Saturday, November 27, 2010

KFC Double Down Is Overrated!


That's how I describe KFC Double Down - the newest food craze that hit this side of the globe. When Manila got introduced to this meal, everybody went salivating. Everyone made a pact that he/she must try it cos it looked (the TVC to be exact) really inviting and filling and heavy and yummy. Being the food lover that I am, I was once of those eagerly awaiting to finally have a taste of this newest buzz-word on Follywood (Food Hollywood).

Much to my dismay, I was disappointed about this food. Amidst all hoopla and hype, the excitement on me went on an alarming sink, losing all hope for a positive food review. The patties weren't big. The mayonnaise was off. Although the food felt heavy hours after my eating, it still isn't enough to reason fo rme to give this food even a passing grade.

I haven't spoken with anyone who shared a positive review about the food.

If KFC guys can hear me, here are my little suggestions on how to make your KFC Double Down a lot better:

1.) Since the Philippines is a rice-loving nation, an optional rice to go with the Double Down would be a great idea.

2.) Ditch the mayo. It doesn't work well with the rest of the ingredients.

3.) Make sure your patties are as big as those advertised on TV. Seeing the miniscule patties for the first time sure made me feel disappointment.

I hope my review was kind of helpful. Though the Double Down is always out-of-the-stock wherever you go (I really don't buy the story), it doesn't mean people necessarily liked the food.

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