Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Got Punk'd By Miami Heat Big Three?

I know there are rumors that Justin Beiber will be the new host of MTV Punk'd so sorry for using that word. This story is in no wise related to The Beiber. I mean, why should I?

I started my morning laughing. Why? Because the new Miami Heat Big Three lived up to my expectations - it felt like a stunted growth. An ingrown toe nail. An ingrown facial hair. A rocket launching gone bad. A premature explosion. An urban legend.

LeBron James must have felt right at home as if he only changed uniforms and still assumed that one role he knew best: carry the entire team on his broad tattoed arms and shoulders. His co-Big Three members Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade were not even half as good as the hype around them christened them with.

For basketball fans, the game was a disappointment. Sure, it showed how merciless and devious Rajon Rondo and the Boston Big Three plus the Shaq, but their Miami counterparts went pffffffffft and blagggggggggggggggghhh and (crickets chirping).

I hope the Fil-Am coach Erik Spoelstra won't be at the losing end and lose his head coaching duties to stupid Pat Riley.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

LA Lakers Versus Miami Heat On Christmas Day

Call it a pretty lackluster week for me. Week passed by so boringly, I get sleepy thinking about it. The week's activities included:

1. Getting sick and take a sick leave on Wednesday

2. Be early for work only to have a meeting not push through on Thursday

3. Countless trips around the office just to cut down on my boredom

4. Get preoccupied with other things thus contributing to the boredom even more.

I think my week went really bland and tasteless until I saw this piece of news a few hours ago - The Los Angeles Lakers will host the Miami Heat on Christmas Day! To all basketball fans, this is one saliva-inducing moment!

For obvious reasons, I will not be able to view the game live on Staples Center. So I will enjoy the next best thing - watch it on TV. I'll scream and jump with every Laker field goal and clench and cuss on every Miami Heat score.

Eventhough the head coach is a Filipino, my lovin' still stays with the Lakers.

Save your best seat now - at your own home!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Asian Poses, Anyone?

I think I'm about 90-95% Asian (being Filipino and Japanese with some Chinese and the remaining 5% is Mexican). But it doesn't mean that almost 100% is Asian.

Case in point:

I can't appreciate K-Pop

I don't enjoy Chinese martial arts films

I hate the smell of Chinese incense

and this one majorly important thing.

I hate Asian poses.

like this lady and her crying pose

or this cat-like pose.

Admittedly, these ladies are cute. But there's a thin line between being cute-looking and annoying-looking. You can be pretty without making such efforts.

Like Devon Aoki. No need for cutesy poses.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

If I Was One Of The Chilean Miners

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News
So all of the Chilean miners have been saved by now. I was surprised when two officemates didn't even know what the heck it was that happened in Chile. I know Chile and the Philippines are a universe and a half apart but with the technology we got, I thought it was close to impossible to have not been able to come across that news. Or maybe they just didn't care. Anyways...

If I were one of the Chilean miners, I would have been very afraid. Why? Because I'm claustrophobic. I hate cramp and closed spaces. I would have had severe asthma attacks every single dark and dreary day there.

I would have had a reflection of sorts about my life. Since I'm a blogger, I think my blog would have been a superstar blog by now since I would have been recounting every single day whatever it was that we did there and write it everyday on the blog. Of course, I would have prayed more sincerely. Like Jonah inside the whale's belly, I would have had a serious wrestle with my Lord and Savior and hopefully, would have had a remission of all my sins.

Once I would have been taken out from the abyss and into the surface, I would have cried a big cry, not being able to utter a single word in about five minutes, just hugging my family to death (not literally) and kneel down and pray.

I would have ordered two Quarter Pounders from McDonald's coupled with a huge 22oz. rootbeer. I don't know if I would love the media attention. All I would have wanted to do, was just rest and sleep and watch tv and hug my family over and over again.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Maria Ressa Leaves ABS-CBN

I felt bad that Maria Ressa (acclaimed Filipina journalist) will be leaving ABS-CBN. I thought she did a great job as ABS-CBN's news head and she will be leaving a big hole once she leaves the company. Here's her resignation letter:

Statement on Maria Ressa
Released by Bong R. Osorio, ABS-CBN Corporate Communication

