Saturday, February 9, 2008

Things About Me

Hey, I haven't really shared some stuff about myself! Being a blogger, I chose to keep my anonimity. People can know my name if chance gives us to speak personally. What's a pseudonym for if you already know the name, right? Anyways, let me share a few tidbits about myself.

1. I don't usually use my real name. I only use it for official records. However, I always use and has always been comfortable when referred to by my nickname. Everybody calls me 八戒. It means "eight rules" in Mandarin.

2. I'm a devout Mormon. So when given the opportunity to meet with me, you'd find me quite odd because I'd end up killing the fun. I don't drink and smoke and am not really comfortable attending parties. Sunday's are really church days for me.

3. I was a nerd during grade school. I grew tired of watching cartoons as early as 6 years old and I ended up loving encyclopedias (we have like volumes and volumes of encyclopedias and other reference books that my room was like a mini library in itself)! My yaya (househelp in Filipino) or the driver would always find me inside the school's library while my siblings are busy playing with their friends.

4. I'm a very laidback person. I mean, I can spend the whole night you with inside Starbucks with just a frappe and some donuts. Please bring in a guitar, we can just sing the night away (such a cheesy sentence!).

5. I'm also a romantic person. I can make a poem for you if you wanted to. All I needed to do is to stare right at you and words would just pop out of my head in an instant and a romantic prose would be written in minutes.

6. I'm quite a picky eater! Don't make me eat pork! It's never an option for me! Don't give me beans or anything like it! No green and slimy vegetables! But hey, I love balut!

Let me stop in here. I don't wanna give out too much info! If given a chance, I wanna meet up with fellow bloggers!

And oh, there was this message somewhere that bloggers were like radio disc jocks. We're supposedly ugly, fat, bald and short. I almost choked on that one! I'm short (thanks dad!), fat (thanks dad again!), and bald (it was a choice to go bald, that's for sure). But no, I'm not ugly. My Dad's Filipino-Chinese ancestry (an ancestor's from China) and Mom's Filipino-Japanese-Spanish looks (her mom's got a Japanese surname and her dad is obviously Mestizo) certainly made a pan-Asian, partly-Eurasian mix in me.


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