Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thank Goodness for The Soup and Mom's Chicken Tinola

I've been stricken with flu since Saturday afternoon. Thanks to this sickness, I've been bedridden the past couple of days. Thank goodness for Joel McHale's hilarious show "The Soup," the past 48 hours could have been downright boring. If you wanna look at your favorite tv shows on a lighter and more insulting fashion, this is the ultimate show for you.

Thank goodness for my Mom as well. She makes the best Chicken tinola (Chicken soup with ginger). It is a staple whenever I get sick. So when the time comes that I get sick again, you know just what to serve me. It's my ultimate comfort food.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Carly Smithson got the boot

The American Idol Season 7 is down to its final 5 hopefuls. All five are an interesting mix of different styles and personas. We have the rocker David Cook, the former child diva David Archuleta, the blues singer Jason Castro, the African-American diva Syesha Mercado and the Carole King-clone Brooke White.
The person who got eliminated was Carly Smithson, the Irish girl who once tried her luck as a recording artist but has failed to land the hit charts. The result show was a bit of a shock. Smithson's Top 6 performance (it was Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber night) was actually the best she has done all season long.
I thought for the second-straight week, Brooke White rightfully deserved the boot but thanks to her fans, they have propelled her into the Top 5.
The best performance of the night for me came from Syesha Mercado. The Broadway hit "One Rock and Roll Too Many" surprisingly pushed the audience to vote against her and placed her as one of the bottom two. Pretty Strange for American to choose Brooke White and Jason Castro, who for obvious reasons were not on their comfort zones last Tuesday night.
Anyways, at least David Cook is still safe. I will only be very disappointed if both White and Castro edge David Cook in a few weeks time.
Here's Syesha Mercado. Hope you enjoy watching it. Thanks!

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Monday, April 21, 2008


The perfect summer sound for me! Hope you'll like Lady by Modjo. Enjoy!

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A Very Retarded and Dumb Video

I've been seeing this one video from YouTube the past few months. It was supposed to be scary and it somehow works. Almost all the girls I have it shown ended up screaming and punching my arms. A few guys ended up making girly screams and laughed out their embarassment.

Wanna see the video? Here it is.


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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Robin Thicke's Lost Without You

The song that I like for the moment. Hope you like it! Enjoy!

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What gives? I'm a guy!

Momma always told me that it’s always okay for me to get grimed and dirtied. After all, “you’re a guy,” she would forever mention. Because of my mom’s almost-canonical statement, I have learned to never care if my hands got soiled, or if I had to endure walking under the hell-like Manila sun. What gives? I’m a guy!

Of course, I developed some sort of “self-consciousness” when it came to my clothing, my smell, and on my over-all appearance as I became older and started to make my efforts to be more attractive to the opposite gender. I’ve tried different hairstyles, copied the hippest trends, bought the most kick-ass Adidas T-mac’s, and made all steps to be the one Alpha Male on my pride.

Despite all of the things I’ve done (to my avail of course), the Biblical quotation from my Momma has never gone out of my psyche. Besides, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have always exuded that rough and manly persona that only added to their already overwhelming pizzazz. I thought to myself, “What gives? I’m a guy!”

The word M-E-T-R-O-S-E-X-U-A-L has always given me that confused look on my unshaven and oily face. Magazines have always mentioned that this is the new generation man who is unafraid to don girly makeup on his face. He plucks his eyebrows, puts toner on his face, regularly goes to the salon to have his weekly pedicure AND manicure. What else? He also waxes all unwanted hair and can even go far as having his skin whitened by taking whitening pills (in the Philippine context, to make my point clear).

Who are our perfect examples of Metrosexual men? Let me see, we have David Beckham, the man-god from the Los Angeles Galaxy, Zac Efron, THAT kid from High School Musical, and Derek Zoolander, the fictitious character popularized by Benn Stiller from the hit movie Zoolander. All of them have given credence to the existence of the new-age man.

However, it is not just male cosmetics (and Evian Mineral Water Spray?) that is concerned with metrosexuality, we also have men’s jewelry that is fast becoming a lifeblood to the new-age man. According to the Gemological Institute of America or GIA, “men today are demonstrating increasing fashion sophistication among themselves. They are undoubtedly more comfortable wearing jewelry – non-wedding rings, necklaces, and bracelets, for instance – than their fathers were.”

Basketball superstars, lovingly referred to as Ballers, are always seen wearing “ice” and “bling blings” on their necks and earlobes. Tracy McGrady of Houston Rockets is one of the ballers I always notice wearing diamond earrings on both lobes. Several others are always seen wearing thick silver necklaces while driving their prized Escalades and Navigators. Men’s jewelry has since become a basic staple to men’s fashion and metrosexuality. GQ has even gone far by evangelizing that “real men wear bling.”

