Friday, January 30, 2009

Nadal and Verdasco are AMAZING! (pictures)

The 5 hour and 14 minute semifinal between Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco is so amazing, describing it further would spoil the beauty of the encounter.

Let the pictures speak for itself. The match was a beauty.

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Nadal and Verdasco, 2009 Australian Open

This match was so, so amazing. I wished you got to watch it as well.

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When Being Friendly Doesn't Do The Trick...

Growing up, I've been told to be always nice to every person I meet along the way. I think it is a universal and human thing to be learned by everyone. Being nice to everyone makes a person be more appreciative, more humble, and generally, become more likeable. Parents want their kids to grow up becoming God-fearing and full of morals. Being friendly should definitely come along the way. All religions teach their members to be humanly friendly (should there be such a word) for sure.

Of course, I've had my lapses from time to time. I've been b*tchy to some people, I admit. I say things I should never have said that would hurt others. I have prejudged people unfairly. But after going back to my senses, I ask for forgiveness. But generally, I still consider myself nice. I guess being nice and friendly doesn't always come on a singular package.

However, your being friendly doesn't always mean people will like you. In the first place, would you make yourself nice so that others will like you? Would that be a great enough reason to be nice? Or it would have been better to be nice because that's generally what you feel inside? You just wanna spread love to others without asking for anything else. I think that would be the perfect reason why we should be nice.

As I've said, I've had my lapses. I thought I've been nice lately for my personal gain, I wanted more friends. I thought wanting more friends wasn't exactly selfish, right? But I don't know, being friendly doesn't always do the trick.

You can't really force a person to be friends with you. I know I'm frustrated. I guess karma had me suffer this since I've been not so nice towards others. Sigh. Man, I guess I know the reason to my query. I'm on a deadend right now. Peace.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kurt Cobain

I'm just of those believers that Kurt Cobain (for those who does not know, he is the late front man of Nirvana) did not commit suicide. The evidences just point to the fact that no such act was committed. I'm one of those people who would wish the the case be opened again.

To view the details of the murder theory, here is the link.

I also have a video here listing all the pointers leading to a murder theory.

I hope you learned a thing here.

Have a great day.

*A Repost.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

"My Grandma is Spanish"

Most Filipinos that I know of thought that a Hispanic surname automatically equates to a Hispanic lineage. Little did they know that Malayo-Polynesian natives during the Spanish period lacked a family name and it was only in the 1800's that a Spanish Governador General ordered that all natives be given a family name. Having a family name definitely makes identification a lot easier.

Because of this apparent lack on information, it will not be surprising to find yourself speaking to a local, proudly telling you that his ancestors were Castilas (Spaniards or at least of Spanish ancestry) even if his facial features say otherwise.

The fascination that we-might-be-Eurasians must be a regional thing since I know of a Thai acquaintance who frowned to admit that he was a pure-bred Thai and not a luk kreung (half-Thai). A Canadian once told me that Thais are hot on their own, so why bother creating the illusion that you're half this and that?

Can't we accept that we might be pure Filipinos after all? How would that be a problem? I thought it would be exciting to know how a real Cebuano or a real Negrense would look like. I just thought it sickening to think that our ancestors come from Europe because of the spanish surnames we carry with us.

I don't carry a Spanish surname, meaning, my ancestors has carried with them the centuries-old surname that they've got. My paternal roots hail from Pampanga and Bicol and my maternal roots hail from Zamboanga, La Union, Panay Island, and Japan. Aside from the obvious fact that I'm Filipino, the only other obvious clue to my ancestry was the Japanese roots of my mom's maternal family.

That thing I've learned thru family history and genealogy, something our Church has been doing for decades.

There are two things that I wanna point out thru this post. One, know your family history first before having the balls to brag about your family's European roots and two, be proud of the fact that your flat nose and brown skin spells that you are indeed, a Filipino.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Filipino Wave

That eight-rayed star is undeniably Filipino. In tagalogspeak, pinoy na pinoy. This sun symbolizes Filipino spirit, Filipino nationalism, Filipino love, and most especially, Filipino pride. Hence, here comes the Filipino wave.

I'm not sure if I have posted a similar post before, but I would like to pay tribute to Filipinos who all made Filipinos proud with the achievements, fame, and success they amassed, they are proud to tell the world "Pilipino ako!" (I'm a Filipino!).

I will jot down here the ten living Filipinos who all currently are making an impact in the world stage and rank them deductively (1 being the highest, 10 the lowest).

1. Manny Pacquiao
- For obvious reasons, he is number one. Can't think of another Filipino who fared better than him.

2. of Black Eyed Peas
- He made being a Filipino cool.

3. Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls
- I hope the whole world's aware that she's half-Filipina and is loving it.

4. Enrique Iglesias
- I'm proud that he's half-Pinoy. Really.

5. Vanessa Hudgens
- A half-Pinay is one of Hollywood's biggest teen stars? Way to go!

6. Kenneth Cobonpue
- He is that cutting-edge interior designer that is currently making waves in the world stage.

7. Monique Lhuillier
- I hope Hollywood celebs know that she's Filipina.

8. Charice Pempengco
- I know some people might protest the lowly ranking I gave her, I think more than the performances she's making, a successful album would stamp her way to a higher ranking.

9. Isabel Preysler
- Enrique's mom. She's a popular socialite in Madrid.

10. Dave Batista
- He's a cool top wrestler and he's Filipino!!!

Honorable mentions: Lea Salonga, Brandon Vera, Vanessa Minillo, Cassie, Mutya Buena, Victoria RecaƱo, Rob Schneider and Lou Diamond Philips.

