Sunday, September 26, 2010

GSP Really Hit Manila (Big Time)!

GSP Hits Manila at The SM Mall Of Asia
"Oh my god, I don't know what I'm getting myself into", was the one thing Georges St Pierre or GSP said when he set foot in front of thousands of screaming fans at the SM Mall of Asia here in Manila yesterday afternoon.

The event was supposed to have started at 2pm but for some reason, it got delayed, and delayed, and delayed. Until it was almost 4pm before the show actually started. But it's ok, the reason why I came is because I wanted to see GSP. And that's the one thing that's important yesterday.

To give you a rundown on what happened yesterday, read this:
  1. Boom Gonzalez was boring as usual. He just bores me to death. Maybe because a huge chunk of that hate is that, I wanted his job! Haha! But I liked Jinno Rufino more on HardBall.
  2. There was a fashion show courtesy of one of the sponsors. I thought it was the lamest part of the afternoon.
  3. Cristine Reyes was there! She was there! And she looked like a normal person, which was great!
  4. Paolo Santos was also there. It was alright. Iya Villania was there and she looked great in person.
  5. I was told that Dennis Trillo was seated a few chairs away from me. Didn't even notice him. And I don't care.
  6. The celery sticks were great. Thanks to my VIP pass and I got free food. Courtesy of one of the sponsors as well.
  7. I loved GSP. I hope what he said would come true, that a UFC fight will happen in the country soon! Woohooo!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

KevJumba On The Amazing Race!

Dad (L) and KevJumba (R)
I couldn't be more excited about the coming The Amazing Race Season 17. You know why? Because KevJumba and dad are gonna be a part of it!

I think for the first time, I got really excited when TAR has first introduced its participants. I usually just wait for the actual season premiere and get to know the participants from there. I just happen to be a subscriber of KevJumba, one of the most popular YouTube celebrities, and the news (it was released a few weeks ago) just made me really excited for the coming season 17.

For the non-fans, you might be asking, who the heck is KevJumba? He is a YouTube celeb that posts funny videos of himself speaking just about anything and everything. He also shows his closeness with his dad, how different they were. KevJumba being a second-generation Asian American and his dad being the actual immigrant.

All fans alike will agree that we all fell in love with KevJumba's dad. Why? Because he represents all first-generation Asian-American parents who, despite the changed citizenship, is still very much the same person from the country they belonged to.

I will not be surprised if this will be the most-watched season! And if their team will place highly in the competition?! Expect KevJumba to go mainstream. Take that! Haha!

Meanwhile, check their video here.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Snooki And Her Fake Tan (Plus Other Stories)

The first time I saw Snooki from the reality show "Jersey Shore", the Italian-Chilean-American's fake tan was the first thing I noticed. "That was pretty darn thick" I thought to myself.

She was petite, kinda cute actually. But I haven't really seen her on TV (except for her Ellen interview a few days ago) that would have had me say that this is one dignified woman.

As far as my memory can serve me right, here are a few of the bleak instances that I've seen her on the boobtube:

* Involving her and a friend fighting inside a car

* Involving her drunk and wasted and the rest of the cast somewhere captured by the camera

* Involving her and her recent debacle with the court judge, comparing her to Lindsay Lohan

* TV people talking about her fake tan

We can also blame reality TV on how she was portrayed. Why? Because the TV execs would only want to capture their reality stars on their most dramatic moments (think Kardashians). TV execs wouldn't want to have their reality stars just alone and reading their books right? They want action, they want drama, they want conroversy. All for the sake of ka-chingggg and ratings.

Meanwhile, Snooki can do so much better than how media has portrayed her to be. She's given her stern warning already (the court incident). It takes a smart person to learn from that.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Magazine Covers (and a Holiday)

It will be my first time here to feature magazine covers, so this will be pretty exciting!

 This is one sexy picture that I wouldn't be uncomfortable staring right into even while my sisters accidentally walk right past me and see what I'm actually looking at. Brooklyn didn't look trashy at all. Her balding husband does.

It's been a year since acclaimed local film critic Alexis Tioseco was brutally murdered from his West Triangle home in Quezon City with his girlfriend. I honestly think he's a schoolmate though. When I first saw him on a local news channel talking about the local indie film scene, I was like "woah, i know that guy". He had an amazing sense on how the Filipino movie industry is and for sure, everyone would have become wiser after listening to his thoughts about the film industry. I hope justice will be served soon.

I have a confession to make: I was once offered to write for this magazine. But I thought that would be the biggest irony of them all. Cos of all the magazines I could be offered to write, why Men's Health when I'm obviously not fit? But anyways, they made a man out of Enchong Dee here.

One quick tip though: Men's Health is not really a guy magazine. Haha!