When male lions simply use their mane to show attractiveness and peacocks use their intricate fans to magnetize peahens, men have gone the extra light-year by making things more complicated for him. No matter how complex the way has become for men to “mark their own territories and mates,” the prophetic passage from my Momma has always stayed clear. What gives? I’m a guy!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Playboy Philippines Brouhaha

Here are my thoughts regarding it:

1.) The best way to show abhorrence to its arrival is to act as if it never came out. Protesters are on their gullible best YET again as they make their voices heard in protest of the men's magazine's coming.
2.) I haven't heard them (the protesters) cry when Maxim and FHM went to our shores. Could it be the publicity of this magazine's coming that gave it a plus?
3.) I thought Maxim and FHM Philippines were more (ghastly? obscene?), offensive to the innocent eyes. Why the sudden outcry?
4.) Playboy Philippines is certainly aware of the country's limitations when it comes to showing body parts. Let them do their (the magazine's) jobs first.
5.) Don't you think it is up to the parents' to teach their kids what to do and what NOT to do (includes reading materials?).
6.) We can make a stern warning to magazine stores (Mag:Net? 7-11? Mini-Stop? National Bookstore? Filbar's?) to NEVER allow minors to buy. I thought that will help, a bit.

That's just my opinion. If you don't like it, don't buy. Who's asking for your approval?

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American Idol Top 7 Pick

Its American Idol again this week, and the remaining seven contestants sang Mariah Carey. Since only seven remain, the contest is suddenly becoming more exciting since you only have a few to choose from and everyone is raring to step things up.
Of the remaining seven, I though David Cook, Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado and Kristy Lee Cook rounded up the top 4 performances last Wednesday. Fan favorite David Archuleta was just okay. His "When You Believe" rendition was boring. I thought I hearh him sing like that before. Brooke White was the worst performer that night. Her "Hero" was downright lifeless. Her singing style was so off.
I was surprised that the pleasantly pretty Kristy Lee Cook got voted off (I thought that it was either Brooke or Carly who'll get eliminated). I thought she was getting better and better every single week. I know she's far from being a Syesha or the David's (Cook and Archuleta, that is), but I thought she was good to be in the top 6. But anyways, she outdid herself by making it to the top 7 when it was apparent that she should have been number 11 or 12, especially after the two weeks of Beatles' performances. She's got nothing to be ashamed of.
I thought David Cook's male perspective of "Always Be My Baby" was the best. Hope you'll like it. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Mad NBA Scramble (The Western Conference, that is)

The Western Conference this year has been the craziest, most unpredictable and exciting in years. Every single game will determine who would end up being placed at first and who would place at eighth. Teams ranked at eight and nine (Denver and Golden State) still has got chances to make it through to the playoffs. I opt not to look at the Eastern Conference. Boston Celtics is a shoo-in to the NBA Finals. Who would they be playing against still is a big question mark.
Practically, seven teams or maybe even eight are in the hunt for the Western Conference supremacy. You have the Los Angeles Lakers (56-25), New Orleans Hornets (55-25), San Antonio Spurs (54-26), Utah Jazz (54-27), Houston Rockets (54-27), Phoenix Suns (53-27), and Dallas (50-31) all have already made their playoff spots. However, the official placings are still undetermined. You can see how close their win-loss records are, right? Let's say the regular season ends today and Denver makes it instead of Golden State, will it be easy to predict who would win a Lakers-Nuggets, Hornets-Mavericks, Spurs-Suns, and Jazz-Rockets matchups? Sure, whoever SURVIVES the ordeal would be blue and beaten before facing the Celtics in the finale.
Starting next week, my mind and schedule would all be glued to the NBA playoffs. And Los Angeles Lakers, please win.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

In Manila, Gossips Spread Like Wildfire

The concept of Bayanihan is a Filipino thing. The whole commuity considers itself as a part of each other's lives. Neighbors know each others affairs and in turn help each other out. However, that Filipino thing has its downside. Backbiting, Crab mentality, envy, jealousy, competition, intrigues, and worse, gossips will spread like wildfire. Lives get damaged, families affected, and friendships broken as a result to these things.
Brian Gorrell's blog has been an instant super typhoon in Metro Manila. It involves the controversies that affect the lives of a miniscule group that are members of Manila's high society. Names like DJ Montano (the alleged main culprit), Celine Lopez, Wendy Puyat, Tim Yap, Ana Angara and several other people have been exposed, together with their alleged misdoings and escapades.
It is very easy for the common Filipino (whether you're a socialite or a social climber) to be easily hooked up to such stories. I just think it is plain sick to be easily engrossed to such stories. For all I know, it is just none of my fugly business to care about their affairs. Unless I'm a journalist or a close associate to any of the Gucci Gang members, then would I really be concerned about it.
Filipinos are very good in doing trials by publicity. Look at Jun Lozada, everybody instantly concluded him as saying the truth.
I believe and understand that mature democracy is and should not be like this. It involves mature people doing intelligent and calculated moves wherein people do not send judgements and comments right away. They should study the situation first, weigh things out, and don't meddle in the situation. Can we guys clean our own backyards first before looking at others' backyards instead?

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American Idol 7 Top 8 Pick

American Idol last week was a shocker. Michael Johns is gone. My dreams of a Johns-David Cook finale are now gone, which sucks a lot. We're now down to the last 7 finalists. I thought Jason Castro did the best last week. Here he is with this version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Rat Or A Cockroach?!

