Monday, November 29, 2010

Times And Seasons of Fireflies (A Poem)

Fireflies flicker
Fireflies illuminate
Fireflies spark
Fireflies shine

Fireflies travel
Fireflies journey
Fireflies fly
Fireflies embark

Fireflies live
Fireflies miss
Fireflies temporary
Fireflies impress

Fireflies impact
Fireflies touch
Fireflies leave
Fireflies stay

---This is dedicated to the family and loved ones of Ken CaƱonero, a maternal second-degree cousin who passed away last November 21.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

LeBron is (not) the King

For starters, I think this LeBron "mural" looks great. For some reason, it reminded me of Salma Hayek's Frida Kahlo. :)

The LeBron James brand is a multi-million dollar money-making machine that Nike and NBA have jointly made successful. The christening of the Air Apparent was a well-celebrated and much talked-about event and even until now, LeBron James is still attracting legions upon legions of fans wanting to take a grip on the future Michael Jordan, who until now is still a future Michael Jordan. I'm just thinking, when will he get past that next Michael Jordan monicker?

I mean, I think it is absolutely cool to be called the next MJ, but yeah, you have to deliver the goods first. After one NBA finals appearance (which I think was great), he still has got to show more than that. It's great that he's won consecutive regular season MVP awards (which I think will go to either Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, even Tim Duncan) but being "the next Michael Jordan should be so much more than that. LeBron knows and everybody knows that it takes championships to ever be called as the King.

In my book though, LeBron still isn't near there.

Now that Miami Heat is having the biggest disappointment SO FAR this season (9-8 win-loss card), any insinuation of LeBron James being the King is next to blasphemy. All the hype in the world was given to him last summer, all the money spent on promotions and the hoopla, it is only customary to "reward" that with wins and championships. But until THAT championship comes LeBron's way, there is not a single possibility in this world that he is the King of the NBA.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

KFC Double Down Is Overrated!


That's how I describe KFC Double Down - the newest food craze that hit this side of the globe. When Manila got introduced to this meal, everybody went salivating. Everyone made a pact that he/she must try it cos it looked (the TVC to be exact) really inviting and filling and heavy and yummy. Being the food lover that I am, I was once of those eagerly awaiting to finally have a taste of this newest buzz-word on Follywood (Food Hollywood).

Much to my dismay, I was disappointed about this food. Amidst all hoopla and hype, the excitement on me went on an alarming sink, losing all hope for a positive food review. The patties weren't big. The mayonnaise was off. Although the food felt heavy hours after my eating, it still isn't enough to reason fo rme to give this food even a passing grade.

I haven't spoken with anyone who shared a positive review about the food.

If KFC guys can hear me, here are my little suggestions on how to make your KFC Double Down a lot better:

1.) Since the Philippines is a rice-loving nation, an optional rice to go with the Double Down would be a great idea.

2.) Ditch the mayo. It doesn't work well with the rest of the ingredients.

3.) Make sure your patties are as big as those advertised on TV. Seeing the miniscule patties for the first time sure made me feel disappointment.

I hope my review was kind of helpful. Though the Double Down is always out-of-the-stock wherever you go (I really don't buy the story), it doesn't mean people necessarily liked the food.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why Did NU 107 Had To Go?

I'm still not over the NU 107 Last Goodbye feeling. It was just plain sad. Like a part of me was taken out without justice.
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most rocked-out person out there. But I know what good music is. And NU 107 provided Manila with a great music option, thanks to its purely rock genre.

Been familiar with the NU 107 since I was in 5th or 4th grade (dating back to the mid 90s), I always knew that whenever I felt the need to listen to rock music, it was NU 107 that I should be listening to.

NU 107 represented all the boys in our classrooms who sat at the back and barely listened to what the teacher was saying, painstakingly finishing his drawing with an intermediate pad paper as his canvass. The station represented a big chunk of all the cigarette smokers back in high school, complete with ear piercings only to be removed because the school security asked him to do so. The station represented a huge chunk of the rebel chicks we had during high school, those girls, who the pretty and popular ones disliked the most because these girls were just plain bad-ass.

To all concerned, NU 107 represented a part of us. And its taking away from us means a part of us was also removed.

Just plain sad.

Let's all relive the magical final minutes instead. Like a slow death on death row.

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Amazing Race Asia 4 BIG Spoilers?

Someone's so messing up with The Amazing Race Asia 4 on Wikipedia. I know anyone who was caught divulging info about the race outcome is liable to an amount reaching millions of dollars. Whoever the troll is, he's got to pay. Big time.

I can't imagine why someone would deliberately disobey The Amazing Race rules and risk himself paying US$5 million for the information he shared to everyone? I thought what this person did was pure, unadulterated bull crap. And a foul-smelling one at that.

Although the supposed spoiler is good news to all Filipinos (since it says the top 2 finishers were Filipino teams), I thought it was really crazy to post something as risky as this. It's like posting the Oscar winners few days prior to the actually date.

