Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Pacman Prayer

This prayer is NOT INTENDED to be taken seriously.

To Ganesha, Jose Rizal, General Santos, Tita Wilma Galvante, and all of the powerful forces across all firmaments, here is my prayer for the Pacman:

May he be granted the willpower and smarts to win this fight. We know that he has already secured his share of the prize money. But a loss will lead to disappointment, thus giving Pacman the choice not to spend hard-earned money as voraciously as he would winning a match.

In the name of Hermes bags for wife Jinkee, Louis Vuittons for Mommy Dionesia, a couple more Ferragamos and Chanels and YSL's and Armanis and Pradas and Guccis for families and friends, a house and lot and a car for new girl-toy Krista Ranillo, a couple more endorsement deals, and added air to an already very airy head, please allow him to win.

Make him not gush all his bowels out as he will again be speaking to an English-speaking crowd before and after the match. May he give extra large bonuses to his English teachers for a job man thought would be impossible to accomplish.

May he be granted the understanding that not everything in this world can be bought by money, like having a good singing voice. May he finally realize that he can never be a singer, and an actor as well. The same goes with his dream of becoming a congressman. May he realize that maybe, he fallen entrapped inside the walls of Political Opportunism.

May he be granted what his heart desires, whether that desire comes with matching lingerie and lipstick.

2 Responses to “The Pacman Prayer”

Raft3r said...
November 21, 2009 at 11:06 AM

i guess alot of people took this prayer seriously
he won, eh

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