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Today Is Eid Al Fit'r Holiday

Although the Muslim world celebrated this holiday yesterday, the Philippines, having a significant number of Muslims down south, is paying respect to our Muslim brothers and sisters by declaring today (September 10, 2010) a holiday.

What have I done this day so far?

1. Clean my bathroom once and for all. It's been 2 weeks since I thoroughly cleaned it.

2. Drink C-Lium Fiber for the first time. I haven't pooed in hours though, to think it's been around 8 hours since I've tried the high-fiber drink.

3. Continue reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I haven't consistently read the book though. It would have been a lot more fun if I could at least reach halfway mark by now.

4. Cook Chicken Wings for lunch.

5. Eat my mom's Paella she cooked for dinner (although it wasn't dinner yet).

6. Read the New Testament. Seriously. I have this weekday Sunday School at church on Fridays. It is volunteer work (somebody volunteered for me) and it was my way of paying back to God the blessings he's given me.

7. Watch Napoleon Dynamite and laugh at Jon Heder.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Filipinos And White Men Fascination

L-R: Pinoy, Amerikano, then me
 I was a Mormon missionary for two years. Most Filipinos would imagine two white out-of-teenage boys on white shirts and ties walking and going around people's houses teaching the good news about Christ. We are fascinated with how these white boys manage to learn our languages pretty fast and fluently. While Filipinos would love to test their English with these guys (I did, it's okay), these pooties would reply to you in Filipino, thus making you swallow a little bit harder and think why did I have to make such an effort to speak to him in English?

Working as a companion to 4 of them and working with dozens of them on short-term bases had me observe how people (especially children) get awed by the sight of these fair-skinned beings. When in their native lands, their redheads and heavy freckles seemed  just too ordinary, they suddenly become rockstars on rainforests, eliciting giggles and whispers amongst the locals.

Their accents have always been a matter of discussion, whether the boy's Midwestern or Southerner or Californian or Canadian or Australian or Kiwi or a Brit, it doesn't matter. A native english speaker's accent will always be music to the ears. Young ladies would always shyly giggle while staring at these young white boys with nametags, hoping that somehow, the young white guy would like her in return.

At that point, it was easier to be white. They would get all the attention they would want. However, it comes with a price. No matter how fun it seemed at first, the time will always come when they'd get tired of all the attention. The constant "Hey Joes" seem like cuss, they'd always wanna retaliate with something not good. 

For some reason, Filipinos (especially the masses) would always be fascinated with the presence of a white guy (or a gal). The experience to them (masses) might even seem out-of-this-worldly. Go to the barrios, bring a white guy with you and without knowing it, hordes of children will come right after the white guy, running towards him either asking for money or exchange high-fives with the tall pootie. To the barrio folk, it is an honest and innocent reaction to seeing someone different from them. As far as the Filipino is concerned (at least how I saw it from the barrios), the white guy will always be a rockstar, the brown Pinoy will always be the screaming fan.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How I Met Your Mother (Top 10 Reasons Why I Love That Show)

L-R: Lily, Marshall, Ted, Robin and Barney
If F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was the most popular sitcom in the 90s, the 2000s definitely belonged to How I Met Your Mother. The story of how a guy (named Ted) recalled to his children the events leading to his discovery of their mother.

Now the question is, why am I so hooked to the show? 

Here are my top ten reasons why I love How I Met Your Mother:

Barney made the word legendary more legendary.

Carl (the bartender) is really a cozy brown bear you'd love to hang out with.

Everybody's been a Robin at one point in their lives when friends refer to you using your last name (Lily loved to call her Scherbatsky).

Britney Spears as Abby was hilarious (in Season 3).

We all have friends who's been together for so long (like Marshall and Lily).

They just love hanging out. Just like what we do with our friends.

I love the way how Marshall and Lily makes up after a fight.

Robin's from Canada (and loving it).

Barney doesn't take a bad picture.

I honestly think I'm Ted.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet Suverve

The Comfort Rooms will always be my first-born, having been created back in 2007 from an obscure noob blog to how it is now (which is pretty much the same, lol). I have learned a lot from my experiences with this blog, plus the work that I have as an Internet Marketing professional (since 2007).

Flash forward to 2010, here comes a new website. It is called [su-verv], a social networking site that doubles as a review site for bars, clubs and restaurants in the country. What sets Suverve apart is that we are trying to build an online community for us Filipinos. People from different locales will get the chance to showcase what their city's bars, restos, and (and if there are) clubs had to offer to potential visitors.

If I can plead to you guys right now, (like hard-core pleading), please register at Suverve. Make reviews of your favorite bars, clubs and restaurants and promote your city as if there would be no tomorrow.

Check the site here on

Please! Thanks!

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GSP In Manila

One reason to be happy this month? GSP is coming over to Manila!

Another great reason to go all the way to MoA (since I'm from Antipolo).

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