Monday, March 3, 2008

One Important Post

Man, I just couldn't think of a better way to previewing my latest post by saying that this is an important one.
You see, everyone comes to a point when you wanna break free from the things you deem so normal, you get burdened by it the more you see or do it. You see, I have just put myself in a predicament wherein I would be stuck in the house for at least a month. It was not a house arrest of sorts or whatever, it was a choice.
If I could describe my present situation right now, I'm in a Personal Detoxification process. I'm breaking free from my day-to-day activities (except from school and church), and just focus on the serenity and calmness of the world around me.
Here would be a list of things that I will be doing for at least a month:
1. Practice Bikram Yoga at home.
2. Eat vegetables only from Mondays till Fridays.
3. Go sparring.
4. Blog much more minimally this time, only for a month.
5. Finish off at least 2 books.
6. Daily clean my room and my bathroom (especially the tub!).
7. Regularly visit the Manila Temple for my rejuvenation.
8. Play the piano as a means of cleansing.
9. Minimal Internet use (hmmm, lemme think about that one more time!).
10. Go with the flow of the elements around me.

And oh, please do visit my blog regularly even if I'd be on a month-long sabbatical. Maybe I'd be posting only 3 times a week this time. And oh, I'm NEVER online on Sundays.

Peace out and much love, i really do!

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