Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best Of 2010

The Comfort Rooms is excited to reveal what it thought were the Top 10 Stories for the year 2010. Read and comment my readers! This will be in no particular order.

Spain wins 2010 World Cup.
For the first time, Spain won the FIFA World Cup and David Villa has become a lot more famous and rich. Thanks to Paul (R.I.P.) even the stars aligned for a Spanish World Cup win over the Dutch (which has been 2nd placers for an unprecedented third time).

Russia and Qatar wins 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids respectively.
I thought Russia was a darkhorse on its 2018 World Cup bid with all eyes focused on Britain to win the rights to host the World Cup for the second time. Qatar was the biggest surprise when it beat out USA, Australia, Japan and South Korea - all very capable countries to showcase a spectacular World Cup! Again, congratulations Qatar!

Noynoy Aquino wins Philippine Presidency.
It is the Aquino fever all over again in the Philippines when Aquino son Noynoy won the presidency, thus earning the recognition as the 2nd Aquino to hold the country's top position and the 2nd presidential child to win as president (talk about political dynasties). 

Wikileaks is the year's biggest shock.
I am a sucker for conspiracy theories. I would love to question the public perception on a few things (e.g. death of Princess Diana [an assasination?!], 9/11 attacks [gov't conspiracy?!], etc.). That's why when word got out about Wikileaks, I hurriedly got to the site and started reading some stuff (I don't think it's reader-friendly at all). Julian Assange is both a hero and a traitor.

Justin Bieber is turning black.
Back in February, I blogged about a young and cute Justin Bieber singing "One Time" only to realize that in a matter of months, this kid would turn out to be the exact opposite of a Michael Jackson - white preppy-neat kid trying his hardest (thanks Usher!) to become ghetto low-waist thug gangsta. Imagine if it was Justin TImberlake who would have won the right to become his manager, I don't think JB would turn out that way.

Manny Pacquiao stakes claim for Greatest Ever title.
Without a doubt, Manny Pacquiao has earned his right to be called Asia's greatest ever. After his twin 2010 victories, debates and discussions have started to gather whether or not Manny Pacquiao is the greatest of all time. It is one tough title to claim. Greatest ever means you're better than Muhammad Ali! Definitely, Pacquiao is the greatest of this generation. But greatest of all time? Manny is sure trying to convince us all.

230,000 casualties at the Haiti Earthquake.
To think of it, it was only a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Not enough intensity to register such a massive amount of destruction. But this is Haiti, Western Hemisphere's poorest nation. More than the number of casualties, 300,000 were injured and more than 1,000,000 were left homeless. However, no amount of destruction can stop Haitians from recovering. Though 98% of the earthquake rubble remains uncleared, Haitians and the rest of the world are still doing its best for a speedy recovery. 

2010 is the year of Rafael Nadal v2.0
All Roger Federer fans have gone from hero-seeing to zero-gnashing as Rafa dominated this season in a major way. He has won Monte Carlo, Roma, Madrid, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. He leads Roger Federer by at least 3,000 ranking points. If Rafa wins Australian Open 2011 he will become the first person to win all 4 grand slams consecutively since Serena Williams in 2003, first man since Rod Laver in  1969.

iPad was born.
The birth of the iPad has definitely dawned in a new era. Borne out of the marriage of the touchscreen mobile phone, mp3 player, portable media player and the computer, the iPad is one gadget that every single techie in this world should have.

LeBronk trades Cleveland for Miami.
The big question is, will he win championships in Miami? Will he ever live up to his self-proclaimed next Michael Jordan-ness?

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