We don't know if all this is true but, whoever did this has got to pay.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

UniversityBelt.Org - Register Now!

Welcome my newest baby -!

The website is the only, let me re-emphasize, THE ONLY web-forum that talks about colleges and universities around Metro Manila! How cool and unique can the site get?!

Relive that school spirit, relish those memories when you were still in college! If you're still a student, share experiences and rant if you want! No one will stop you from sharing how you hated your teacher! And we mean that! envisions itself as a new platform for student to share their thoughts and at the same time, learn more about other campuses within the megacity.
Register now! It's free of course! Click here! >>> www.UniversityBelt.Org

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Loses (Kidding!)

First off, Antonio Margarito looked really bad! Seeing the wounds on his face and the way his eyes were almost closed made me feel really sorry for him. Well, what's a really beaten-down face when there's a multi-million dollar prize in waiting, right?! So yeah, congratulations as well to him. Hopefully, he's the last Mexican that Pacquiao will fight.

Some people have already made theories that Pacquiao IS the Muhammad Ali of this generation. Surely, he has already secured his spot among the all-time greats (must have made his mark during his twin Hatton/Dela Hoya wins) but for him to be placed right under THE Ali is something else.

As a Filipino, I might be biased but I think he ranks among the top 4 boxers of all time: Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard and Manny Pacquiao. Such an esteemed grouping. Any violent reactions are welcome.

Meanwhile, I gathered here different thoughts from different people regarding Manny Pacquiao:

We love our sports figures in the U.S., but he’s bigger than a sports figure over there. When he speaks, it transcends all class and cultural boundaries. Everyone listens. He’s a one in a 92 million story.
-Gary A. Poole, author of "PacMan"

I can’t think of any other person in the world who has ever been so adored by his people.
-Bob Simon, CBS Correspondent

It was awe-inspiring. I was so touched by what he was doing...there’s never been anyone like this kid and there probably never will be.
-Bob Arum, Pacquiao's publicist

Manny Pacquiao was once again masterful, beating Antonio Margarito so frightfully that Margarito’s face looked as it had been pounded repeatedly by a club.
-Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports Correspondent

Manny is the best fighter in the world, He is just too fast—very, very quick.
-Robert Garcia, Margarito's trainer

There was no way I was gong to quit. I’m a Mexican, we fight until the end.
-Antonio Margarito

I can’t believe that I beat someone this big and this strong. It’s hard. I really do my best to win the fight.
-Manny Pacquiao

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Friday, November 12, 2010

My 410 Million Peso 6/55 Jackpot!

I can't believe that the 6/55 Grand Lotto prize now stands at a whopping 410 million pesos (roughly US$9,372,499.71)! That's the biggest ever lottery prize in the Philippines (I think) and if nobody won, the jackpot will just keep on ballooning

and ballooning

and ballooning.

Until fate has it that the money be given to a very, very lucky Filipino.

If ever I would win the money, I wouldn't tell anyone for at least the first month. I'd fear for my security of course. And fifteen days before going to the PCSO to receive my loot, I'd resign from work. I'll try my best to be as discreet as possible in spending my own money. And like all wise businessmen, I'd love to invest on something that I know will be very profitable.

Let me write here on bullet form on how the 410 Million Peso jackpot will be spent.
* None will be paid for taxes 'cos I heard from someone connected with PCSO before that Lotto prizes aren't taxed!
* 60 million will be paid to purchase two Jollibee franchises. The money should include everything that should be spent including construction, initiall salaries, etc.
*30 million will be spent to purchase 50 1.3L 2010 Toyota Vios units for a taxi business. Additional 10 million for the purchase of a garage and the mini-office that will house the 50 units.
(The first two will help me live and my family for as long as both shall be productive)
*50 million to purchase Chinese Yuan-bonds. I'm not really sure if this will work, but I'd love to do that.
*50 million to be invested on various stocks at the Shanghai Stock Exhange and the future Sydney-Singapore joint stock exchanges.
*50 million to be invested on insurance.
*50 million to be deposited on various banks in the Philippines.
*90 million will be spent on real estate (particularly a few hectares in Tagaytay, Batangas and a condo unit in Fort Bonifacio and a not-too-big house on a not-too-exclusive subdivision).
*10 million to be spent on my own IT Company (my field of work).

and then the remaining 10 million will be spent to splurge (2 Japanese cars, clothes, lots of shoes) and for donations. Since I'm a Mormon, 10% of all my increase will be given to the Church (the church doesn't accept gambling money as tithing).

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Birthday Post

This is a milestone birthday for me. Why? Because I'm already 26.

And 26 is a serious number. Why? Because it's past the first quarter mark - which for me symbolizes youth in human earth years. Now that I'm 26, I'm officially old.




And more old. And it doesn't stop from there. (I'm old)

Goodbye youthfulness. Goodbye irresponsibility. Goodbye carelessness. Goodbye (partial) dependence. Goodbye randomness. Goodbye excuses.

