Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The World Cup And The Philippines

If y'all are keen on details, you would notice that the Philippines is right smack at the center of one of the guys who co-carries the earth. In a game that supposedly unites the earth, according to the cup (which isn't really a cup), the Philippines is supposedly an important part.

But yeah, what has happened for at least 80 years has been quite the opposite. If you're a Filipino who loves football, you're either a.) a Fil-European; b.) is aware that the sport is the world's most popular; c.) you got cable since you were a kid and been glued to ESPN's coverage of the annual UEFA Champion's League; d.) you wanted to be different and realized that football is actually a better sport where Filipinos can potentially excel.

When football was first played in the continental level, the country defeated China for the gold at the Far-Eastern Games. And that was held in the 1910's. If the country sustained that winning start, we could have qualified for the World Cup a zillion times, perhaps even going far in some of the years.

If not for the Fil-Brits and the soccer fields along Katipunan Avenue and even for the poster boys David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, football or soccer to most pinoys (we're ahmerikens remember?) would have been dead. It would have had the popularity of lawn bowls and/or racquet ball here in the Philippines.

As far as the Filipino is concerned, Football doesn't really exist.

Like Milli Vanilli post brouhaha.

Or Britney Spears during her crazy years (2007-2008).

Soccer was dead here.

Until a few individuals showed some interest in the sport. Until bars and restaurants started the initiative to show to the Philippines that we are missing out a lot. Until ABS-CBN made efforts to re-introduce the game of football to the Philippines. Until schools (paging UAAP) will put more premium into the sport.

If efforts will not be consistent, Football will still remain dead.

Go Argentina. I hope you win this year. And yeah, Spain.

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Who Wants A Third Nipple?

"An H in your name is a lot like having a third nipple. For all intents and purposes, you are normal. Until people see it."
-Raffy Taruc during the 2nd Laffapalooza in 2009

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Thoughts Regarding The New Administration

If there's one wish I could have for Noynoy's administration, I hope all-knowing can shut up for a few months and then we'll see what he can do.

Others started to criticize him, even during the introduction salvo! Goodness!

I mean, I believe the ONLY way this country can only change for the best is when we Filipinos learn how to unite and act for the betterment of the country. I hope justice prevails for all those who suffered from injustices and corruption.

May God bless this country abundantly again.

Thanks y'all.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Andrew Garcia On American Idol

First of, it's been awhile since I last posted here anything American Idol-related here on our favorite blog, The Comfort Rooms. As I was youtube-ing a few minutes ago, a thought came to my head telling me to go view Andrew Garcia and watch him perform "Forever" when he performed that on American Idol.
He was really, my favorite contestant this season. Though he has largely become a disappointment this season, this particular performance sparked off what was left from him on this show.
The song's acoustic version was actually nice sounding. Not the best song ever but it was good enough to allow you and your emotions ride thru it. The song made me imagine a faceless girl and me, with the dancefloor all for us to enjoy. Suddenly, I felt like loving again. So yeah, after I saw the youtube video, I hurriedly search for the chords of this song and after I'm done finishing this blog post, I will go downstairs and play the piano. Haha! No, I'm not the type who would record performance and uploading them on YouTube.

Watch Andrew Garcia here, I'm sure you'd understand why I'm raving about this performance.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's Hate Twilight!

To every single guy who's into Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and other literary gayness crap, here's my simple word to you guys...

A simple reminder from The Comfort Rooms - your friendly neighborhood blog.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here Is Divine Comedy

One of my homies at work, during one of our chat sessions, said that I should seriously consider becoming a stand-up comedian one day. I was like "yeah" and almost instantaneously imagined that I was in a small stage on some restaurant or some comedy central-like atmosphere (here in Manila, that could be Onstage in Greenbelt) sharing a few jokes, making myself look really retarded, sometimes, even laughing at myself. "That should be a great way to express myself," I thought to myself.

Then I imagined the likes of Tim Tayag, Russel Brand, Dane Cook, Kathy Griffin, Ellen deGeneres, and just every other funny people who graced stages and made people laugh and laugh and laugh all over again. I thought of both Jessica Zafra and RJ Ledesma, who through writing, composed humor that is so witty, I find myself laughing while reading both their columns on my favorite broadsheet.

