Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Riches Won The Amazing Race Asia!

Finally, a Filipino team has emerged the winner of The Amazing Race Asia!
Fil-Ams Richard Herrera and Richard Hardin won $100,000 (on top of others) as winners of the Amazing Race Asia season 4.
To all Filipino fans of the show, this is a huge sigh of relief cos finally, we won the contest! After years of frustration (Season 2 we ended up 3rd and Season 3 at 2nd), we finally broke through after finishing again inside the top three for the 3rd consecutive year.
Any fan of the show couldn't just help but compare these two to the first all-guy team from the Philippines who just happens to be the most popular racers of the show. Marc and Rovilson, who finished a heartbreaking third on season 2, must be missing out on something that both Riches have.
But anyways, I just wanna send out my congratulations to both guys and welcome to instant celebrity-hood!
The other Filipino team (Jess and Lani)wound up 4th.

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