Friday, February 22, 2008

Poo on my Shoe!!!!!

There would be some things that you never thought would happen again. Especially now that you're grown up. I'm inside my friend's office and all of us smelled something very awful. We thought it was a poo smell and we checked our shoe soles if in case one of us stepped on a land mine. I saw nothing on both my shoe soles, so I nonchalantly forgot about the whole situation and continued on what I was doing (I was busy going through my Face Book profile).
A few minutes have passed (and a few more Face Book requests have been made), my friend again uttered that he smelled poo for the second time. This time, I was more startled. How on earth could that have possible happened? I barely made contact with the streets and his office garage was devoid of any such destruction! But anyhew, I checked on my shoe soles again. And guess what, I found the source. IT WAS ON MY FREAKING SHOE!!!!!!!!!
My mind wondered on how could I have possibly got that dog turd. No dog was in sight and they don't allow pets inside office buildings! And then I finally remembered. I did go to a bank on my way to his office! Since that bank was pretty much in a rundown area, dogs should have been dropping land mines anytime they wished.
Upon realizing the source of the smell, I hurriedly left the office, went down the parking area, used the rest room, and cleaned my shoe to get rid of that awful smell.
It was nothing short of being embarrassing. It was worse than having your crotch torn accidentally! Now I really believe that there are exceptions to every single rule. So the next time some smart alec would tell you to walk with your chin help up high, please use my experience to contradict with that statement.

Enjoy the day!

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