Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#worstlapdancesong is a Twitter trending topic! Lol!

Twitter can be one of the most random places on earth ever. People can just come up with random stuff that would trend. Someone initiates it then it is picked up by others. In a matter of hours, the whole world picks it up. Everybody talks about it, you got a Twitter trending topic there. Twitter has made the whole world even smaller. Who would have thought that the college jock from Georgia will be talking and laughing at the same thing at the very moment with a pharmacy owner from Bangladesh? Only Twitter makes it possible - and how wonderful it really is. What would be one of Twitter's trending topics today? Believe it or not, a hash tag called #worstlapdancesong is the number 3 trending topic tonight. =)

When I saw a friend some 20 minutes back twit with that hash tag, I thought that was freaking hilarious. Why would anyone just think of that? With twitter, any topic can be the next trending topic. People from the twitverse has come up with some of the most bizaare of answers on what they thought would be the worst lap dance ever.

Answers include the following:

-Amazing Grace
-Who Let The Dogs Out
-God Bless America
-Dora The Explorer Song
-Barney songs
-If You're Happy And You Know Clap Your Hands
-Friday (Rebecca Black)
-The Itsy Bitsy Spider
-Feliz Navidad
-We Are The World
-Mama (Boyz II Men)
-and tons of other songs. I came up with 'Greatest Love of All" from Whitney Houston and "This Is What Dreams Are Made Of" from Lizzie Maguire OST.

Random tweets like these make Twitter a lot more enjoyable.

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List Of Los Angeles Disasters since the 70s According to Hollywood

If Hollywood would be any indication, Los Angeles may not be a very safe place to be in after all. Almost all types of disasters and other strange phenomena and must have recorded 23 such occurrences since 1974. For some reason, aliens have a penchant for coming into the city, deadly earthquakes would happen at least once in a decade, zombies would love to attack around twice in 25 years and even dogs and cats that speak, babies who could talk and even snakes that hijack airplanes. I think Los Angeles has got all types of trouble covered.

Since 1974, here are the catastrophes and strange occurrences that have happened in the city:
*ravaged by a major earthquake in 1974 (Earthquake)
*had a dog trained to viciously attack only black people in 1982 (White Dog)
*attacked by zombies in 1984 (Night of the Comet)
*had a cyborg assasin programmed to kill a certain Sarah Connor in 1984 (The Terminator)
*had an alien master criminal and master of disguise inhabit human bodies and commite violent crimes in 1987 (The Hidden)
*had three aliens fall in love with a california girl in 1988 (Earth Girls Are Easy)
*survived a nuclear holocause in 1988 (Miracle Mile)
*had living cartoon characers called "toons" alongside humans in 1988 (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
*had a teenager who cheerleads her high school by day and is a vampire slayer by night in 1992 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
*had a caveman from prehistoric ages thawed and brought back to life in 1992 (Encino Man)
*had a governor's husband attempt to have his governor/wife assasinated in 1995 (Nick of Time)
*had alien terrorists bomb US Bank Tower in 1996 (Independence Day)
*a newly-discovered volcano creates an inferno in the city in 1997 (Volcano)
*had angels chill on top of downtown L.A. skyscrapers then in turn fall in love with humans in 1998 (City of Angels)
*had killer tornadoes destroy the city in 2004 (The Day After Tomorrow)
*experienced alien invasion in 2005 (War of the Worlds)
*a magnitude 10.5 earthquake destroyed the city in 2006 (10.5: Apocalypse)
*had venomous snakes attack airplane passengers before it landed at LAX in 2006 (Snakes on a Plane)
*had a trio of chipmunks become popular singers in 2007 (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
*had a meteorite collide with the earth in the city in 2007 (The Apocalypse)
*saw the rise of a new superhero in 2008 (Iron Man)
*a monster earthquake slid the city into the Pacific Ocean in 2009 (2012)
*witnessed a giant crocodile battle it out with a giant shark in 2010 (Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus)

It's amazing how Los Angeles survived all of those things. The angels that guard over the City of Angels must love the city so much that they always seem to recover fast after every disaster.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anti-RH Bill Is Bullcrap

From orchestroscopy.blogspot.com
Political discussions will always be welcome in my country. In the middle of all the neighborhood gossips and telenovelas, of Manny Pacquiaos and Willie Revillames, it will always be a welcome change when people actually talk about things that matter: family life, education, goals, employment, religious faith and politics. In a country that worships boxers and international singing sensations, moments when people talk about politics would always be treasured.

