Thursday, March 13, 2008

Manny Pacquiao, the athlete

I made mention a few months ago about how I hated Pacquiao and his extra-curicullar activities. His movies, congressional bid and the groupie/sl*t he rendezvoused with at the Embassy, a posh club here in Manila.
He has an upcoming fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, a Mexican (again) at the Mandalay Bay at the greatest city in the world, Las Vegas (really!). I noticed that he looks so determined to win right now. His confidence is not that over-the-top, his face looks so razor-sharp and it seems that he doesn't rush to get into the 130 lb limit.
This is the Manny Pacquiao i liked, the killer athlete who would almost always punch his way to victories (and millions). It has really been a while since he was that determined to train and prepare for a fight. I think he knows what's at stake here, a WORLD TITLE for Heaven's sake! Odds are overwhelmingly on his favor. I guess Filipinos and Americans know that Pacquiao is the better boxer between the two. And the age difference! Pacquiao's 29 while Marquez is 34.
I seriously hope he'd win this one. He's on an amazing streak against Mexicans since 2005 and it would be heartbreaking to have him lose this time. He should have noticed that more Filipinos have been turned off by his arrogance and his gullibility, if he really fights for Filipino pride, I think he should learn to be grounded. Stick to sports. Why not lobby for more millions to help the Philippine delegation for the coming Olympics of you really want to help the country?! I think you have the title on the bag already. God bless!

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Jake Tornado said...
March 16, 2008 at 7:58 PM

Ha! Your hopes weren't pinned down. Pacquiao made great moves!

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