Thursday, April 24, 2008

Carly Smithson got the boot

The American Idol Season 7 is down to its final 5 hopefuls. All five are an interesting mix of different styles and personas. We have the rocker David Cook, the former child diva David Archuleta, the blues singer Jason Castro, the African-American diva Syesha Mercado and the Carole King-clone Brooke White.
The person who got eliminated was Carly Smithson, the Irish girl who once tried her luck as a recording artist but has failed to land the hit charts. The result show was a bit of a shock. Smithson's Top 6 performance (it was Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber night) was actually the best she has done all season long.
I thought for the second-straight week, Brooke White rightfully deserved the boot but thanks to her fans, they have propelled her into the Top 5.
The best performance of the night for me came from Syesha Mercado. The Broadway hit "One Rock and Roll Too Many" surprisingly pushed the audience to vote against her and placed her as one of the bottom two. Pretty Strange for American to choose Brooke White and Jason Castro, who for obvious reasons were not on their comfort zones last Tuesday night.
Anyways, at least David Cook is still safe. I will only be very disappointed if both White and Castro edge David Cook in a few weeks time.
Here's Syesha Mercado. Hope you enjoy watching it. Thanks!

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