Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Regional Accents

While still in Cebu, I had this former missionary companion (an American) who went the extra mile learning Bisaya (a Filipino dialect). He spoke it with me everyday: inside the house, while studying the Holy Scriptures, inside the jeepney, while walking through the rice fields, on the slums, on the seashore, everywhere. We had this "Bisaya-Only policy."

The locals, however, were quite unforgiving with the way he spoke the dialect. Instead of being appreciative, they were all too critical with the way he spoke their dialect. All of them would say that he got the accent wrong.

What's up with those darn locals?! My friend spent all of his life on the Rocky Mountains and spoke English all his life. Would they expect him to learn and adapt their dialect fast?

I told my friend that the English language is so widespread that many different sorts of accents have developed. Whereas for Bisaya, you don't hear a Korean or a Nicaraguan accent for that. That's the reason why they felt his "Rocky Mountain accent" was wrong.

Anyways, that's my sort-of-an introduction to my feature today: Our Regional Accents in the English language. I hope no one would get offended by this! I give my apologies right away!

Malaysian Accent

Thai Accent

Filipino Accent

Cantonese Accent

Indian Accent

Hope you enjoyed this! My apologies to those who felt offended.

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