"There is a time and place for everything in our lives. My time and place as head of ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs is nearing its end. My contract ends on Jan. 3, 2011, and I will not be renewing. I have nearly six months of accumulated leaves so I will go on terminal leave beginning Nov. 15.
It’s time for me to move on, but it’s important we transition properly and prepare our organization – and its new leader – for the challenges ahead. Ging Reyes will be taking over as news head. She will be arriving in
Manila on Oct. 18 to begin our transition. Home-grown ABS-CBN, she has more than twenty years experience as a journalist, the last eight years as North America bureau chief. Please give her your full support as she takes the helm of our multi-platform operations. I want to thank you for six amazing, incredible years where we took risks together to help define the future of journalism and our nation. We decided to take a stand and say no to corruption; to embrace the growth of social media; and to join hands with citizen journalists to patrol our votes and our nation . Thank you for your trust and support, for following
me even when I tilt at windmills.
Journalism faces challenging days ahead. Value and protect your editorial independence. I wish you clarity of thought, stamina, and courage to fight for what is right and avoid the compromise of mediocrity. You have taught me so much about what it means to be a Filipino. While my time with this company is ending, one of the most precious things it has given me are our friendships, which I hope will continue to grow even when I’m no longer with ABS-CBN.

Maria Ressa

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guy Celebrities I Hate

For some reason, there are people who you just couldn't stand seeing, be it officemates from day-to-day, or a former classmate you haven't seen in years or even celebrities who you couldn't stand seeing on television, prints, internet or in the movies. While scanning thru the morning paper earlier today, I just happened to see one of the guy celebrities I hated to see the most. I saw him, hated him again, thus giving me the inspiration to come up with this post.

So yeah, enjoy whatever it is that I will eventually write up in here (what I write here isn't prepared beforehand. They're written as soon as they get typed in).

Ben Affleck.
I never appreciated that guy. In fact he's the guy I'm referring to above. I know he's got a new movie coming up. I think I only saw one of his movies (Forces Of Nature with Sandra Bullock back in the 90s). Wait, he was there on Pearl Harbor right? Well, I must have almost not noticed him since the story pretty much revolved more on Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett.

Gerald Anderson.
Especially the hunky Gerald Anderson of 2009 onwards. I hated the way he talks (the deep voice with the overly-emphasized Filipino accent) and the way he acted whenever he has a scene with Kim Chiu (I watched Tayong Dalawa). His makuha ka sa tingin look with Kim Chiu always make me wanna puke and change channels (I watch the TV with mom and sisters). And I didn't get why he had to show off his abs on his Centura Tuna Meat Loaf commercial?

Tom Cruise.
I know the guy is really strikingly gwapo but it doesn't mean it will outright give him the advantage that people will like him automatically.
To me, he's like the male version of Sharon Cuneta - typical artista who is plastic and just puts up a show on public.
Try catching his Oprah episode wherein the host visited him and Katie on their home. He made his wife look like an alalay! Such a pig.

Tim Duncan.
Last but not the least, this guy is the main reason why I hate the San Antonio Spurs. Gregg Popovich is a Communist guy (only stupid people will take this comment seriously) disguised as a basketball team coach and Tim Duncan is his sleepy head player with the most uninspiring personality amongst NBA Superstars.Because of his boringness, he has sucked life out of his teammates, especially Tony Parker who would have been charismatic enough to have won legions and legions of fans.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

When Office Systems Don't Work...

It's either you 

a.) wait for the systems to get working

b.) curse the high heavens and get stressed in the process

c.) make up for some lost chika you would have had with officemates

d.) go to the pantry and watch tv there

e.) blog instead because twitter and facebook are currently blocked.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Office Politics 101

FOREWORD: If you would consider this as an act of rebellion then yeah, feel free to consider this as such. But I will be smart enough not to name names in this post. Should you feel guilty and felt like you could relate to the post I will be creating here, consider yourself hit. I guess I'm talking about crocodiles like you.

Darwinian theory suggests that only the strongest of the strong will survive and that the weak will find themselves at the losing end of the (social) strata. The corporate world indoctrinates its faithful followers that the corporate world is a dog-eat-dog world - only the best, the most ruthless, and the most competitive will survive. Whatever it takes to get to the top (whether to sleep with every single boss, or be "friends" with every single one of the execs, or power trip everyone around you), you will do it and none else will and can stop you from accomplishing your goal.

Money will always be the perpetual end of all causes, however, logic and common sense will help you judge that the drive and will to get to the top should and can't be without a justifiable backing, be it sensible pre-promotion experience, quality communication skills, innate and solid leadership qualities and the mostest of them all, brains. No variable will be far more important than having a solid and working brain. All brains and no guts make a coward and incompetent employee. All brains and all guts employees make a kick-ass future company executive. No brains and all (effing) guts makes one big beeyotch who thinks he/she could rule the company through sweet-mouthing everyone with senseless hi's and hello's.

Honestly, smiles and words will never be enough to put you on the zenith of all them zeniths. Power play is reserved for the great. Unfortunately, you are not cut for it.

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