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You Wanna Know My Face???

You wanna know my face, right? Well, one of these six is mine. Won't tell you which is which.

Good luck!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mariah Carey' Asian Guy Counterpart

Forget that history-making event on Washington DC for awhile. I'm not American so I'll let the event take care of itself. I believe I already gave Mr. Barack Obama enough attention for me to show my support on him.

Let me focus my energies instead to this wonderful rendition to Mariah's Touch My Body by some random Korean guy. Thanks and enjoy the vid!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Fil-Am's Guide To Balut Eating

I'm blaming Ate Edna (househelp) and Kuya Joan (driver) for teaching me the tricks of the trade. That is, how to eat the balut.

Here's a Fil-Am's funny guide to eating a Pinoy classic.

Enjoy and KAINAN NA!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heartbreak at McDonald's

This new TVC is bound to break people's hearts. Please watch the video (and make sure you got kleenex over there!!).

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Marital Woes

I forgot where I saw this letter but I thought the couple has got some serious problems. Care to help?

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

American History X

"Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. Its just not worth it."

That quotation from the movie pretty much sums up the whole movie itself and the over-all hatred we feel towards just with anyone and everyone.

American History X is a heavy movie about hatred, racism, and injustice. It stars Edward Norton which is one of my favorite actors. The movie was shown a decade ago and I consider it one of the contemporary most socially-relevant films as of late.

You just can't imagine what amount of hate people have towards each other. If you're an activist, what amount of hate you got towards the present administration? Or a Muslim to a Jew? How about a Red to a capitalist?

I always believed that for us Filipinos to be progressive, we should learn how to support our leaders and not look for their every mistakes. To hell with the ZTEs and the Fertilizer scandals! Look after her after she has finished up her term and then bombard her with everything! And oh, even Malaysia, our progressive neighbor just below our butt tolerates corruption up to a certain extent. And oh, I forgot to mention about our northern neighbor China!

I remember a famous quote from JFK that says something like its not what your country did for you, but what you have done for your country. When we got hate, we always blame it over to someone else. Instead of blaming and hating, why won't we do something about it and create a difference? That sounded Obama-ish!

I guess that's the beauty of life is, creating a positive note out of seemingly bad situatios and circumstances.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

When A Minor Was Beaten Up...

Left side of the post shows the Facebook picture of Bino Dela Paz, that kid who was beaten up by adults during a heated argument at the Valley Golf and Country Club in Antipolo City (a few mins from Manila) which is quite near my home.

As in any heated story, this one's got two versions and the public and the media is quite into the situation as well. Whatever the real story was, the message to me is clear that a minor, a 14-year old kid to be exact was beaten up by adults! Not just one person once, but several men twice!

The kid suffered a blooded ear after the incident and I personally felt very sorry for the kid and am furious over those guys who beat him up.

I have befriended the kid thru Facebook and will try to get his side of the story. For the meantime, I asked for the public's opinion regarding this brouhaha thru Yahoo Answers and here is what the Best Answer looked like:

Golf is supposed to be a gentlemen game, but apparently the Pangandaman's DO NOT exhibit this character in their bones, they feel they have all the POWERS in this country and let all the people they encounter feel that, even in the supposed game where utmost sportmanship should be exercised which is why Dela Paz got irritated in their attitude inside the golf course.

When Dela Paz did got irritated by that and confronted the Pangandamams with this, instead of apologizing, they then manhandled this 56 year old guy and his 14 year old son, in front of his daughter. Would you even think this 56 year old guy have the power to go up against the Pangandamans and their guns with goons? Go figure...The Pangandamans should be REMOVED from government office IMMEDIATELY, the DAR Secretary may not have lift a finger to hurt Dela Paz, but did he do anything to stop beating the 14 year old boy and his father? or stop the fight altogether? NO he just sat there, enjoying and watching his sons and their goons beat the old man and his boy. Should that be an attitude and character of a government official? I believe a government official should be of utmost integrity which Sec. Pangandaman has not exercised at all in this incident and even encouraged his sons to let the people they are supposed to serve feel they are the powers that be and continue to be as arrogant as they are.

To Valley Golf, since they are allowing this to happen, sooner or later only the types of Pangandaman will be their members...all the other golfers will already shy or stay away from Valley Golf to avoid encountering the Pangandaman or other government officials like them who frequent Valley Golf.

Hope you reader will have a say on this untoward incident as well.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chris Brown and Adam Sevani

Adam Sevani of Step Up 2 and Chris Brown on a dance showdown. One of my year goals is to at least halfway copy their steps. Haha!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Open Letter to Leah Dizon

I think its only rightful for me to thank you Leah Dizon for your kindness. You probably must be the most searched person on my blog. Not my works, not the things I poured my heart, soul, and sleeping hours into, but your pictures!

You're so beautiful! You look angelic yet presents a mischievous grin to your every smile. From Japan, to the US, to Turkey, France, and whichever country the searcher is from, he always, for some reason, gets into my blog.

As a tribute, here's some other Leah Dizon pictures...

Thanks for making my blog become a little bit more popular Leah.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Post Number 300!

I'm only 17 months old. I've got tons of things to post about and tackle upon. More researches that I have to make and more people to interview. Definitely, more videos to come up with. I've got tons of things that I would want to accomplish through my blog.

This is blog post number 300. Thank you for keeping up with me.

I wanna sleep now cos I'm sooooo sleepy. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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What To Do To Start The Year Right?

This is post number 299 (a perfect excuse for my 300th post).

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