Call this a spur-of-the-moment thing from me here. Out of nowhere, the thought of writing about rats and roaches just popped out of my head. I unlove and abhor both creatures. Good thing, our house has YET to be pestered by rats. If ever I get to see one (we're pretty sure all potential rat entry points are constantly blocked), it should be the ultimate manifestation of dirt and filthiness.
If ever life gets to a point to choosing which of the two critters would one choose, which of the two would that be? Being the helpful person that I am, let me present the pros and cons to choosing any one of these two creatures.
The Common House Rat. Rattus rattus. PROS: It is a mammal, therefore, it has quite a high brain span compared to other creatures. Since its got a higher brain span means scaring this animal is effective. CONS: It can be wet, and hairy and big! They can bite your toes and your fingers. And oh, and when they die, they give off that stench that is traumatic to my olfactories (that was the sense of smell, right?).

The Common Cockroach. Periplaneta americana. PROS: It is the easiest to kill. People either spray insectisides to it. Others do it the old-fashioned way: through rolled newspapers or their shoes (ewwww...). But me, I have a whole new different way. If the roach is on the ground, I squish as much alcohol as I could to let it die. When its dead, I light it up with a lighter. That way, I kill off bacteria as well (have I?). CONS: It flies! It can enter the skimpiest of openings. It is not scared of humans!

I have presented my arguments here. Which of the two would you choose?

Hope you enjoyed the article. Bye!

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Friday, April 4, 2008

American Idol Panic Post!

(THIS IS A FIVE-SENTENCE POST) Fil-Am Ramiele Malubay has been eliminated because she was the weakest this week. David Cook is the second best this week. Michael Johns gave the best performanmce. I'm excited for a Cook-Johns finale. Enjoy the video.

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How To Deal With The Summer Sun?

Earlier today, I experienced hell. The drive from Alabang to Antipolo was the worst thing that could happen on a 34-degree 74% humid Manila air. Not to mention the mennacing traffic the whole drive was! The only good thing that happened during the drive was the can of Pocari Sweat I downed during the course of the drive. It somewhat made my mouth feel hydrated and have somewhat "replenished" my dried-up body. They see that because of the darn humidity Manila has, the temperature actually rose further to 4 degrees hotter! That means if 34-degrees celsius was the real temperature, the body actually felt that it was 38-degrees!!! That's what I call scorching hot!
The traffic situation at the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) didn't help even if I used the Skyway.
The hell I experienced a while ago was my main motivation for my post tonight. How to deal with the summer sun? Here are my personal 5 best ways:
1.) Take a cold (please don't turn the dial to hot!!!!) shower for at least 20 minutes. Make sure the skin and body temperature would dip to "coolness" and make sure your room's A/C is turned full blast (around 16 to 18 degrees celsius or if you don't have an A/C, a "3" in the electric fan would do!
2.) Buy a Big 7-11 gulp and finish it off near the store's A/C! I don't with have none of those big gulps here in Manila. The biggest we have would be the 22 oz. offerings they have.
3.) Finish off a Venti any-flavored Frappe from Starbucks while your car's A/C is on full blast! It is brain freeze with a little sophistication!
4.) If you don't like a caffeine rush, do fruitshakes instead! Fruitshakes have more ice, thus there's more brain freeze!
5.) Buy a 1500ml bottled ice-cold water from 7-11 and finish it off in front of the A/C!

Those would be my topmost must-do rituals whenever the summer sun burns the heck out of me. I really don't like the Filipino Halo-halo since they've get beans in there (I don't like beans). The main priority here is to hydrating the body to keep the temperature down.

Hope you liked the post. Enjoy!

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Disappointment on Philippine Amateur Boxing

Team Philippines bound for the Beijing Olympics is fielding just ONE boxer. The main reason is that, only one boxer (Harry Tañamor) qualified for the Olympics. How measly is that? After winning two golds at the Asian Games (which usually has become a good barometer for a good Olympic performance for Team Philippines), the local amateur boxing scene has been on a downslide, first with winning only a single gold at the SEA Games and then this, just one boxer bound for the Olympics.
If the Philippine Professional Boxing is riding on a high (with a slew of professional boxers with world titles), the amateur boxing in the meanwhile is exactly the opposite.
More than blaming the boxers themselves, it is actually the sports officials who should be blamed for this. Too much corruption and politicking does not help win the country honors. Instead of too much politicking, how about training and sending in athletes YEARS before the Olympics. Filipino sports officials love to make short-cut solutions and preparations, I guess only a dumb person would think that would win us Olympic gold medals in return.
Harry Tañamor, I'd be supporting you to win that Olympic gold medal. May the (boxing) gods be with you.

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Bloody Youzhny in Miami

Russian Tennis player Mikhail Youzhny lost a vital point against Spaniard Nicolas Almagro during the third round of the Miami Masters in...uhm, Miami. Instead of just yelling out his frustration, Youzhny whacked (ouch!) his racket onto his forehead not just once, BUT THREE TIMES!!!
The video is now making waves on YouTube and is making a tennis celebrity out of Mikhail Youzhny.
Here's the video. Enjoy!

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