Monday, March 31, 2008

My thoughts about the upcoming Beijing Olympics

I feel a little afraid to write this post. I feel that my (political) knowledge about this thing would not even be considered extensive as to become a credible source of information. The past few weeks, major news networks have all been busy covering the recent events that connected the upcoming Beijing Olympics to all sorts of intrigues and controversies. The recent spark of events involving Tibet and Taiwan have all been centerstaged, leaving the whole world on sheer curiousity.
Tibet (here we go...) WAS an independent Buddhist nation until Communist China used will and force to put the nation into submission to its giant neighbor. Until recently, efforts to protest China's "unlawful" rule have been minimal, almost silent.
With the recent turn of events, the Free Tibet demonstrators have been using the upcoming Beijing Olympics as a vehicle to air their frustrations about the unjust colonization to their country. Deaths have also been recorded in the past few weeks. As August 8, 2008 gets nearer and nearer, expect more harsh and violent events to come.
The Tiananmen Square massacre would also be put into discussion. Many human rights victims from China would find a listening ear to all the media focus on China today. How would China react to it? On the weeks that the Olympics will be held, how will China keep all of its victims at bay? Would the government kill these people in a heartbeat? Would athletes use the medal podium to protest against China and its cruelties?
Surely, China will use the Olympics as its official baptism of fire as a World first-rate power. However, all the glitz and glamor does not guarantee China of respect, especially with looking on its human rights records. How will the Beijing Olympics respond to this? Will politics be set aside and let human rights victims tortured to shut the mouths up? What do you think about this?

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