Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eagle-Eye Cherry

While taking my summer reviews for college entrance exams wayyyy back in 2000(ACET was a flunk, UPCAT was a success), Eagle-Eye Cherry was a wonderful excuse not to listen to my teachers, a great accompaniment to mastering mathematic formulas, and a cool way to keep me sane from all the things I needed to study.
His songs "Save Tonight" and "Are You Still Having Fun" were all playing on my head (ear phones were a definite no-no on our classrooms) while the whiteboard has been graffiti-fied with different formulas. Although that summer was half-good for me, I still felt it was a blast since I got to meet new friends. Eagle-Eye's music was a wonderful cure-it-all. Since then, I haven't heard much from Eagle-Eye Cherry.
Fast track to 2008, while I was on the car with my sister, her Sony mp3 played the very same songs I enjoyed some 8 summers ago. "Save Tonight" made me close my eyes as we drove along Manila's most chaotic thoroughfares. Who cares about noisy buses and jeepneys?! It was Eagle-Eye Cherry saving my night (more like early morning)!
Anyways, I'm gonna have you hear the one of my most favorite songs. It's "Save Tonight" by Eagle-Eye Cherry. Thanks!

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