Monday, February 23, 2009


First of all, does anyone include Boyz II Men in the list of boybands? They are a group of guys who sing without instruments, can't they be classified as such? My answer to that is a resounding NO. As if my ALL CAPS won't enough to point out my opinion. Boybands are made-up of eye-candy guys who sing other people's songs in the most cheesy of ways for the sole purpose of selling records and to make girls (and ledyboys if you're from Thailand) scream their lungs out. Thus, I don't think Boyz II Men fits the category.


Then which groups would be classified as boybands then? Well, the answer is simple. If a group's from Orlando, Florida or in Ireland or London and does not write any of their songs and usually has a blonde guy leading the vocals of the group and they grace just every magazine cover meant to entice schoolgirls to buy them then YES (gasps), that is a boyband.

You got your Take That, Boyzone, Human Nature, Backstreet Boys, Blue, 98 Degrees, O-Town, Westlife, New Kids On The Block, 3T, Code Red, 5ive, and N Sync. All are considered boy bands. They represented the pop hit charts of the 90's and the first 3 years of this decade. They made all their mother studios very happy and rich. They made MTV very rich as well! Lol!


People made fun of them. Almost all members were suspected homos and some did come out of their closets. Almost everyone from those groups are now has-beens, except probably for Robbie Williams (Take That) and Justin Timberlake (N Sync). Their music represented a pop culture generation. Every school girl must have had a favorite boy band and had a favorite boy band member. They represented every school girl's ideal boyfriend, prom date, and knight in shining armor.


To me though, it represented my youth. Grade school, high school, my daily dose of MTV, me trying different hairstyles and pretty much copying what these guys were sporting, the clothes they wore on videos, silently singing to myself SOME (I said some) of their songs. Sigh. Just brought back memories.


Ultimate boyband back in the day, Take That. (Robbie Williams - far right)

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Important Announcement

You must have noticed that image at the left-side of my blog. These blogs are the blogs that I would love to visit day in and day out. You might be wondering why I would have the nerve to exclude your blog from my list? Well, that listing isn't final yet. I just like those four blogs so much that I managed to make a special classification for them. Blog elitism? Nope. Just a matter of personal taste.

Your blog is still there. On my links page. I still love your blog!

Don't leave me here!

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The Joys Of Blogging

I think the blogosphere is the avenue for people like me (who didn't graduate at UA&P and had connections like others had) who dream of making it to write for magazines and newspapers. Ey, I felt I was unfair over that one. Sorry, I know I am at least partly right. I am being unfair to those who can actually write but to those who just could not, I am lambasting you guys. Lol!
I was an avid Young Star reader when I was on my teens. Young Star was, and still is, the Friday lifestyle section of The Philippine Star. The way those guys constructed sentences, the way they look at certain issues, was just me!
I spoke to a classmate, who also loved to write, about my wanting to try it out as a YS writer. She said my plan was cool. But did I have connections? Hmmm, that was 10 years ago, I knew people from GMA-7 back then, but it was not The Philippine Star, I had an uncle who worked for Manila Bulletin but I hate that newspaper! I guess I had no connections. Too bad, I'd be spending the next eon reading what Tim Yap and Celine Lopez had to stay (I don't read them at all! Especially when they talk about the latest spring/summer collection of whichever designer, I don't care!).
I was thinking about 50 Cent's debut album called Get Rich or Die Trying. It was right. Life depends on what you do about it. You can't sulk over in one corner and blame the President or poverty itself as the main reason to your misery. Madam, ever heard of hard work? B
laming others will do you nothing. Better work your way up there, right?
As I was saying a while ago, Blogging has been the answer to my wanting to be a writer. Think I made some pretty nice articles over here huh? I admit not all, but there are some worth mentioning and praising. Care to dig deep to find them?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Kidney To Dad

I've never been this personal before. In fact, I was never comfortable and I don't think I ever will be in disclosing this fact about me to you, my loyal blog reader. There are things about me that I never would have imagined would happen. But yet, they did. Some things were embarrassing, some regretful. But some proved to be heroic. And that was extra special.

I gave away my right kidney to my dad. Yup, I gave away my right kidney to him. It is something that is too personal to me, I would have wanted to never reveal it. But I thought, why hide something that is so selfless? I know it is something you shouldn't share as an icebreaker with anyone, because it obviously isn't or something you would casually talk about, let's say while on the treadmill in a gym or while having a haircut with your favorite barber.

The year was 2001. I was a 16 year old Political Science freshman at UST and I volunteered to instead be the kidney donor to my Dad. I never guessed the magnitude of my decision during that time, really. I just thought I was the best possible candidate and of course, we can't afford to lose our Dad so early in our lives.

