Monday, September 26, 2011

iProspect, iRobot, iFun (iLame. Haha!)

Waking up early on a Friday wasn't too bad of a chore after all. For a person who pretty much is in-charged of his time and schedule, I was compelled to be up a little bit earlier for an engagement I committed to accomplish that Friday morning. I was invited to cover the launching of iProspect Philippines at Robot in Makati City. And honestly, I thought it was a simple gathering of people from the industry, much like any other ordinary blogger events I refuse to join all the time.

I was wronged.

Though Robot pretty much was an over-rate to me (I can't understand where all the craze was coming from), the ostentatious edge of the place pretty much underlined how significant of a digital marketing product launching it was, actually. To any all-knowing blogger who loved to go to every single event there is, attending the product launch of iProspect Philippines was something he/she missed big time.

So, what is iProspect Philippines after all? It falls under the umbrella (-ella, -ella) of Aegis Group, one of the biggest media companies in the world (that's short of saying they're a majjjjor company). iProspect Philippines will cater to the digital marketing needs of companies based here in the Philippines. When (almost) all of the internet marketing practitioners in the country cater their services overseas, iProspect Philippines will serve the Filipino netizen (which is a big market if we could only think about it).

I enjoyed the product launch (it was my industry so I liked everything about the new company). I enjoyed the food over at Robot. I enjoyed handing out my business cards (for career advancenment purposes, haha!). I enjoyed watching Chico Garcia (the RX DJ was the emcee) make a complete douche out of himself. I enjoyed meeting new people (marketing representatives of some of the biggest companies in the country were there, underlying what kind of significance this company has in the Philippines). All-in-all, it was a Friday morning well-spent.

Next time fellow bloggers, when iProspect plans to host another event, make sure to grab the opportunity to be invited because who knows, it could be an opportunity lurking for you.

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