Monday, September 26, 2011

iProspect, iRobot, iFun (iLame. Haha!)

Waking up early on a Friday wasn't too bad of a chore after all. For a person who pretty much is in-charged of his time and schedule, I was compelled to be up a little bit earlier for an engagement I committed to accomplish that Friday morning. I was invited to cover the launching of iProspect Philippines at Robot in Makati City. And honestly, I thought it was a simple gathering of people from the industry, much like any other ordinary blogger events I refuse to join all the time.

I was wronged.

Though Robot pretty much was an over-rate to me (I can't understand where all the craze was coming from), the ostentatious edge of the place pretty much underlined how significant of a digital marketing product launching it was, actually. To any all-knowing blogger who loved to go to every single event there is, attending the product launch of iProspect Philippines was something he/she missed big time.

So, what is iProspect Philippines after all? It falls under the umbrella (-ella, -ella) of Aegis Group, one of the biggest media companies in the world (that's short of saying they're a majjjjor company). iProspect Philippines will cater to the digital marketing needs of companies based here in the Philippines. When (almost) all of the internet marketing practitioners in the country cater their services overseas, iProspect Philippines will serve the Filipino netizen (which is a big market if we could only think about it).

I enjoyed the product launch (it was my industry so I liked everything about the new company). I enjoyed the food over at Robot. I enjoyed handing out my business cards (for career advancenment purposes, haha!). I enjoyed watching Chico Garcia (the RX DJ was the emcee) make a complete douche out of himself. I enjoyed meeting new people (marketing representatives of some of the biggest companies in the country were there, underlying what kind of significance this company has in the Philippines). All-in-all, it was a Friday morning well-spent.

Next time fellow bloggers, when iProspect plans to host another event, make sure to grab the opportunity to be invited because who knows, it could be an opportunity lurking for you.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jordan Killed Smart Gilas Bleeding and Pained

If there is one basketball player who single-handedly defeated the Philippine Basketball team today on its FIBA Asia Championships semifinal match-up against Jordan, it was this man. Rasheim Wright. A naturalized Jordanian originally from the United States.

Three years of preparing and hoping for a London Olympics stint ended with a tough-to-accept semifinal defeat from the hands the Jordanian team, Rasheim Wright, and his teammate Sam Daghlas. As all basketball lovers know, the Smart Gilas team spent three years creating a cohesive and competitive squad composed mainly of collegiate players.

If you watched the match, Jordan for sure knew how to enlarge a wounded team's wound. They celebrated, they cheered, they rejoiced. Well, they deserved it.

It was still a gallant effort by the Smart Gilas team. They can still win 3rd place on a battle for 3rd place match possibly against Korea.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

How Rakenrol Struck A Chord In My Kasing-kasing (Heart)

In the most masculine of movies, there I was, sobbing and reminiscing about my life. THE Ely Buendia, on a cameo, appeared to Odie (the character Jason Abalos was playing in the movie Rakenrol) and taught him a valuable life lesson: Not everyone's been given the chance to do what they really wanted to do in life. You can get stuck inside your office cubicle doing the exact same thing your job tasked you to accomplish or do the thing that you were really passionate about. Those given that rarity of a chance should grab hold of it and cherish it.

I know every single person has his own calling. We were all predestined to do something that we all were designed to do and it is only us who can tell if we were reaching that predestination or not. Some accept the fact that we all had to be contented with a corporately-defined life of an employee who gets paid twice a month to help pay for his bills. Some are happy to be on a loving family and raising children to the best of their abilities. Those acceptances are decent, no questions asked. But there will always be those who are searching for something that will satiate their soul's hunger to satisfy itself. And I think that's what separates artists from the rest of humankind.

Rakenrol to me is more than just about accomplishing your dream. Above that of what money supply you with, it is the satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that you spent your life well. Odie and Irene (Jason Abalos and Glaiza de Castro) never gave up on their dream to create their own band. What was just a passion when they were teens grew into something a lot more serious as they entered college and beyond.

Watching Rakenrol wouldn't be too bad of an idea. It can be a discovery of what your soul was yearning for. It can be a reminder of the things you were really passionate about. It can be a trip to nostalgia as you would be reminded of the days when as a teen, you were once part of a band. It can be a reminder of the fan that you were once was, almost kind-of-worshipping the rock gods you idolized back then. It can be a celebration of your life, no matter how distorted it has become.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Emo Post. Are You Ready?

