Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thoughts on Laker-Celtics Game Three

Finally, the Lakers have won a match! Thank heavens for that! It was like manna from heaven that the Lakers have finally escaped the unwanted hole. Kobe Bryant was stellar (i mean amazing) with 36 points to literally single-handedly pull the Lakers out of the brink of elimination

But hey, I stand to be corrected. Kobe's teammates weren't all that bad. Pau Gasol finally (in my opinion) showed some skills and so did the other players. But if there is one bench player who in my opinion needs to be thanked for, that would be Sasha Vujacic. His 20 points, including that 3-pointer in the last minutes proved to be pivotal for the Laker win. And for that, I consider him an angel.

It looks like Paris Hilton's former boytoy will finally get that first five status he so definitely deserves.

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