Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why Football Looks Bright In The Philippines

Top (L to R): Alex Borromeo (captain), James Younghusband, Neil Etheridge, Ian Araneta, Anton del Rosario, Rob Gier.
Bottom (L to R): Jason de Jong, Phil Younghusband, Emilio Caligdong, Chris Greatwich, Ray Jonsson.

Take note of those faces. Some of them (with proper exposure) will gain star status in the near-future. With its lightning-speed rise of popularity in the Philippines, football should tap at all possible resources to keep the momentum swinging into their favor. What seemed close to impossible is finally becoming a reality, Football is becoming famous in the Philippines right now.

Having said that *insert Simon Cowell accent*,  football has steadily been receiving the support it so needed in this basketball and boxing crazy country of ours. The government is taking notice of this craze and is serious *let's cross fingers* in making football a priority in the national sports agenda. Maybe it is time for us to leave the basketball court and enter the football field.

Aside from the national government, a senator (Juan Miguel Zubiri) has lobbied for support for the national team. Several companies have also pledged support and for the first time, a giant media company has aired their matches live. 
Things look bright for Philippine football. With the way things look, expect a lot more people to get hooked and realize that the sport is actually called football and not soccer.

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