Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza 2008

You might be wondering what the heck this is. My blog is in no freaking way a humor blog (it really is not), and that fact won't entail me from featuring this. Blogospehere is playing host to a gazillion different kinds of blogs. Some of them were entirely personal blogs (who cares if you had a Choco Mint Frappe last night?!), political blogs, parenting blogs, student blogs, travelling blogs, entertainment blogs, adult blogs, car and gadget blogs, LGBT blogs (go figure that abreviation out!), music blogs, and others, like mine, are just couldn't be put in just one category. It's like a magazine blog, a mixture of everything, except it being pornographic (puhleez).
Humor blogs are well, humorous (Now that's what I call a retarded statement). If you want something light and keep you entertained, you gotta read blogs like these.
Since the Filipino blogosphere has come up with a 10 Best Humor Blogs-thingy, I will be posting here my nominations. And oh, some of these blogs are in Filipino by the way. So here goes my nominations for Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza 2008.

My number one pick would be Fer Bert's Blog ( This one's outright funny yet not even pretending to be one. Why I made this my number pick is because he knows what right timing is and you know it is a person's blog. He writes of his heartbreaks and experiences yet he finds humor in them. Check the blog and you'd instanly fall in love with the critter, I mean the person!

Number two pick would be Blog ni Inday ( Inday is the common term used for the Filipino househelp. We see them on Filipino houses, taking care of the house and the employer's house. She is the ultimate asking machine and knows where did you put that darn USB when you arrived home last night. On this blog, the common househelp is given a new, sophisticated character that will sure put you in amazement!

Number three pick would be Green Pinoy ( He's a classic. I love his blog. Very entertaining. Has got lots of things going on in his blog. He has the potential to go mainstream though.

I hope you find the time you visit these three blogs!

2 Responses to “Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza 2008”

FerBert said...
March 5, 2008 at 12:02 PM

sandamakmak na :-* ang kapalit nito.. hehehe.. salamat kuya.. ay labs yu.. mwah

badoodles said...
March 7, 2008 at 5:27 PM

got ur votes in. ur now part of the project. u can invite ur blogger friends to join this humor project as well.

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