Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top 12 Best Performance

Crunch time has just started on the 7th season of American Idol as the 12 remaining aspirants sang Lennon-McCartney songs a few moons ago. David Hernandez was the 13th person to go and the first to go from the top 12. All in all, it was a decent choice. He butchered I Saw Her Standing There.
There were a couple of forgettable performance, notably those from perennial favorites Mormon David Archuleta and Fil-Am Ramiel Malubay. However, there were those contestants that did justice to old Beatles favorites: like those of Brooke White (her Let It Be was amazing), Carly Smithson and Jason Castro.
How about my favorite David Cook (in picture)? His "Elanor Rigby" was great, however, I felt the night belonged to Aussie Michael Johns. His rendition of "Across the Universe" was amazing. He really didn't change things a bit and it was really good. So here's my favorite performance of the week from Michael Johns, Across the Universe. Enjoy!

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