Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Last Song Syndrome Last Night

A friend of mine from the only girl's school within the Quezon City university belt invited me over to their little Fete dela musique. No, it was not THE fete dela musique that everybody knows of, it was just a small party wherein unknown bands get to show their wares to music aficionados and to screaming ladies as well.
There was this particular start-up band called Right Foot and they were playing a punk/ska fusion and I was all dancing to the music. Out of all the bands that played, I thought they stood out! They weren't pop-ish! I thought I was listening to Arctic Monkeys. I know they were playing the music of a startup punk Pinoy band that I got to listen to a few weeks ago. I knew the name of the original band had something to do with heroes, and I just can't get the song out of my head right that moment Right Foot played it.
I was telling another friend (I had like 20 or so friends in that li'l fete dela musique) that I liked the band so much. She knew some of the members of the band. She even told me that the drummer was the little brother of a friend of mine I got to know during our art activities within the Katipunan area. Anyways, to make the long and boring story short, I got to chat with the band and told them they were amazing. They even added that they were supposed to add my favorite Santeria on their playlist but they were only allowed to play only a few number of songs. Hearing them play Santeria could have made my whole week much better!

Here's the song (too bad, I was too engrossed with their song that I forgot to video the first half of it! So i just pasted in here the original version of this song that was originally sung by Nameless Heroes called Room 306).

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