Monday, April 14, 2008

In Manila, Gossips Spread Like Wildfire

The concept of Bayanihan is a Filipino thing. The whole commuity considers itself as a part of each other's lives. Neighbors know each others affairs and in turn help each other out. However, that Filipino thing has its downside. Backbiting, Crab mentality, envy, jealousy, competition, intrigues, and worse, gossips will spread like wildfire. Lives get damaged, families affected, and friendships broken as a result to these things.
Brian Gorrell's blog has been an instant super typhoon in Metro Manila. It involves the controversies that affect the lives of a miniscule group that are members of Manila's high society. Names like DJ Montano (the alleged main culprit), Celine Lopez, Wendy Puyat, Tim Yap, Ana Angara and several other people have been exposed, together with their alleged misdoings and escapades.
It is very easy for the common Filipino (whether you're a socialite or a social climber) to be easily hooked up to such stories. I just think it is plain sick to be easily engrossed to such stories. For all I know, it is just none of my fugly business to care about their affairs. Unless I'm a journalist or a close associate to any of the Gucci Gang members, then would I really be concerned about it.
Filipinos are very good in doing trials by publicity. Look at Jun Lozada, everybody instantly concluded him as saying the truth.
I believe and understand that mature democracy is and should not be like this. It involves mature people doing intelligent and calculated moves wherein people do not send judgements and comments right away. They should study the situation first, weigh things out, and don't meddle in the situation. Can we guys clean our own backyards first before looking at others' backyards instead?

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Jake Tornado said...
April 17, 2008 at 9:52 PM

Like wildfire? That's an understatement. Try visiting Your world will radically turn upside down hehehe. :)

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