Saturday, November 29, 2008

Graffiti Board on my blog

I posted a question on Yahoo! Answers that asks What Do You Think Of JDV's Latest Tirade?

Five people responded to my question and here are their replies:

Android: ahem... the man from pangasinan is back and full of vengeance. and pretty soon he will return to his hometown with nothing but only memories of his once political invincibility and tears in his eyes. oh and probably a lesson or two learned. you can't trust a fellow tra-po. you should have a back-up plan that will actually work.

Mutya P: I hope and pray that he won't go to jail for conspiracy and accessory to the crime.

Gintong Walls: He is telling the truth. The problem is Malacanang was able to bribe almost all the congressmen to trash the impeachment complain.

Jemay: TRAPO.

Tessa: JDV may have a legitimate complaint but he is dealing with Madame GMA, a superwoman who is not willing to be taken down and has the strong backing of politicians in her control. at this point she is untouchable! everyone could hardly wait for the next election.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

When Zac Met Leo

Nope, its not of your when-boy-meets-sweet-girl stories. But more of a passing of mantle situation.

I remember wayyyyy back in 1996, i was in 6th grade, 2 years before graduating on grade school, girl classmates were all crazy over the star(Leo di Caprio) of Romeo and Juliet. I remember magazines such as Teen Beat and Bop and they would literally scream at the site of the young heartthrob.

Things were even WAY WORSE when Titanic came. By the way, I forced myself to cry during the movie but I failed to do so. Poor me.

Fast-forward a decade later, High School Musical is the biggest thing for teenagers. My youngest sister, girl cousins and even young girl churchmates were all having a crush on this guy(Zac Efron, that is). Nope, Bop and Teen Beat are all no longer around, but their Friendster profiles, celfone ringtones, and their Candy magazines have all got a Zac Efron in it!

Now here comes my argument: What were they conversing in on this photograph? Here are my hints:

1.) Leo Di Caprio was pleading to Zac Efron to stop singing and dancing his way to popularity unless he wanted to become the Next Lance Bass.

2.) Zac Efron was telling Leo that he is definitely a lot more hotter than him.

3.) Leo is asking if they could have dinner the following night.

4.)They will be doing High School Musical Four aboard the Titanic.

What do you think guys? Enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Selling Peace of Mind

Who says Peace of Mind could not be bought?

Now, who wants one for Christmas?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mango Bravo from Conti's

To all Manilans: Ever tried this cake? A trip to Greenhills won't be complete without bringing home some Conti's Mango Bravo cake.

Its big, cold, has mango and some chocolate!

Its really good!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Even on a split second, things does happen.
You never thought about it,
but when it happens,
you'll end up regretting it.

It must be a yearning
that is found way deep down
inside. Though you cannot
justify that.

Crap happens.

The whole body comes in a tumult.
Regret is what floods your being.
You will be forgiven,
you know that.
But the guilty conscience is what's
bothering your existence as of late.

Sorry's won't do the trick.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spot The Difference!!!

Candidate 1: Joey de Venecia.
Claim to fame: Whistle-blower of the ZTE scam.
Ever-fighting to impeach the incumbent president.
Prominent physical feature: Receding hairline.

Candidate 2: Mike Arroyo.
Claim to fame: Author of many scandals, anomalies and controversies. Husband of Philippine President Gloria Macaagal-Arroyo.
Prominent physical feature: poster boy of political weight loss. Used to be overweight, now down to a normal size.

Candidate 3: Jun Lozada.
Claim to fame: ZTE hero. Well-loved by nuns and Cory Aquino. Visits schools to promote his Truth Caravan.
Prominent phyisical feature: Receding hairline, mole, that annoying smile.

Candidate 4: Jocjoc Bolante.
Claim to fame: The big question mark in the 700 million peso fertilizer scam. Went into hiding in the US for 3 years. Played sick at the St. Luke's hospital.
Prominent physical feature: used to be overweight, now down to an average size.

Tell me my friend, who among this four does not belong to the group. Are all innocent from the things charged at them? Are they all telling the truth? No vested interest of any kind whatsoever? Or all of them are liars?