In support of my earlier statement, I'll say it again. Anti-RH Bill is one piece of bullcrap. The Catholic Church has been forcing the issue about how it is un-Christian and anti-Christlike of pro-RH Bill supporters and how they ignite their faithful into supporting them just shows how cunning and corrupt they really are. They are corrupting the minds of their faithful. Them telling their faithful that it is evil to support such law is a lie and prevents the members to choose for themselves. RH Bill gives the couple a choice if they wanted to form a child or not. Sexual intercourse is more than just about procreating human beings but it is also used to provide for intimate moments and physical bonding between couples. I dunno why staunch anti-RH Bill supporters tend to forget that part.

With every time a woman conceives a child, how sure are we that she really intended to get pregnant and not just a product of a steamy night of copulation? And when she does get pregnant, how sure are we that couples are emotionally and financially mature to raise such a child well? You see, RH Bill gives couples a choice. In light of all this poverty going on around us, the RH Bill will help couples maintain and aim for a higher standard of living. Of course, killing a child from the mother's womb will always be unallowed, unless it provides health hazard to the mother.

And oh, the Catholic Church should back off. They're the devil here.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Why Did The Lakers Sucked That Bad???

At least give Kobe Bryant some props for making it look easy for the Dallas Mavericks.

In a very un-LA Lakers type of manner, the 16-time champs Los Angeles Lakers have barely given the Dallas Mavericks some competition during their West semis encounter. They've been swept 4-0.  They made Dirk Nowitzki look like a god, they made all Laker haters a happier people.

In the most diplomatic of ways, the great Laker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made this statement about the Laker loss:

Game 4 between Dallas vs. Lakers was a demonstration of total domination by Dallas. They completely dominated the Lakers in every category. Dallas got easy baskets in the paint because their guards were able to penetrate the Laker D and they shot the lights out from long range led by Jason Terry shooting 9 of 10 from three point range.

Bynums flagrant fowl on Barea was a prime example of the frustration that the whole Laker team experienced. Prior to this game it has been a close contest but this game was a blowout anyway that you want to look it at. The Dallas bench was really the key to their success. Barea, Terry and Stojacovic were unstoppable coming off the bench and the Lakers just could not keep pace.

I can easily sympathize with Phil because my very last Playoff experience was getting swept by Detroit in 1989. Phil's overwhelmingly successful coaching career will be something that softens this final disappointment. I am sure the Lakers did not want to go out in this manner. There is no joy in Laker land. 

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm A Laker Fan And Am Frustrated

We're down 0-3. Dayyyymmmmmnnn!
We're at the cusp of an embarrassing quarterfinal defeat.

What's even more embarrassing is that we made ourselves look like chickens in front of the mighty Texan crowd in Dallas. The 16-time champs LA Lakers looks like they're headed to a premature summer vacation as the Mavs now hold a commanding 3-0 lead on its West semis encounter.

For the third straight game, the Lakers sissied out during the 4th quarter. It is frustrating for an LA fan to see his team just lose like that, not knowing why things are happening and was to blame for all of it. On the other hand, perennial playoff-chickens Dallas Mavericks seemed to have figured it out as they finally are coming out of its playoff mishaps shadow and vent all of its past frustrations on the Lakers.

All credits to Peja Stojakovic, Jason Kidd and the German behemoth Dirk Nowitzki. That German has been the main reason why Dallas kept on winning over the Lakers. He's been putting up monster figures the past 3 games and what's even more frustrating is that it's as if none of the Lakers were consistent enough to even make this series exciting and fun to watch. All season long, everyone's been criticizing the Lakers' consistency. They're on and then off. On. And then off again. They make all anti-LA fans much happier by coming up short a lot of the time. Having said that, the biggest reason why the Lakers are losing would be the Lakers themselves.

Anyway, this is not the perfect ending to a storied Phil Jackson coaching career. He missed out on a 4th three-peat because of a measly performance from his boys. When champs die, champs give out a fight. So if the Lakers were to lose on Game 4, I hope we'd all see a fighting Lakers squad that will not give it up till the last fraction of a second.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Is Osama Bin Laden Really Dead?

According to BBC right now, Osama Bin Laden is dead.
10:35pm Eastern time, the US President Barack Obama confirmed the death of the suspected international terrorist. His confirmation recounted details regarding the death of Bin Laden:
* Eversince he took his oath of office, he made the capture and/or killing of Osama Bin Laden his top priority.
*That as of August of last year, he received confirmation on the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden on a compound deep into the Pakistani countryside.
*As of last week, the president decided that intelligence he received was sufficient enough and that bigger measures should be made.
*And today, the President ordered an attack at the said compound and have Osama Bin Laden killed.

The President also made it clear a few other important details:
*No civillian casualties
*No American casualties
*This is not a war on Islam
*This is a measure made in cooperation with the Pakistani authorities.

Now the bigger question: Now that Bin Laden is dead, what's next?

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