Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is It Just Me?

I'm not really happy for the start of the year!
I need your help.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hopes For New Year 2010

I want to start 2010 with a clean slate. I want a fresh start, a fresh new perspective of things.

Maybe it is the positivity the new year gives to everyone. You make plans, create goals, mentally list down things to be avoided. And no matter how much you try...

you still can end up as crap.

Happy New Year folks! Life is supposed to be enjoyed and endured!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from The Comfort Rooms.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Laos SEA Games Aftermath

Just a funny thought, it was kinda hard for me to google this picture up. The keywords "poomsae" and "poomsae philippines" does not work to show this photo on the first page of its image results. What I did was search for who the three ladies were and find this photo on their Facebook profiles. So for the three ladies in this picture, sorry for invading your privacy.

So the 25th Southeast Asian Games drew to a close last Friday. The country finished 5th. It was a lowly ranking although the country could have managed to get into third spot.

It was kind of expected that the country would fare badly this year. But the country's non-representation as one of the broadcasters for the event is really just disappointing. It goes to show that none really cares about sports...other than basketball, billiards and boxing.

As expected, those sports with better funding (taekwondo, athletics, swimming) gets to win more gold medals. More funds means more appreciation shown to these athletes, more off-shore training, more international competitions, better training. Everybody from the sports-loving world has been clamoring for a national sports program that will be the avenue to better results on international sporting competitions especially the Olympics.

As we get to read December 20, 2009 broadsheet, expect sports columnists to write stuff about the things I have just mentioned. Lack of training, lack of funding, lack of preparation, lack of support. I'm just wondering, why aren't our athletes been really vocal about their dilemna? Shouldn't there be a Filipino athletes association? I believe that will mirror what our athletes really feel. Philippine sports is deeply fractured by rampant corruption and politicking. I hope our next President will give sports the recognition it rightly deserves.

See you all on the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China in 2010! Expect more golds from the country this time!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cardinal Rule In Blogging (An Oxymoron)

Don't blog for the sake of blogging. It vagues the whole purpose of writing, which is expressing one's self. No one obliges you to write (unless somebody pays you yo do it) on your blog.

Blog on your own terms.

You ok now?


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Saturday, December 12, 2009

25th Southeast Asian Games

The elephants looked really cute. Maybe that's the reason I loved going to Vietnam and Thailand. I love elephants.

Wait, I should be speaking about the 25th Southeast Asian Games in Vientiane, Laos. All I know is that I wanna go to Vientiane and see Patuxai. Anybody who's backpacking across Southeast Asia should know what the Patuxai is.

I'm not really jumping up and down with excitement cos I thought the Southeast Asian Games is really, just for Southeast Asia. Funny how host countries (Philippines included) would try to win every subjective sport to their advantage.

But I'm gonna say this only once: We always lose subjective sports on hostile grounds like Thailand and Vietnam. Are you familiar with the 2007 SEA Games boxing finals wherein the Philippines and Thailand faced on every single final there was? Massive cheating guys.

The events I'm looking forward to really would be swimming. Friend Daniel Coakley is gonna be defending his 50m Men's Freestyle gold and I am hopeful I'm gonna be holding that gold medal when he gets to fly back here to Manila before heading back to America for the holidays.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to next year's Asian Games in Guangzhou. Why? Because I thought we will be faring better this time. Hoping for a top ten (even top 15) finish next year!

Anyways, here's what I thought would happen at this year's SEA Games.

  1. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia or the Philippines would cry foul over some Thailand and/or Vietnam subjective sports wins (those sports that needed judges for scoring).
  2. Miguel Molina and Daniel Coakley would win their swimming events without much competition.
  3. The Philippine Billiards team would win the majority of pool events.
  4. Malaysia and Indonesia will dominate Badminton.
  5. Cecil Mamiit will win over Danai Udomchoke again on men's tennis singles final.
  6. Tamarine Tanasugarn might win her last SEAG gold.
  7. Philippines again would cry foul over Thailand boxing cheating.
  8. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, East Timor in that order.

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I'm A Fan, Not A Fan, Was A Fan

Pretty self-explanatory right? Let's start!

I'm A Fan

  • Russel Brand (stand-up comic)
  • Mancow Muller (new life hero, radio jock)
  • How I Met Your Mother (the new F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)
  • Entourage (just loved that show)
  • Polynesian friends (just loved them!)
Not A Fan
  • Adam Lambert (send him back to earth)
  • Miley Cyrus (give that kid her pacifier)
  • Billy Ray Cyrus (that's called child labor, right pops?)
  • Momma Lohan (i think you and your daughter both need an intervention)
  • Dingdong Dantes (nevermind)
Was A Fan
  • Chico And Delamar (we're tired of you guys, sorry)
  • David Blaine (the masked magician is way cooler!)
  • Chris Brown (sorry kid, you've made the biggest mistake ever)
  • Michelle Rodriguez (you're too testosterone-filled for me)
  • McDonald's Hot Caramel Sundae (you are too sweet now for my liking)

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Engkwentro And Me

I was finally able to watch Engkwentro, up-and-coming director Pepe Diokno's first movie. The movie will be shown only until Sunday on selected theaters across the city(check SM cinemas)
. If not the usual fare is your cup of tea, then you should go watch this city.

