Monday, November 1, 2010

Love Found During Halloween

I know halloweens are not supposed to bring out that lovin' feeling among its devotees. It would have been BS if it did.

Well, surprise! BS it really did! Instead of spreading out screams and fear that day, it instead put on its heart-face and spread cupid arrows into the hearts and imaginations out of everyone who thought partying on that date would be the best way to celebrate that day.

By the way, the party I attended was on a 30th. Not on the actual 31st which fell on a church-filled and spiritually-uplifting Sunday.

Just wanna make that clear to y'all who's reading.

Maybe October 30 was designed to give Halloween its perfect irony, vaccine and antidote. Right before the world enters into a day that was supposed to be frightful and scary, it, at first, dawns into a 24-hour period of loveliness and hope. Of excitement and anticipation. Of joy and calm. Of inspiration and motivation.

If all October 30s were tailor-made to be just like that, I wouldn't be surpised if Love Found During Halloween wouldn't be all too alien for us all.

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