (2)Adel Tamano
               (3)Riza Hontiveros
               (4)Satur Ocampo
               (5)Liza Maza
               (6)Ralph Recto
               (7)Frank Drilon
               (8)Pia Cayetano
I honestly don't know how to fill it up. Got four more senate seats left. But if I won't be able to fill that up, then I don't care. At least I had 8 people in mind that I think and believe is worth filling up Senate vacancies. Mar Roxas is my runaway VP choice. I just love his economics background. And for the president, I'm still not sure on who to choose among the three.

So help me God.

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How To Spot The Jejemon

Pinoy pop culture has given birth to a new word: Jejemon. It is the newest subspecie in the Filipino society. To virgin ears and eyes, Jejemon might seem to be like Pokemon, although quite different. Jejemons crowd the Filipino society. They belong to a certain age bracket (heaven forbid, all of them should be less than 25, haha!), social stratum, and I'll help you how to spot the Jejemon. I think I'm an expert at this. Haha!

* Jejemons text and chat like this: e0w p0h. mZtAH nA U? The key to text like a Jejemon is to be random at your capitalization, replace letters that look like it(replace S with $), and shorten words as comprehensible as possible.
* They gazillion facebook and friendster albums. And mind you, all albums contain solo pics in different times and places! One album is for camwhoring in the beach, the other at school, one during birthday, and another one during just yet another random camwhoring session. The key to the ultimate Jejemon picture is the signature *Japan, Japan peace sign* and the emo-ish black colored fingernails covering the mouth in a shocked-like solo picture.
* They text like crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy! They are always registered on unlimited texting, they use two phones (one Globe, the other Smart), and both phones are on unlimited texting.

If you find anyone who texts or chats with "e0w p0h," that's it, we got a Jejemon! Bye!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drinking Cockroaches At Sizzling Pepper Lunch

I can't imagine how could I have not seen the cockroach (the size of a 25-centavo coin) inside my 16oz Coke zero during lunchbreak at the Sizzling Pepper Lunch at Shangri-La Mall last friday. I thought I was having a great meal. It was free to begin with, I was enjoying my beef pepper rice, everyone's having a great time until one of my officemates pointed to me that one unwelcome visitor inside the glass of my coke zero.

I didn't feel like panicking. I calmly asked for the manager's attention and showed her the bug inside my coke. Of course she was really sorry and offered to replace it with water. I said no, how could a glass of water replace my coke zero? Instead, I asked for a free coke zero refill plus a free complimentary dessert. She accepted my offer and hurriedly replaced my coke. I didn't see if she used the same glass or not. I was confident enough that she would give me a new and much sterile glass fileld with coke zero as replacement.

I was too shy to ask for a refund of what he had for lunch. Maybe I was just forgiving and knew that it was an honest mistake. However, it made me more cautious on how my surroundings look like. I can't let bugs bother me again like that.

But despite of what had happened, I still love Sizzling Pepper Lunch. I can't let a single incident ruin things. Besides, I still feel okay. I didn't feel nauseous and didn't puke after that ordeal. I still love their food. And I though I learned one important life lesson. I can't let small mishaps dampen my happiness. Crap happens in life.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read My Thoughts...NOW!

Nothing in this world is ever constant. Like the age-old adage, the only thing constant in this world is change. While the fact that "change exists" holds true, nothing beats something quite impossible to actually happen. The type wherein you would be really shocked and actually spend whole afternoons just talking and talking about it, until you've wikipedia-d everything about it and becoming a fan of it on Facebook.

Let me share some of the things wherein change almost seemed to never have happened, yet still happened:
* I still can't figure out why Michael Lynche almost got booted out a few nights ago on American Idol
* Katrina Halili made a complete 180 degree shift from being the Philippines' hottest bombshell, to being the Philippines' biggest has-been for the past year
*Tiger Woods' clean-cut image turned nasty in a split-second, thanks to his extra-marital escapades
*Filipinas going crazy over some Korean boybands who got zero singing talents yet topping Manila's hit charts. Don't even know how could they be considered cool. Since when did hot pink pants on polka dotted white and yellow shirt on a blonde-haired Korean guy become screaming fans-worthy?

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Who The Heck Is Adam Corolla (And His Racist Pinoy Comments)?

Try to watch this video first...

Though I believe 50% of his statements were accurate (like his opinion regarding Pacman as an almost demigod in the country, etc), at least he should have done some little more research regarding his comments about Filipinos. In the spirit of his wanting to sound more smart, he actually came off as someone who didn't know he was saying. He isn't even worth my wrath but Adam Corolla must be ready to defend his accusations against the 90M plus Filipino people. And I don't think he would apologize.

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Proof That Girls Are Evil (Holy Week Appropriate)

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