Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To All Philippine Football Team Bashers

Team Philippines Logo as suggested by Team Manila
Ini adalah untuk semua Indonesia, Này là dành cho Việt tất cả. Thanks to Google translate, I can have people from these countries read what I had to say regarding them. 

To Indonesians first:

First of, the Philippines is NOT A FOOTBALL country. You can't expect us to have all of the best equipments in football. Heck, Filipinos can't even call football as football. We call it soccer. Football for Filipinos is the one played in the US. NFL style football. Not MLS.

You keep on bashing our half-Filipino contingent by calling them naturalized. Well guess what, these guys aren't naturalized, they are half-Filipinos and are willing to sacrifice for their mothers' nation.

Pertama, Filipina TIDAK Sebuah negara FOOTBALL. Anda tidak dapat mengharapkan kita untuk memiliki semua peralatan terbaik di sepak bola. Heck, Filipina tidak bisa bahkan menyebutnya sepak bola sebagai sepak bola. Kami menyebutnya sepak bola. Football untuk Filipina adalah yang dimainkan di Amerika Serikat. NFL gaya sepak bola. Tidak MLS.

Anda terus bashing kontingen kita setengah-Filipina dengan memanggil mereka dinaturalisasi. Nah coba tebak, orang-orang ini tidak naturalisasi, mereka setengah-Filipina dan bersedia berkorban untuk bangsa ibu mereka '.

Let me reserve my Vietnam comment maybe tomorrow. :)

1 Responses to “To All Philippine Football Team Bashers”

Anonymous said...
March 7, 2011 at 1:01 PM

first and foremost to Filipino people who loved the game dont call or hate to call football as "soccer", only people who dont know anything about football call the sport "soccer" and I just cant figure out why the "GRIDION" or american football is called football!.... they should call it american rugby. just wait indonesian Football team.. we are so gonna beat you just wait!

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