What's your opinion?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Dang It! Federer Lost.

Oh crap. Federer literally and figuratively is down and does need some treatment after a GRUELLING three-set match that was well over 2 hours.

His loss means he won't be making it to the semis of the season-ending tourney.

I just hope Novak Djokovic won't overtake him by year's end.

***now that Fedex is gone, i would want Murray to win it all. it would be extra special if gilles simon will beat novak djokovic and face murray instead in the final

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Japan's Advantage Over RP

Life's not fair.

The country of my mom's forebears are head and shoulders above us. Japan has an extensive network of subways while the Philippines' got an extensive network of overhead electrical lines. They've won Olympic golds and were counted on official medal tallies while we've won Olympic golds on demonstration sports that don't actually get counted. They're way ahead technologically while we languish in that respect.

It's obvious that Japan is wayyyy above us Filipinos and they have in recent years added insult to our injury.

A beautiful Fil-Am is busy making money in Japan in the entertainment industry. We could have had her, but the Japanese are enjoying her instead...

They've got her, Leah Dizon.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things That Defined My College Life

"Dear Mom and Dad," a young college student wrote, "I haven't heard from you for a long time. Please send a check so that I will know that you're all right."

Me? College graduate? Hmmm, not yet. It's been eight school years since I first became a college freshman. A lot of things had happened that became factors to who I am right now as a person. Eight years is long, but I'm sooo getting there.

I will list down the ten items that best described my college life...

1. Megaphone.
I was once active in student activism and although I'm not exactly proud of it since I have turned centric myself, at least the experience helped me to be matured enough to understand situations and current events.

2. Mead Notebooks.
I'm still pretty old school and bring notebooks to school. I only brought a laptop twice for some powerpoint presentation for the class. I usually got one notebook for the entire semester and I don't even get to reach the midway point of the notebook!

3. LRT.
It was in my freshman year when I first got to ride on the LRT/mass rail. Its not that I don't live in the metro, I just don't get to ride 'em.

4. Kickers.
It's great to wear your Kickers when your school got uniforms (I did). They're comfy and stylish. Can last the whole year. Looked great on my uniform as well!

5. Acoustic Guitar.
Nothing beats killing time than being with friends and jam along with the gitara. Its cooler compared to singing along to a karaoke.

6. Press ID.
I used it in college since I was a member of the university newspaper. It was cool wearing one cos it separates me from the happy-go-lucky crowd. However, the ID stereotypes me to a leftist which I really am not.

7. 2001 Mitsubishi Adventure.
It was my companion during my first three years in college. The best part about having a car during college is that I don't get sweaty before getting to class. I'm also spared during heavy rain days.

8. Cabs.
When I had no choice but to commute, I ride a cab to drive me home.

9. Baguio City.
For some reason, I always go to Baguio during my early part of college life. It was always a booze party FOR my friends. I was so accustomed to being in Baguio that I don't really pack my stuff going there.

10. cK Be.
Trust me, that cologne scent helped open up conversations for me.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If I Could Be That Person In One Day (Part 2)

In continuation to the Part I of this post...

Have you heard this guy sing? Guy Sebastian has such a kick-a** voice that I actually fancy it as mine own singing voice! If I grow my hair quite long, its actually quite as curly as that. But I prefer my hair shaven.

I have a question for Chris Tiu. Why are you perfect? You're family own hotels in Ortigas CBD, the exclusive Tagaytay Highlands and God-knows-what-else-is-there-that-his-family-owns. He was also an exchange student in France, and a thriving entrepreneur. I think we only got one thing in common --- we both like Jay Chou.

Yeah, how would it be if I could be Erik Cua even just for a day? He's Manila's IT Guy, not any forsaken celeb who's not as wealthy as he is. Man, I just wanna be so young yet so successful like him. He's such an inspiration that he's driving me to obtain as much money as possible using my own resources.

Gabe Norwood is the hottest upstart at the professional basketball scene in the country right now. He's good-looking and maybe he's articulate. For sure, girls salivate at his presence. If I were him, I'll use this to my advantage and make a name for myself. (Commercials? Music videos? Photoshoots? Bench endorsements?)

