Monday, March 17, 2008

Pacquiao Over-Confident?!

So, it can now be bragged again that the heavens smiled on Philippines once more after Pacquiao clinched the world title at the expense of another Mexican, this time Juan Manuel Marquez. I was speaking to a Mexican friend yesterday and boldly predicted that Pacquiao would win, and thank heavens, I was right.
The win was just a split decision. Meaning two of the three judges favored Manny on their scorecards. It was a very close decision! Too close to call, if I may add.
However, the way Pacquiao managed to win was far from convincing. He was a "7 out of 10" according to his mentor Freddie Roach. A few things were off coming from him. He kept on attacking Marquez's right side, which was actually a stupid decision from Pacquiao.
What happened to the boxing Boy Wonder?! He won, yeah, but there was something unimpressive with his bout. He was plain overconfident. For the first time, I thought the heavens really smiled so hard on me. You know why? The invincible demigod Pacquiao admitted it himself.
Here's the quotation from the Philippine Star:

"I became too over-confident,” Pacquiao was quoted by one of those who stayed up in the suite which had been packed by family members and friends.

“I felt I could handle his punches but I became too confident,” he added.

Reading that from the broadsheet, I thought he finally learned what keeping the feet firmly grounded really meant. Arrogance could never be mistaken for confidence! It was like comparing Andy Roddick to the Roger Federer! Great champions does not rely on excuses. They know their mistakes. They know they're not vulnerable from defeat and will someday lose. I guess Pacquiao's learning something so invaluable here. Just hoping he won't foray anymore to politics and show business!

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