Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Post

I will be writing right now just for the sake of writing.
I've been home-bound (uhm, not really) the past couple of days. its has been ten days to be exact since I started my sabbatical. I've been developing quite a green thumb the past couple of days. And I started to discover parts of our house that I never thought was there in the first place.
No, I haven't cleaned my bathroom and the tub as I have previously bragged! But I have cleaned my room already, i think twice already and by myself.
I've been exercising and all that. Mixed martial arts is what I've been doing! Although my heart skips faster whenever the thought of doing Capoeira comes into mind, I haven't done it. I'm such a loser.
I haven't let Philippine politics interfere my being. I'd let them do their own thang, although I would forever be keeping alert about the oil price, the peso-dollar rate and the stock exchange index. I just find everything in the Senate even funnier!

I'm not exactly healthy today. My stomach's been bum the past couple of hours and my abs (yeah) have been aching after a gazillion of crunches, high kicks, and turnings. The only probable culprit would be overly sweet mint chocolates an aunt recently sent us from Utah. I think I gotta go! You wouldn't wanna know what I'd be doing after writing this post!

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