My scars are a testament that "hey, my right kidney is now transferred over to my Dad." Fast forward to 2009, I realized that with my Father's second lease of life, I should act more like how he did over to our family. This second lease of life for him should serve as a training ground for me to fill in his shoes. Not only in taking care of my family, but for my own family soon, the family business, and just being the best person and provider that I can be.

I guess it was a give-and-take situation for the both of us. I, giving him my beans to extend his life, and him, giving me an ample number of years of training to fill in the shoes he proudly donned towards everyone.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

9-11 Conspiracy Theories

I literally am shaking after watching these three YouTube videos. I'm not saying I believe it right away, they're still conspiracy theories. But if you gotta be thinking, it just gets scary.

I hope you get to watch these videos. Am doing my research as well right now. Thanks.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Love Note

You make me blush on the inside,
Not a lot of people notice that.
Your smile makes me shiver,
You know that’s my weakness.
The thought of you makes me go berserk,
I just can’t get enough of you.
And you speak of having me for keeps?
Dang, that’s a whole new different story.

You’re the sweetest thing on earth,
Thank you for being there.
You make my days extra special,
Please don’t let it stop.
I love the every bit and part of you,
I know that you do too.
I love you love you very much,
And I can’t stop loving you.

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The NBA All Star Weekend 2009

True to form, the NBA AllStar Weekend in Phoenix was a blast! I actually cried a tear (I guess) when the allstar lineups were presented. All of my guys were there! We had Kobe (of course), Chris Paul, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Mo Williams, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and Amar'e Stoudemire.
Tim Duncan was still annoyingly boring, Tony Parker still had Eva Longoria on the side, and Yao Ming was still a joke (seriously). But the best story of the night was Kobe Bryant and erstwhile teammate Shaq shared honors as co-MVPs. It was such a nice moment, I guess never to be done again.
It made me remember the good ol' times when both guys were still under Phil Jackson's helm and they lorded over the NBA for three consecutive years. Only the Spurs and the Pistons were stumbling blocks to their winning another two consecutive crowns.
Shaq was sooo cool, especially when he did the dancing during the introduction of the players. I have the video here, go check it out.

I loved everything about the game. East was annihilated (yeah!) and Kobe won the MVP again. I just hope he bags the NBA crown again for the Lakers.
And most of all, he and Shaq are back on the same page.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Operation: Listen and Melt Over

SMOKIN'! Nope, am not trying to do Jim Carrey's The Mask character but that was the first word that got out of mah mouth as I heard this friggin' Fil-Am unsigned group sing via the new cathedral of undiscovered talent, YouTube.

Chris Abad, Delfin Lazaro, Jason Atencion, Micah Tolentino form Legaci, this amazing band from the Bay Area. Pit them against the Jonas Brothers? Lol! The difference is night and day man.

Will they ever get to read and comment here? They will y'all. When you post 'em, they come readin'.

Enjoy their covers and please subscribe to them on YouTube.

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Then Comes The Day of Hearts...

For sure, i got a party to attend to tomorrow. At least I won't be alone this Valentine's.

I think I'm single, again.

Maybe not, again.

Anyways, these songs remind of the love Valentine's has to offer. Melt and fall in love.

Eric Benet and Tamia - Spend My Life With You

Kai - Say You'll Stay
*will miss them. sniff sniff.

8Eight (Korean group) - Isn't She Lovely

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Enigma That Is Kurt Cobain

Enigmatic would be the best word to describe Mr. Kurt Cobain. His death, his life, his music, his eyes. He was the spokesperson of his generation. Alternative music wouldn't be the same if not for him and his band.

The depression, the drug addiction, the mysteriousness he had within him. If I were already aware of him prior to his death, I would so love to do him an interview.

Why would you wanna kill yourself? Perhaps nobody knew exactly why. He himself didn't comprehend himself that well either. That must have contributed to this fatal decision.

I pity Kurt Cobain in all honesty. I would have loved to hug him and tell him the joys life has to offer. I was told that you sometimes have to stop and smell the flowers to enjoy what life is.

Mister Cobain, your legend still lives. And the next time you live again, please, commit suicide no more.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I usually don't mind snakes. I thought they're a beauty. But if snakes grow into proportions only Hollywood could muster brave, I will get scared and scream and get goosebumps and run and pee (or poop?) on my pants.
The discovery of this monstrous monster was made possible by paleontologists whose names I care not to type in here. Can I be more thankful?
The discovery was made (the fossils, that is) in northeastern Colombia. This snakey might be Latino after all. Lol!
Just how big this creature is? At 13 meters (42.7 feet) from nose to tail, tipping the scales at an estimated 1,135 kilograms (2,500 pounds) and with a girth that would reach the hips of a grown man who had the misfortune to be around when the snake was slithering by, Titanoboa cerrejonensis (it’s from the Greek titan, for giant) was the largest snake the world has ever seen.
Major dang it! I have never been so grateful not being a prehistoric animal!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's Buy Hoodies!!!

