Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Proud Pinoy Moment #1: The Philippines Won The Right To Host 2002 World Expo

[Too bad I got no image for it, dang it!]

The Philippines has actually won the rights to host the 2002 World Expo to be held on Quezon City way back in 1998.

According to this article,

That was how delegates to the Bureau International des Expositions general assembly here described the stunning win of the Philippines over Australia for the right to host World Expo 2002.

The victory came on the second balloting after the first ended in a draw.

In the second vote, the Philippines got 43 votes against Australia's 35.

In any case, after the final vote was announced, an emotional Gabor exulted: ''We made history!''

It was sweet victory for Gabor, who, for the last five years, had been batting for a ''recognized exposition'' that is smaller, affordable and within the resources of developing nations.

From Manila, President Ramos sent a message saying: ''I hail and commend our team under Secretary Gabor for this victory and grand opportunity for the Philippines.''

It was a sweet moment though. Kind of like almost hosting the Olympic games.

Did the plan ever pushed through? Nah, funds went scarce. I guess the new President back then (Estrada, who else?) didn't really think this could have been wonderful for the country.

Nevertheless, it still is a proud moment for me.


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jan michael Bustos said...
July 16, 2015 at 9:52 AM

One of the best moments of my life and career was the months preparing for this bidding in Paris ,France. I was one of the few kids who were picked from the P.A.T.A conference to represent the Philippines in Presenting our country for the Delegates of World Expo 2002 Which was held in Paris, France June of 1998.. I still have a Few Photos i kept when i migrated to the states. But it the friendship and Experience will always be one of my Happiest Memories in My life

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