Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Province of Batanes is the northernmost and the smallest province of the Philippine Republic, both in terms of population and land area. It is about 190 kilometers south of Taiwan. If there is one area in the Philippines has largely been not explored, this has got to be the place.

The islands are situated between the vast expanse of the waters of Bashi Channel and Balintang Channel, where the Pacific Ocean, merges with the China Sea. The area is a sealane between the Philippines and Japan, China, Hongkong and Taiwan. It is rich with marine resources, including the rarest sea corals in the world.

During the past few years has Batanes been able to attract tourists, thanks to its widely unspoilt and commercialized natural spots. Intermittent stretches of sandy beaches and rocky shorelines surround the Batanes Islands.

Aside from the Marlboro Country-like terrain the islands boast of, the climate itself is different from the rest of the Philippines. Thanks to its proximity to Taiwan, temperatures from December to February dips to a nippy 7 degrees Centigrade.

Don't expect fancy hotels or other five-star services because none of them could be found in Batanes. If you're into adventure with a twist of time-travel, Batanes has got to be your place!


2 Responses to “Batanes”

dhawell said...
February 28, 2008 at 2:43 PM

curb, been to batanes? i so wanna go there. basco is in my Places-to-go List. hehehe. i think its in the 30th or so. hehehe.

curbside_puppet said...
February 28, 2008 at 5:06 PM

i've been planning to since summer of last year! something made my summer busy last year so i wasn't been able to.

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