Friday, September 23, 2011

How Rakenrol Struck A Chord In My Kasing-kasing (Heart)

In the most masculine of movies, there I was, sobbing and reminiscing about my life. THE Ely Buendia, on a cameo, appeared to Odie (the character Jason Abalos was playing in the movie Rakenrol) and taught him a valuable life lesson: Not everyone's been given the chance to do what they really wanted to do in life. You can get stuck inside your office cubicle doing the exact same thing your job tasked you to accomplish or do the thing that you were really passionate about. Those given that rarity of a chance should grab hold of it and cherish it.

I know every single person has his own calling. We were all predestined to do something that we all were designed to do and it is only us who can tell if we were reaching that predestination or not. Some accept the fact that we all had to be contented with a corporately-defined life of an employee who gets paid twice a month to help pay for his bills. Some are happy to be on a loving family and raising children to the best of their abilities. Those acceptances are decent, no questions asked. But there will always be those who are searching for something that will satiate their soul's hunger to satisfy itself. And I think that's what separates artists from the rest of humankind.

Rakenrol to me is more than just about accomplishing your dream. Above that of what money supply you with, it is the satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that you spent your life well. Odie and Irene (Jason Abalos and Glaiza de Castro) never gave up on their dream to create their own band. What was just a passion when they were teens grew into something a lot more serious as they entered college and beyond.

Watching Rakenrol wouldn't be too bad of an idea. It can be a discovery of what your soul was yearning for. It can be a reminder of the things you were really passionate about. It can be a trip to nostalgia as you would be reminded of the days when as a teen, you were once part of a band. It can be a reminder of the fan that you were once was, almost kind-of-worshipping the rock gods you idolized back then. It can be a celebration of your life, no matter how distorted it has become.

2 Responses to “How Rakenrol Struck A Chord In My Kasing-kasing (Heart)”

Anonymous said...
September 26, 2011 at 4:34 PM

hey thanks for this! now you've gotten me thinking about what the hell i'm doing in business school, hahaha :p


Jerick said...
September 26, 2011 at 4:36 PM

thanks quark! you made an otherwise effed up day seem nice.


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