Though I honestly loved the compliment, I thought for me to make the effort to make people laugh would only make people not laugh at my jokes more. I mean, I thought the more spontaneous and random I am, the more funny I become. I love to entertain the people around me. I get bored easily, that's why it is kind of normal for me to do something really stupid to make people laugh. And all of that come spontaneously. I can pretend to a friend that he is my stalker when in reality we were just walking at a mall. Or I can just randomly say something stupid and make the people around me laugh.

I really love making people laugh.

And I guess that's just me on the surface. Cos I know every funny person has something inside that is the complete opposite of their funny persona.

And regarding my friend's compliment? I thought I should enrol to Tim Tayag's class first.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Wanna Read My Mind?

Gonna ask you again - You sure you wanna read my mind? Ok. Here we go.

* I can't understand why Lady Gaga and Rihanna loves to go outside on their underwear. Do they find it liberating? Do they love the free-flowing air down their pee-pees? Do their legs sweat a lot? Does the show of panties makes them feel invincible? Are they being paid by the millions for their mini-hootchie shows? I just can't understand why these two women, who arriving at the Manila airport, walked with just their tangas.

* The Lakers won their sweet 16th. It was the sweetest feeling in the world. At work, I jumped up and down and exclaimed a thousand "omigosh"-es down the last few seconds of the Game 7. It was Kobe's 5th championship ring. Though he proved himself to be among the all-time greats, the most bitter of opposition have still been pretty blind to the Black Mamba's achievements. Sure, Kobe may never surpass the great MJ. But one thing I know is possible, he can surpass the MJ's 6 NBA titles by winning a 6th and a 7th before he retires from the sport.

* So World Cup is soooo underway. I've catched (I know it should be caught, being the correct past tense) a few games, thanks to the Balls channel. I felt bad for Cameroon. I thought they'd make it to the round of 16 and yet they were the first ones to be eliminated. England is in a pretty bad situation. They could be in danger of crashing this early. The same problem applies to France and maybe, even Spain. I think Argentina has suddenly been among the early favorites, together with Brazil, Mexico and Germany. And I love my two Asian saviors Japan and South Korea. I hope you both make it to the next round.

* I 'm still wondering if Willie Revillame will still appear on Wowowee. Hahahaha! Of all things that I should be focusing huh?

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Kidney To Dad (A Repost)

This was posted back in February of 2009 for my Dad

I've never been this personal before. In fact, I was never comfortable and I don't think I ever will be in disclosing this fact about me to you, my loyal blog reader. There are things about me that I never would have imagined would happen. But yet, they did. Some things were embarrassing, some regretful. But some proved to be heroic. And that was extra special.

I gave away my right kidney to my dad. Yup, I gave away my right kidney to him. It is something that is too personal to me, I would have wanted to never reveal it. But I thought, why hide something that is so selfless? I know it is something you shouldn't share as an icebreaker with anyone, because it obviously isn't or something you would casually talk about, let's say while on the treadmill in a gym or while having a haircut with your favorite barber.

The year was 2001. I was a 16 year old Political Science freshman at UST and I volunteered to instead be the kidney donor to my Dad. I never guessed the magnitude of my decision during that time, really. I just thought I was the best possible candidate and of course, we can't afford to lose our Dad so early in our lives.

My scars are a testament that "hey, my right kidney is now transferred over to my Dad." Fast forward to 2009, I realized that with my Father's second lease of life, I should act more like how he did over to our family. This second lease of life for him should serve as a training ground for me to fill in his shoes. Not only in taking care of my family, but for my own family soon, the family business, and just being the best person and provider that I can be.

I guess it was a give-and-take situation for the both of us. I, giving him my beans to extend his life, and him, giving me an ample number of years of training to fill in the shoes he proudly donned towards everyone.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The LA Lakers Is A Team Again

For the love of basketball, Kobe Bryant has suddenly got team mates.

The Los Angeles Lakers, after their Game 6 blowout win over the underdog Celtics, has suddenly evolved into a team rather than a one-man show.

The Black Mamba (uhm, he's Kobe Bryant) showed his frustration to the teammates he thought he lost after consecutive losses to the Celtics over the weekend, putting their rivals on top of the series, 3-2.

