Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Amazing Race Season 18 All-Stars???

Wow! Another The Amazing Race All-Stars in the offing!

The Amazing Race Unfinished Business will be the 18th season of this long-running reality competiton. And basing on the official primer for this season, 24 pais will be battling it out for the win. Wait, 24 teams will battle it out? That's a lot! I actually missed a good two of those teams (I was only able to identify 24 of them corrrectly)!

Without further adieu, the primer suggests that the following teams might be included in the race:

Jet and Cord (Cowboys/Brothers) Season 16
Jaime and Cara (Formeer NFL Cheerleaders) Season 14
Flight Time and Big Easy (Harlem Globetrotters) Season 15
Greg and Mallory (Father/Daughter) Season 17
Kisha and Jen (Sisters) Season 14
Sam and Dan (Brothers) Season 15
Connor and Jonathan (Ivy League A Cappella Singers) Season 17
Kynt and Vyxsin (Dating Goths) Season 12
Nick and Vicky (Dating) Season 17
Gary and Matt (Father/Son) Season 15
Chad and Stephanie (Engaged) Season 17
Margie and Luke (Mother/Son) Season 14
Mel and Mike (Father/Son) Season 14
Toni and Dallas (Mother/Son) Season 13
Brooke and Claire (Home Shopping Hosts) Season 17
Louie and Michael (Detectives) Season 16
Zev and Justin (Best Friends) Season 15
Michael and Kevin (Father/Son) Season 17
Maria and Tiffany (Professional Poker Players) Season 15
Andrew and Dan (Frat Boys) Season 13
Mark and Michael (Brothers/Stuntmen) Season 14
Ron and Christina (Father/Daughter) Season 12
Amanda and Kris (Dating) Season 14
Brent and Caite (Dating Models) Season 16

This early, I'm rooting for Jet and Cord to win! If they won't, I'll be happy with Ron and Christina, Amanda and Kris, Toni and Dallas and Michael and Kevin. I hope Margie and Luke would get eliminated first. Haha!

Watch the video here. Enjoy!

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