The film was edgy, like there was not a really dull moment during 65 minutes it was playing (except maybe for of the gang war shots - which I thought was kinda lame). Though my negative comment was purely an opinion, I commend Pepe Diokno for coming up with a brilliant debut movie. I just know that the kid's got some game.

I felt like I was actually there on the streets. I felt like I was a part of the scenario. I felt like I was there with the rest of the Batang Dilim boys sniffing rugby adhesives. I felt like I was there when Jenny-Jane was busy borrowing money from her friend. I felt I was there when Richard shot Tomas dead.

Which city and mayor did the director based his movie from was very obvious. I've stayed on that city for at least a year and I've heard stories about its much-feared assasins. They roam around the city (and it environs) using their trusty motorbikes. I've had some almost-quite personal experiences with that feared group. Whether the presence of that group makes crime rates go down low is none of my business. But what I can't accept was the fact this group even kills minors with their guns.

If not for this movie, I wouldn't have known of such cruelty. Thanks Pepe! May you direct other socially-relevant movies soon!

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sports The Past Week

Here's my rundown on last week's sports achievements for the country (that I know of).

The Philippine Under-16 Men's Basketball team placed fourth on its Asian Championships. The winner (China) and runner-up (Korea) will represent Asia in the world championships.

Despite placing fourth, the young athletes showed a lot of promise. They were even the only team that showed enough balls to scare off the monstrous
Chinese squad during their semifinal match. However, there are rumors that China has fielded over-aged athletes. If it were true, I hope they'll get sanctions.

Watch out for these young guns especially Keifer Ravena. Future UAAP superstar!

Wesley So shocked the entire Chess world by defeating two former champions en route to a last-16 placing in the Chess World Cup.

The foreign press was so impressed by him, they even hailed him as the next big thing.

I hope this kid makes it big really, really soon!

Francis Casey Alcantara ended the 2009 campaign with two straight singles titles.

Although I thought he was pretty much a disappointment, after starting the year with an Australian Open doubles championship, he became pretty much unnoticed except for helping put the country back on Group1 of Asia/Oceania Davis Cup.

I hope he does a better job next year and not be another case of a young Pinoy talent left unused due to lack of funds.

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What's Hot, What's Not What-nots

All I know is that the previous week was not really normal to me. What's normal to me would include routinary work-office trips and same office tasks. It was almost always a given that I can almost always correctly predict what I would end up doing for the whole week without Monday actually starting. Same things everyday. Same stresses everyday. Same cubicle, same wall paint, same ID, same music, same monitor, even the same chatmates during work.

Routine makes John a dull boy. All work and no play makes John an even duller boy. What John needs is an activity outside of the routine to make him enjoy life once again. Thank goodness, John has got his access to the outside world plus two working days off called WEEKENDS to make him get excited about life again.

Just before Monday(could be a person, could be the actual day) starts bugging me with work once again, allow me to refresh and indulge myself with what has happened the entire week.

What's Hot

  • Hockey
  • Thai green curry
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Mineral Water
  • Nerd's Watermelon Candy
  • Cool and funny cab drivers
  • Gilbert Teodoro
What's Not
  • Ampatuans
  • Cerge Remonde
  • GMA's congressional bid
  • "Metrosexuals" in brownish hair
  • Baguio trips that make weekend dates impossible
  • Cockiness and prejudice
  • Overly sweet Mcdo Hot Caramel Sundaes
  • Bringing of umbrellas on rain-less days
  • Unreading of The Comfort Rooms

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre

I know some will be offended by my graphicness and will find it an overkill for showing this. But if this could be my most startling show of condemnation on what had happened a week ago in Maguindanao, then so be it.

I'm tired of our rotten society. I'm tired of corruption. I'm tired of the bullcrapped style of Philippine governance. I'm tired of our barbarism.

May the juxtaposed cadavers haunt you till the rest of your pathetic lives.

I want a new Philippines.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Christmas Wishlist (both gargantuan and possible)

1.) A razor both for shaving and cutting my hair

2.) Open - Andre Agassi's autobiography

3.) The Godfather Trilogy DVD

4.) The basketball jersey worn by Powerade Team Pilipinas

5.) A pair of Sanuk's

6.) A baby grand piano

7.) One-year free Zunic or Institut Santre treatments

8.) Advertising and construction projects for 2010

9.) An engagement ring for 2010

10.) A sponsor that will be willing to shell-out 1M for my 2010 wedding

Advanced Merry Christmas!

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