For me, 26 signifies the real welcome to the outside world.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Catch The Philippine Rugby Fever

Having spent a couple of years alongside New Zealanders, Australians, Samoans and Tongans has got me excited over Rugby. To me, it is the most testosterone-filled sport out there and anyone who doesn't wanna get bruised will be in for some one hell and a half playing (or even just watching) the sport.

To everyone's information, Philippine Rugby is currently on the upswing, thanks to expats and half-Pinoys who have showed interest and sacrifice to elevate Rugby's status as a sport here in the Philippines.

Though still largely an elitist sport (protests are welcome in form of blog comments), Philippine Rugby is opening its doors to anyone and everyone who wanted to experience the sport (I do!) via its Rugby Development Training Program.

This is a free program to all men and women over 16 every Mondays and Wednesdays at the Philsports Arena. This is one cool sport every person shouldn't dare miss!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fifty Days Before Christmas Wishlist

Only fifty days before Christmas! Blame it on the kid within me, but I'm really excited about Christmas. I love Christmas parties, Christmas dinners, Christmas gifts, Christmas lunches, Christmas reunions, and everything there is about Christmas.

However, the grown-up within me is making me excited about gift-giving. As early as August, I already have a working budget on how much will I be spending (more like credit card-ing) for the holidays. Don't worry, if ever I go over-budget, I don't overspend by over a thousand. So I'm pretty much confident with how much I will be spending.

I have a little confession to make - I seldom buy stuff for myself. For one, I hate shopping. I don't really see the fun in doing it. The only time I become excited with shopping is when I had to buy stuff for my loved ones. But for myself, 5 times shopping in a year would be a lot for me.

I'd rather receive stuff instead of me buying for myself. It is certainly a nice feeling to receive stuff coming from people. For me, it is a barometer on how much a person values you. Call me materialistic, I don't care. I'd rather call myself sentimental. It is not in the amount of course.

Enough of my longggggg introduction, here's my Christmas wishlist for 2010 Holidays.

1. a book called Pacific Rims by Rafe Bartholomew

2. a new Autograph Marks and Spencer cologne

3. new Gap and/or American Eagle Outfitter shirts/hoodies

4. new pillows 

5. new halogen lights for the car

6. new electric razor

Care to send me a gift for the holidays?

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NU 107 Last Goodbye

Check the sked and be depressed.
 this does not make sense to me.

How can a stalwart like NU 107 go off-air and be reformatted into something else? Though I'm not the biggest rock fan, it pains me to realize that Manila will be denied with yet another genre of music. In a world full of dance and pop music, NU 107 was a breath of fresh air. And it is just sad that they'll be gone, forever.

Just sad.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Social Network And My Eureka! Moment

I can relate alot to the movie The Social Network. If there is one movie that serves as an Internet Business 101 course, then this is it.

The lessons I learned from this movie would be among those things that I will cherish as I try to create my niche in this broad and competitive online world.

I've tried blogging. I've tried content writing. I've tried SEO. I've tried Affiliate Marketing. I've tried Pay-Per-Click Advertising. I've tried Web Hosting Services. I've tried Social Media Marketing. In short, I've tried almost everything that I know involving the online world. As a person on the constant look-out for my own Eureka! moment, the movie served as a reminder of my quest for that road to El Dorado.

I'm no Mark Zuckerberg. A good friend of mine is my Mark Zuckerberg. I'm Eduardo Saverin. The business-savvy partner of the Facebook CEO. We two have had our Mark and Eduardo fights. There have been Sean Parkers who tried to persuade my Mark Zuckerberg to alter our own Facebook (my potential Eureka! moment). But unlike to what have happened to Mark and Eduardo, I hope me and my Mark Zuckerberg won't end up like that, though we wanted the financial rewards of course.

When our own Facebook becomes live, I can only hope for all the success we could have. This can be our ticket to Internet success. This can put me and him into unprecendented heights. However, this can turn out to be a poop-mine for us both if we weren't able to push the right buttons.

If The Social Network tried to prove that financial power rests above that of loyalty and friendship, I would love to prove it otherwise.

To all those who are in the web business, this is the movie for us! Cheers!

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Love Found During Halloween

I know halloweens are not supposed to bring out that lovin' feeling among its devotees. It would have been BS if it did.

Well, surprise! BS it really did! Instead of spreading out screams and fear that day, it instead put on its heart-face and spread cupid arrows into the hearts and imaginations out of everyone who thought partying on that date would be the best way to celebrate that day.

By the way, the party I attended was on a 30th. Not on the actual 31st which fell on a church-filled and spiritually-uplifting Sunday.

Just wanna make that clear to y'all who's reading.

Maybe October 30 was designed to give Halloween its perfect irony, vaccine and antidote. Right before the world enters into a day that was supposed to be frightful and scary, it, at first, dawns into a 24-hour period of loveliness and hope. Of excitement and anticipation. Of joy and calm. Of inspiration and motivation.

If all October 30s were tailor-made to be just like that, I wouldn't be surpised if Love Found During Halloween wouldn't be all too alien for us all.

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