Tuesday, January 15, 2008

People Who Rocked My 2007

I wanna make a listing of all the people who rocked my 2007. This listing does not limit to people who made a positive feedback from me. Some of these people annoyed me, others made my year even happier.

In no random order, here's how my list went:

STEVE JOBS. His iPod Touch is definitely the mp3 find of 2007. Although the iPhone has not created THAT MUCH BIG of an IMPRESSION, I'm still looking forward to it this year. Mister Jobs, Chinese counterfeit experts have made their own versions of the iPhone already! Better hurry up!

BARACK OBAMA. I think I'd cry myself if and when he will get to win the Presidency. He is capturing everyone's hearts right now. Believing in one's own capacity to succeed would always be the perfect formula to success.

SANJAYA MALAKAR. He made me wish American Idol would be gone! Although the kid has got a charming smile, he totally is not a singer! He could act, maybe. But dancing and singing is not him.

ROSIE O'DONNELL. She is fighting with everyone!!!!!! What's wrong with her? Would that be because she's such an insecure person inside? I hope she would learn her lesson before she would turn into a miserable has-been.

BRITNEY SPEARS. Nothing good happened to her this year. I pity her so much. I wish her life would not end this way. I don't put all the blame on her, the paparazzi has to be put to blame as well. But everything would still be her decision, right?

LINDSAY LOHAN. Another Hollywood Crack Head. She needs to change herself fast before she would turn miserable and bankrupt in no time! She's still very young to be like this. A new Drew Barrymore? Nah, she wasn't a child legend during her day.

ROGER FEDERER and JUSTINE HENIN. I'm gonna make a singular note on them since the two have become so invincible on 2007. I liked both players since 2001, when both started to make waves. So I was only very happy whenever the two win majors. Observe how both play, they're simply amazing.

MANNY PACQUIAO. A failed Congressional bid, a flop movie, and a monstrous ego. What can I say more?

ANTONIO TRILLANES IV. The Senator who made the Senate look funnier. Mr. Trillanes, the next time you try to stage a coup, make sure you've got the numbers! But hey, he could be third time lucky! What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a great day!!

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