I admit, it can be worry-some and lonely. Sometimes, to the point of being paranoid about it. Whenever friends cross the ocean to tread on unknown but promise-filled waters, I'm left with no choice but to stay on my dry ground.

Throughout my life, I've been taught to tread that ocean as soon as I get the chance to. To me and my world, treading that ocean is like crossing the great divide. Crossing it is like a baptism of fire, with those still walking and toiling on dry ground left behind. We get cheered, motivated and most of the time pressured to cross that great oceanic passage. It can be rude that some who got stuck with their toiling on dry ground are being ridiculed and made fun of, insensitive to how those left must be feeling inside.

One by one, friends and loved ones took that path. To some, crossing the waters seemed easy. Some, rushed by it but eventually got through. To those left behind like me, friends seemed to get fewer and fewer and I don't want to be left behind completely, with another batch of weary travelers getting into my dry ground as well.

Everybody wants to cross that ocean I included. It's tricky, it's difficult, it is something I can't do alone. If there is one life-goal that would be really satisfying to accomplish, it is crossing that ocean definitely. It is sad because the seemingly easy steps to cross it seem difficult to follow in person. Why was it really hard for me to cross that ocean?

I need help.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Starving Dogs Ate Owner In Indonesia! (No Kidding!)

Like almost the entire human population, I'm afraid of angry and barking dogs. I've never been beaten by a dog, which makes that fear double. I remember getting barked upon and chased by my grandmother's huge Rotweiler and German Shepherd and that proved to one scary stuff I endured as a kid.

However, I love friendly dogs. The types that are socially apt and are nice to humans. I love cuddling them, talking to them, play with them and look really stupid in front of them cos it was hard for me to contain myself. They're just really cute! The day my favorite dog Dexter (R.I.P.) came into our lives, I was really happy. To some degree, it felt like I had a brother back then. He loved me and I loved him back.

Anyways, back to my story. I can believe dogs can actually do that to their human. According to Reuters, seven starving dogs were abandoned for 2 weeks while their human left. He was suspected to have been "eaten" when a neighborhood guard saw luggage lined up at the front of the human's house, days after he arrived home. He approached the house and smelled something foul and called up the police.

According to police reports, the human's skull was found on his kitchen and his body was found at the front of his house. Report also mentioned that two other dog bones were found, signifying the possibility that the seven dogs ate two more dogs earlier.

Read the news from this link if you want a source that's more authentic.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Life At Riverdale High: Remembering Archie and the Gang

I can vividly remember we had two balikbayan boxes full of Archie comics. We had centerfold posters splattered on our bedroom wall (I used to share a large bedroom with my siblings when we were kids), even calendars and the Lisa Frank posters that go with them (they're Lisa Frank members). In one way, we related on every single member of characters from Riverdale, California (it once said it was in California. They even had a Riverdale Beach) and felt like they were family.

I miss Pop Tate's Choklit Shoppe- the diner where the gang used to hang out a lot. I miss Jughead's burgers and milk shakes. I miss Moose and Midge, who in turn is Archie's secret crush. And how ego-maniac and jerky Reggie really is. I miss Dilton and his geekiness, he even managed to organize Archie room's for a time. And Betty, the all-American blondie who is not only smart (she's second to Dilton), but can be relied upon on a host of different things, including auto-mechanic. Veronica Lodge and her rich father Hiram, who always catches a clumsy Archie. And of course, Archie Andrews - unarguably the most famous red-head, the main character of the comics.

They were indeed a part of my growing up. Trips to the National Bookstore won't be complete without buying Archie Comics. Relatives coming home from the United States will always have room for some Archie Comics to me and my siblings. Idle time after school would be spent reading thru the comics, albeit I've finished reading them before.

With this love for the comics, the release of The Best Of Archie Comics was something I didn't pass by. Looking forward to finish all 400 pages of it and reminisce why I fell in love with the comics.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

So Long, Tim Cone!

As Rafe Bartholomew has put it, this is the end of an era. Tim Cone leaving the PBA means a new era will dawn, another storied chapter in the life of the PBA will start soon.

Tim Cone will always be remembered in the mid to late 90s, right when PBA was certainly at its glory days. Alaska and Tim Cone will be hard to separate, just the same as Robert Jaworski is to Ginebra. My PBA viewing days as a kid will not be complete without Tim Cone and his band of brothers (Abarientos, Lastimosa, Hawkins, etc.).

So long, Tim Cone! I know Alaska fans and the rest of the basketball-loving world will miss you.

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