Saturday, February 9, 2008

One Last Hurrah for a Fallen star

Great things don't last forever. The glorious British Empire, who once claimed that the sun never set on them was officially reduced to pieces after they handed over Hong Kong to China. MTV was such a pop culture phenom for decades. However, that significance has noticeably dropped since video-sharing in the internet and iPod and other mp4's became an instant hit across the world.

Going towards basketball, all superstars don't last forever. Magic Johnson ended his career on near-oblivion. Michael Jordan was not able to give the Washington Wizards an NBA World Championship trophy. And right now, "Man of Steel" Shaquille or Shaq O'Neal is gearing towards that direction. Ever since winning three times for L.A. and winning for Miami, he slowly began hitting under the radar until we, basketball aficionados began to classify him as a has-been. That's a definite ouch to any seasoned athlete!

Fresh off the news that Lakers has acquired talented, but not fully-used Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol to its roster, the Phoenix Suns (which has been the Lakers' biggest pain in the neck the past few years) acquired Shaq in exchange of two players.

If the Gasol trade excited me, this one has left me puking. Why Shaq?!?! For sure, the Suns will make it to the playoffs. But to win the title?!

Shaq even made mention that he'll give the Suns two titles before he retire. C'mon! Maybe that'll happen if the Suns would get some fresh, young blood. Maybe they could win the championship trophy within the next 3-5 years. But I won't give Shaq the credit he's bragging about.

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