Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hidden Message from the Almighty?!

I had a strange dream a few nights ago (Thursday night to be exact).

I was extracting some 9-12 teeth on myself! My gums felt itchy and they were bleeding and I just took all of them off. I did not mind what was happening then because I thought all of those teeth would grow again eventually.

I knew there were 9-12 teeth on my palm because I counted all of them. By the way, I also had small cloves of garlic on my palm and they looked also a lot like my extracted teeth.

A friend told me that extracted teeth meant death. Although I'm not superstitious and I believe that we are governed by our own choices and not by some stellar or planetary control, I thought about what my friend told me for a while.

An impression came upon me and it said that death does not signify end of mortality alone. It could also mean problems and hardships. Could it be another 9-12 years or 9-12 months of hardships?!

I also thought about the garlic. For me though, I always considered garlic as something that lowers and fights off bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. Could the cloves of small garlic be the neutralizers to my hardships?! Or are they the answers to them per se?!

I studied all of those things over and here's what I have concluded. I know the Holy Spirit gives me this comforting feeling and here's how I interpret that dream, in bullet form:
* The extracted teeth meant more hardships and more problems
* The garlic meant that eventhough I would experience those hardships, they (garlic) were there to give my life a balance.
* Garlic does not smell good on a person. That balance and neutralizer to my problem does not necessarily look or smell pleasing to me but they were things that God gave me.

There you go.

I just so love everyone, in a platonic way though.

Have a blasting weekend!

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