Monday, November 1, 2010

The Social Network And My Eureka! Moment

I can relate alot to the movie The Social Network. If there is one movie that serves as an Internet Business 101 course, then this is it.

The lessons I learned from this movie would be among those things that I will cherish as I try to create my niche in this broad and competitive online world.

I've tried blogging. I've tried content writing. I've tried SEO. I've tried Affiliate Marketing. I've tried Pay-Per-Click Advertising. I've tried Web Hosting Services. I've tried Social Media Marketing. In short, I've tried almost everything that I know involving the online world. As a person on the constant look-out for my own Eureka! moment, the movie served as a reminder of my quest for that road to El Dorado.

I'm no Mark Zuckerberg. A good friend of mine is my Mark Zuckerberg. I'm Eduardo Saverin. The business-savvy partner of the Facebook CEO. We two have had our Mark and Eduardo fights. There have been Sean Parkers who tried to persuade my Mark Zuckerberg to alter our own Facebook (my potential Eureka! moment). But unlike to what have happened to Mark and Eduardo, I hope me and my Mark Zuckerberg won't end up like that, though we wanted the financial rewards of course.

When our own Facebook becomes live, I can only hope for all the success we could have. This can be our ticket to Internet success. This can put me and him into unprecendented heights. However, this can turn out to be a poop-mine for us both if we weren't able to push the right buttons.

If The Social Network tried to prove that financial power rests above that of loyalty and friendship, I would love to prove it otherwise.

To all those who are in the web business, this is the movie for us! Cheers!

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