Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Mad NBA Scramble (The Western Conference, that is)

The Western Conference this year has been the craziest, most unpredictable and exciting in years. Every single game will determine who would end up being placed at first and who would place at eighth. Teams ranked at eight and nine (Denver and Golden State) still has got chances to make it through to the playoffs. I opt not to look at the Eastern Conference. Boston Celtics is a shoo-in to the NBA Finals. Who would they be playing against still is a big question mark.
Practically, seven teams or maybe even eight are in the hunt for the Western Conference supremacy. You have the Los Angeles Lakers (56-25), New Orleans Hornets (55-25), San Antonio Spurs (54-26), Utah Jazz (54-27), Houston Rockets (54-27), Phoenix Suns (53-27), and Dallas (50-31) all have already made their playoff spots. However, the official placings are still undetermined. You can see how close their win-loss records are, right? Let's say the regular season ends today and Denver makes it instead of Golden State, will it be easy to predict who would win a Lakers-Nuggets, Hornets-Mavericks, Spurs-Suns, and Jazz-Rockets matchups? Sure, whoever SURVIVES the ordeal would be blue and beaten before facing the Celtics in the finale.
Starting next week, my mind and schedule would all be glued to the NBA playoffs. And Los Angeles Lakers, please win.

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