And if become President Barack Obama for one day? Well, I will make sure that that will happen early next year. I will pass a decree to give the Philippines a $700B dollar recovery plan, the same money that should have been used as a bailout. (I made a similar post about that. Read it.)

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Friday, November 7, 2008

When Obama Met Jacko

is it JackObama? WaRack? BarAcko?


Two of popular culture's most celebrated figures met in some unknown gathering somewhere I don't know where the heck is.

President-elect Obama asked Michael "Wacko Jacko" Jackson if he would turn black once again since he, Barack, has just been the first African-American President. Jacko, meanwhile, retorded with an "if I could be your son" crap.

But the question is, how would Jacko turn black once again?

Will he...

a.) go spray tanning?

b.) convince the world that as a caucasian, it will be impossible to just do that?

c.) cast the whole world into a spell and make us go back in time that he was still a black guy?

d.) none of the above?

e.) all of the above?

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

If I Could Be That Person In One Day...

Shia Lebouf. He's been getting all the projects for some reason!
He doesn't even look hot! What's he got there that he's getting all the big movie projects?!?!
I watched Eagle Eye a few days ago and all I could think of was "man, you're one lucky b*st*rd."

Next, Justin Timberlake. Lately, he's getting Cameron Diaz and now, Jessica Biel on his list of girlfriends. Wait, I just noticed that he does share a resemblance with Shia, you noticed it? Mister Blue-eyed Soul has sure brought sexy back when he decided to go solo and shaven.

If you're a regular visitor to his blog (like me), there should be a reason why you would be intrigued about who Pisanu Wendt really is. Who's he really? What does he do for a living? Why does he know a ton of languages and several other what-nots about that person. And one last question though, why does he seem to have everything?

Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna will be in town on November 16th and I won't be coming. Two of my siblings will be, and I'd ask them instead about the concert. They'll be getting concert tickets for free since they know someone from the organizers, MTV Philippines, that is. Ever seen this kid dance? He's a monster on the dance floor!

I thought Akihiro Sato was just an internet phenomenon among gay bloggers but I was wrong! From the tvc's, newspapers (am not sure with magazines, YET), and even a TV interview, he's really taking Manila by storm! If I'm him for a day, I commute around the Metro and check if how many screams will I get from ladies and gays alike.

Nah, that's just part one. I should come up with 10! Keep on visiting my blog!

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Funny Japanese Video

I'm sorry, I can't CONTROL myself from posting this hilarious Japanese exercise video. Sorry!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Victory Speech

Congratulations America for making history. This means a lot to us as well.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black Undas Weekend

Undas (Todos Los Santos or Day Of The Dead) is a holiday in the Philippines that commemorates our kindred dead. It is considered a very important holiday by many Filipinos (after Christmas and Holy Week), and additional days are normally given as special non-working holidays. So usually, the entire holiday encompasses from Oct 30 or 31 until Nov 2nd or 3rd. Such a nice holiday huh? With those five days come a myriad of events that have transpired that I thought were worth mentioning.

Lewis Hamilton of Britain has just won the 2008 Formula One title. He literally won the title over Massa by just a mere point. Although my former favorite Kimi Raikonnen was a distant third, I was happy because my 2008 favorite won! Haha! Everybody was right when they mentioned that he will take the 2008 title.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France has clinched the final spot for the Tennis Masters Cup to be held in Shanghai in 2 weeks. This is serious matter because only the eight best male tennis players get to play in that tournament which will pretty much determine who will be the best in the year. You have your usual suspects such as Roger Federer and Andy Roddick qualifying for the event, but what makes it more interesting is that Rafael Nadal, the ultimate clay courter will not be around because of fatigue. He had exerted so much effort this season to topple Fedex that is took its toll on his rock-solid body. Too bad for him and too good for Fedex!

And of course, Barack Obama is in the thresold of becoming America's first non-Caucasian president. I think it is pretty obvious that he would end up winning the presidential race. However, a cloak of doubt still appears if his supporters would actually get up and vote for him. It is also interesting to note what his foreign policies will be since he spent a part of his childhood in Indonesia. I don't even wanna entertain the thought that he might lose.

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