Friday, April 4, 2008

How To Deal With The Summer Sun?

Earlier today, I experienced hell. The drive from Alabang to Antipolo was the worst thing that could happen on a 34-degree 74% humid Manila air. Not to mention the mennacing traffic the whole drive was! The only good thing that happened during the drive was the can of Pocari Sweat I downed during the course of the drive. It somewhat made my mouth feel hydrated and have somewhat "replenished" my dried-up body. They see that because of the darn humidity Manila has, the temperature actually rose further to 4 degrees hotter! That means if 34-degrees celsius was the real temperature, the body actually felt that it was 38-degrees!!! That's what I call scorching hot!
The traffic situation at the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) didn't help even if I used the Skyway.
The hell I experienced a while ago was my main motivation for my post tonight. How to deal with the summer sun? Here are my personal 5 best ways:
1.) Take a cold (please don't turn the dial to hot!!!!) shower for at least 20 minutes. Make sure the skin and body temperature would dip to "coolness" and make sure your room's A/C is turned full blast (around 16 to 18 degrees celsius or if you don't have an A/C, a "3" in the electric fan would do!
2.) Buy a Big 7-11 gulp and finish it off near the store's A/C! I don't with have none of those big gulps here in Manila. The biggest we have would be the 22 oz. offerings they have.
3.) Finish off a Venti any-flavored Frappe from Starbucks while your car's A/C is on full blast! It is brain freeze with a little sophistication!
4.) If you don't like a caffeine rush, do fruitshakes instead! Fruitshakes have more ice, thus there's more brain freeze!
5.) Buy a 1500ml bottled ice-cold water from 7-11 and finish it off in front of the A/C!

Those would be my topmost must-do rituals whenever the summer sun burns the heck out of me. I really don't like the Filipino Halo-halo since they've get beans in there (I don't like beans). The main priority here is to hydrating the body to keep the temperature down.

Hope you liked the post. Enjoy!

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