Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Starving Dogs Ate Owner In Indonesia! (No Kidding!)

Like almost the entire human population, I'm afraid of angry and barking dogs. I've never been beaten by a dog, which makes that fear double. I remember getting barked upon and chased by my grandmother's huge Rotweiler and German Shepherd and that proved to one scary stuff I endured as a kid.

However, I love friendly dogs. The types that are socially apt and are nice to humans. I love cuddling them, talking to them, play with them and look really stupid in front of them cos it was hard for me to contain myself. They're just really cute! The day my favorite dog Dexter (R.I.P.) came into our lives, I was really happy. To some degree, it felt like I had a brother back then. He loved me and I loved him back.

Anyways, back to my story. I can believe dogs can actually do that to their human. According to Reuters, seven starving dogs were abandoned for 2 weeks while their human left. He was suspected to have been "eaten" when a neighborhood guard saw luggage lined up at the front of the human's house, days after he arrived home. He approached the house and smelled something foul and called up the police.

According to police reports, the human's skull was found on his kitchen and his body was found at the front of his house. Report also mentioned that two other dog bones were found, signifying the possibility that the seven dogs ate two more dogs earlier.

Read the news from this link if you want a source that's more authentic.

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