Great thing, guys like Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, and even Shannon Brown, knew when to step up and it paid amazing dividends for the defending world champs.

I hope the Lakers will build on this amazing victory and cap it all off at the all-important Game 7 Thursday night (Friday morning here in Manila).

Go Lakers!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Normal Lady Gaga Back In '05

Wanna see how Lady Gaga was back in the day? Here's "Boiling Points" from MTV and they once punked at her. Haha! Marvel at how people change after a few years.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is The Biggest Coward Ever

You always know a chicken when you see one.

Undefeated professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has announced his intention to "semi-retire" from the sport that has brought him his fame and fortune. Any person who knows boxing know that Floyd Gayweather Jr. is just avoiding the much-asked-for clash with Manny Pacquiao.

It will not take the geekiest rocket scientist to figure out that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is just desperate to escape that multi-million dollar bout with Pacman. He is just afraid his unblemished zero losses record would be tarnished by the Filipino southpaw.

Before Manny Pacquiao became the Manny Pacquiao we know him today, it was Pretty Boy Gayweather that lorded over the ring. Mayweather was the number one pound-for-pound king while Pacman was the out-of-the-radar second. When Mayweather retired a few years ago, it was Pacquiao who took over the reigns as the new pound-for-pound king, creating new records in the sport by winning seven world championships in seven different weight divisions. Comparison between the two talented boxers grew bigger everytime Pacquiao outperforms Mayweather's against opponents the two has shared (e.g. Oscar Dela Hoya and Ricky Hattton).

When Mayweather returned to the ring, he was quick to rebutt Pacquiao's claims to the top spot of the boxing world, bashing the Filipino and his coach. The two prized boxers have won both their recent bouts and talks of an imminent mouth-watering clash became bigger and bigger. The Mayweather camp insisted that both boxers take blood sampling, since Mayweather has long claimed that Pacquiao takes performance-enhancing drugs. For months, it has been Mayweather's stranglehold to not let the fight happen since Pacquiao has objected blood sampling on days before the scheduled fight. It was found out that for Mayweather's most recent fight, it was during day 18 (or 16?) that he had his last blood sampling. So for Mayweather to insist that Pacquiao might even get random blood samplings on the day of the fight would actually make no sense since he himself hasn't done that during his last fight. Just to salvage that mouth-watering clash, Manny Pacquiao agreed that the fight be made, only that the blood samplings shouldn't be commenced too near the scheduled fight.

Now that Manny has agreed to do random blood samplings, Mayweather has now opted to semi-retire. Is that what we all boxing fans get from a chicken? Such a douchie huh?

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Friday, June 4, 2010

NBA Finals Game 1 (According To Twitter)

Ahhhh, nothing beats the feeling of a Laker victory over the Celtics. Just the look on Paul Pierce's face, the disappointment on KG with every fouls he's slapped with, the fact that Rajon Rondo wasn't fast enough to b*tchslap the Lakers was just

Not excatly revenge yet since we haven't defended our title yet. But a victory's a victory. Be it Game 1 or Game 7, a victory won during the playoffs is a victory gained.

However, I'm not the only one celebrating right now. People on their homes, on digg, on facebook, on twitter are on a social media frenzy. Nothing beats twitting about a victory gained by your favorite team right?! Here's some of the people who have twitted about the Lakers' game 1 victory. Your entry might even be selected on this post!

@carolchriss, The only reason for my happiness today was because the Lakers won. That made my day


@MelinHB, @DonnieWahlberg hey if Boston had won that's not the tune you would sing I love ya but Boston is going DOWN Go Lakers Go!

@ KamyP, Lakers won!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!   

@Tspoon23, @_AshBash Its Was Great...Lakers Won...I Ate A Couple Plates Of Nachos, Water, Sprite, Like 10 Cookies Nd I Got Leftover Cookies! lol  

@LFNxbiAWTCH, @SeniorluvDADDY they would be if they won. but they didnt. and lakers did. its finals. shit. better be hype. take yo ass 2 sleep  

Hope this will be a Lakers victory at the end of this series. Go Lakers! Win it! 

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