One of my best buds throughout grade school (from grade 1 till 7, uh-oh, i didn't got through grade 7 i forgot!) now owns her own clothing business, hoodies to be exact.

Hoodieholic, offers the sought after American West Coast lifestyle clothing. From LA, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas way of life comes our wide selection of top original US brand hoodies such as Billabong, O’neill, Vurt, Etnies, Forever 21 and the like. Plus upcoming brands like Wet Seal, Kirra, Roxy, Ripcurl and Delias. Hoodieholic, caters to the hip and stylish men and women, boys and girls, and the fashion conscious youth of today. Each product was carefully chosen based on its superb quality, value for money and most of all its unique and in-style design.

All our products are imported from the United States. They only sell original, authentic and brand new products with tags.

(I copied half of what was written on the company website. Sorry!)

*Although you can help make my friend extra richer by buying their hoodies at

Some of their hoodies for sale:

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Pulubi is a Filipino term for anybody who is dirt poor, they got no shelter to call home. They roam the streets to ask for money from people, day in and day out, and by night time, they make beds out of used carton boxes and sleep right at the curb.

Please, I'm not in anyway trying to degrade or make fun of these people or try to make them look more sorry. I will just write a simple rant here which I think is justifiable.

Pulubi comes in different forms. Some are old mothers who would ask money from you from your car window, others blind men. And another one which I think is the most horrifying (sorry for the choice of word), a mother carrying an infant or a toddler, begging money from cars, amidst Manila's horrendous air pollution.

I feel sorry for the kid. It is not his fault to be dragged into that mess. The mother who carries the child is very irresponsible, selfish, and stupid. Sorry for the choice of wordings again. The reason I have for giving those descriptions is because she only makes her kid get worse, inhaling all those carbon monoxide from car fumes. In the end, she'll only need more money to pay for her kid's hospital expenses and worse, need the money to bury her kid.

Giving money from your car windows are in my opinion, a shallow show of love. You can donate the money to the institutions that attend to these people instead.

Whenever I see a mom beggar carrying her kid and go to every car window she can as fast as possible through a red light on an intersection, I can't help but feel disappointed. Please, don't drag your kid into this mess. You only make things worse. Don't give the excuse that you are poor that's why you had to do that. If you need to beg, don't present your child as an offering to make or force people to hand their loose change over to your palm.

I know life is not fair and I sincerely want your lives to be comfortable as well.

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Christian Bale's Tirade

You must have heard of Christian Bales' audio recording of his tirade. It was so funny, I posted it here.

If I could do anything about what had happened, I should give my props to the lightsman who was able to bravely keep his cool despite the star's (Christian Bale) tirade. It was amazing huh?!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Am T.I.

If T.I. had an Asian counterpart, I thought that would have been me.

Let's start with the cap, I wear my cap sideways all the time. Well, except for my Tweety Bird black cap which I wear the way it was intended to be worn, upfront. But everything else, it's slightly sideways, just kinda like that above.

The hoodies. I love wearing my jackets. Especially the ones that had two white stripes from the neck down the whole stretch of both sleeves. I love wearing them. As long as I don't sweat, I still keep them on.

And that facial expression, pretty much like mine.

Thanks for reading. Just thought of sharing that note.

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So What If Roger Wept?

What's the big fuss with Roger's crying anyways?

Some people thought it was a big deal saying he was a drama queen, blah blah. I dunno, I took offense over that one. Am I sounding funny here? Who cares.

Even Nadal felt sorry for what had happened. He knew he took HISTORY away from The Fed, albeit temporarily.

But still, 6 Grand Slams is still light years away from 13.


I'm happy for Jelena Dokic. At least she's back again. The Christina Ricci-deadringer should be stomping her mark once again and I predict a second week showing at Wimbledon for her this year, an event she's been the most successful before.

I will be looking forward to her first match against Ana Ivanovic. That should be something to look forward to. Haha!


And speaking of Ana Ivanovic, I'm happy for Fernando Verdasco. I hope he really is better than other Spanish pretenders (a.k.a. David Ferrer and Tommy Robredo) who turned out to be big jokes after all. I just thought he could be Rafa's effective support system.

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